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micromax a75

  1. Sajeeb Thakuri

    Help Recovery issues.

    I am new user of Micromax Canvass HD A190. I found that all the contacts saved in my sim has been deleted.Is there any process to recover the deleted contacts?
  2. V

    Root Could any one port this awesome ROM to A75

    Could any one port this awesome ROM to A75. This rom is for alcatel 918 and the spec of that phone is almost similar to A75 expect the camera flash. If any one could port this rom it will be the best rom available for Micromax A75 .. Rom Link and screenshots : GingerBean Version 3 Custom Rom...
  3. K

    Root TWRP and Other ROM

    Team Win Recovery Project and Other ROM .
  4. K

    Root Amazing Essential Pack

    Hi all, in this case i will share my script collection. And i has name it as Amazing Essential Pack (LOL) :shot: Feature: Added 55 Tweak on /system/etc/init.d Added 7 Tweak on /system/bin Added Non rectangular chinese font Latest baseband ( 2012/03/16 ) Added Beats Audio in this link @xda...
  5. K

    Root Micromax Network Connection Problem

    I already use stock rom or custom rom but. I have a network connection problem. When my network connection showing E ( Edge ) this connection great working, but when my connection showing H, work for 3 - 10 minutes and then lost connection with notification " Restricted Acces Changed " . So...
  6. P

    Root ios rom

    hey developers .. I have one request from you ...plz develop one rom for micromax a75 like the rom in given link ... thanx in advance ... sry for my bad english link :- [ROM] iXperia 8 | iOS7 | Diamond Updates-01 build 1.2.7 | Custom Kernels | 28/02/2014 - xda-developers
  7. R

    Root How to fix GPS

    I am using drdogautam's latest ROM A75 Stock Updated 2.3.5. I like this rom very much in terms of battery life and better performance. However, I could not get access of GPS. Can any body look in to this matter?
  8. shahabazas

    Root [ROM] Mix2Fix (Modified Version of HawkEye ROM)

    Mix2Fix ROM Feature of Mix2Fix ROM Original Dev Has Modded Everything On Mobile Based On Android 2.3.5 Most Stable Rom You've Ever Experienced On Your A75 Fastest Gps Fixes The only ROM having the most UNIQUE Lockscreen Network icon and Notification panel are Modded by me using the UOT. Volume...
  9. Bhai7

    Root One more time broked A75

    I think i Broke my phone :(:( I'm flash Lenovo A60 System.img At first boot Every things work fine bt at second boot Keys nd screen miss Behaving :confused::confused::confused::confused: I tryd everything Format Format->Download Restoring bckups bt nothing solved these issue...
  10. R

    Help Broken power button

    My power on button broken i was using proxy sensor to screen on and off ,know my phon switched off is there any way to power on ,micromax a75 rooted phone
  11. S

    Voice search pop ups problem

    I have an Android Micromax A75 phone and it recently installed updates. Google updated instant search and voice search. First the instant search, I get out of that and Voice Search immediately pops up! They are driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! They just keep popping up. I am trying to do...
  12. ninadchaudhari

    Root see if new rooting method works ?

    Hi, while research at XDA, discovered this : [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices - xda-developers Can anyone confirm if this works on A75? caz if it does, you guys will have a awesome on device (no pc needed) rooting exploit ! Be sure to use all combinations of all...
  13. ninadchaudhari

    Root Does'nt Link2SD work ?

    Guys, in reply to this reply , http://androidforums.com/a75-all-things-root/502084-working-how-root-micromax-a75-6.html#post6370029 Doesnt Link2SD work with A75 ? I do think it has ext2 module already .... Can anyone send the output of ( running as SU) cat /proc/filesystems...
  14. Bhai7

    Root Broken A75 due to bad flash

    PLz Help I break My phone during flashing with flash too By clicking stop key plz plz plz help mE :confused:
  15. Manoj210891

    Root Micromax A75 JellyBean ROM(Justun Bean Updated)

    JellyBean ROM Features: * All Bugs Fixed. * RAM More than 120 MB Free. * Fast And Smooth UI. * ADD New Xperia Interface. * New Jelly Bean Digital Clock. * New Bootanimation. * New Music Player Added. * Changed Framework-res.apk. * New Dialer Added. * ADDED SONY BEAT AUDIO And BRAVIA ENGINE...
  16. ChetanKulkarni

    Root Clock Colour and Transparent Notification Bar

    Root Users Only .... Developers help me ... How to change clock color and to get transparent notification bar in my A75 ??? For Clock color : i tried the tips in some xda forum ..but i did not find res/layout :tw_status bar.xml For Transparent notification bar: I did not find res/layouts...
  17. T

    caller id name of the person calling not showing up

    iam using micromax a75 phone with micromax bean rom..with idea sim rom is perfect for me..but the only problem iam having is that i can't see the name of the person calling..even when it's saved in my phone book..only number is showing up any solution for this. :(
  18. amolmendhe

    Root Need Help- How to create Update zp file for my apps???

    Hello friends, I frequently keep on changing my ROM's and after flashing a new ROM the most hectic job is to reinstall all my Apps into it again... So can anyone tell me the procedure to how to create a zip file of all my apps so that i can directly flash it after flashing the custom ROM...
  19. P

    Root super user access with stock rom

    Sir plz tell me that how to root stock rom ... i want super user access with my stock rom ... please anyone help :confused::confused::confused::confused:
  20. A

    Wake mobile with volume button

    Hello friends mere phone ka power button work nahin kar raha hai Lou mujhe plz bataaega ki volume button se kaise wake kar sakte hain mobile ko. Maine play store se app bhi install ki but wh thode time hi work karti hain or baad main nahi plaza help me....
  21. F

    Root How to install a custom recovery?

    Hello , I finally got my Fly Firebird IQ270 rooted , having some issues with the buttons but still good anyway... Can you please explain how to change the "Android system recovery 3e" to clockworkmod or any other version so i can flash w/o PC ... there are alot of methods all over the forum but...
  22. R

    Root MD5 sums and CWM

    i cant understand why do the md5 sums of my rom backups...go kaput randomly..while in the process of backing up and restoring roms all of a sudden i encounter an error in the md 5 sum any solutions welcome!
  23. K

    Root Need help with rooted A75

    Hello, I have a rooted Micromax A75 which I rooted a long time ago by installing ninadchaudhari's UB-A75-1 ROM. 1 problem I have been facing from the start with me A75 is the lack of internal storage, 128MB is just not enough for my needs. So is there a way I can increase the internal storage...
  24. P

    Help blackberry messenger

    plzz anyone tell me that ,is bbm is supported in micromax a75 .. if yes then plzz tell me how to install...:o:):confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
  25. 9

    Root kernel source

    Hey guys! while roaming around the net i found this site:Kernel Source Code for MTK/Qualcomm devices ~ Andro-Build It shows the mt6573 kernel source..can anybody check it out whether the source are perfect or not... because it don't know much about it