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micromax funbook

  1. M

    Help Unable to Use External SD Card

    Hi Guys, Please help I m having a Micromax P41oi Tablet, I have bought a micro sd 16GB and installed on the tablet please help me how i can use this memory to install games or large appliactions. Waiting for your expert suggestions ! Thanks in Advance Mustafa
  2. S

    Help Can i use Funbook as Wifi Hotspot?

    Hello everyone! I own a laptop with broadband(no wireless router). I tried to make my laptop a wifi hotspot to use internet on my mobile. But unfortunately my laptop wifi adapter doesnot support wifi hotspot. I own a micromax funbook infinity (p275). Is there a way that i can connect tab to pc...
  3. M

    Funbook P255

    Hi Friends, Recently purchased funbook P255 and I have Micromax A75 too. I couldn't see much threads on P255 as like A75. Where can I refer to root and ROMs made for P255. I know P255 is launched before 3month only and can't expect much tweaks. Just trying to do something extra :) Kannan
  4. R

    Help File manager

    Can someone please upload the funbook's default file manager app? I need the stock app desperately. Other file managers aren't as effective. If someone has a rooted funbook alfa or infinity or talk or p300, please upload the apk file of the file manager app!!!
  5. S

    Is there a stable ROM for P300?

    Hi everyone, I have my Funbook P300 since July 2012. I have been using it well, downloaded Cyanogenmod 9 in March 2013. But I found it lagging a lot, thanks to its reduced RAM( From 512 to 306). I recently downloaded Cyanogenmod 10 but I found out that it lags more than its...
  6. G

    Root how to root Micromax funbook talk P360

    How to root ,install CWM recovery and any custom rom for micromax funbook P360 please help me:(
  7. A

    Help Write Protected In my Micromax Alpha 250

    Hello , I have a micromax alpha 250 , when ever i connect any pendrives or memory card it makes it write protected and dat device is not formatted , and also i found that even the internal memory is not writ protected , i did the factory restore but still my data are as it is only app got...
  8. A

    Root Battery issue after rooting to jelly Bean

    I have recently rooted my Funbook P300 to Jelly Bean, it was working fine for couple of days then few days back i just left the device and forgot to shut it down, and power in the battery was completely drained, but now i am not able to start the device, its showing a battery with a warning...
  9. B

    Help Gaming Problems in Micromax funbook infinity

    Recently bought micromax funbook infinity:). happy with performance except some bugs like.. 1. apps moves to SD card disappear after after i unmount USB thumb drive.(from settings>Storage>USBHOST1>Unmount shared storage). have to restart the tablet or remove the USB drive without unmounting...
  10. G

    Help Micromax p300 shutting down automatically

    Dear Guys My micromax tablet ( p 300 )used to shut down when it was at 75%. So i went to the service center and deposited my device for two weeks. They first replaced/refreshed the software. It still didnt work so they replaced the battery . Today I got it back.. But it switched off...
  11. J

    Root Live suit official funbook img

    I got the offucial funbook p300 live suit image file....;););)
  12. Y

    Root Micromax Funbook Talk p350 Stock Rom

    Hello friends!! I'm looking for stock rom for funbook talk p350. As i have searched lot far i'm not able to find the perfect rom for it. P300 rom works awesome but still there is lot of issues like g-sensor not working, sim not working, sound key isn't able to work. So please anyone having the...
  13. B

    Root Custom ROM For Funbook Talk p350?

    hello. i have a funbook talk p350 tab. i need a jelly bean custom firmware for it. i searched everywhere but all i can see is funbook p250 firmwares. as i have a sim slot in it so that firmware wont work on it. is there a custom firmware for my funbook talk.
  14. S

    Root Package file invalid error

    My funbook p300 has cw9 rom & whenever I try to download from playstore it says package file is invalid. Very few apps were successful but most of them says this error. Pls help.
  15. M

    Upgrade Micromax A55 from android 2.3 to 4.1

    Hi All, I have purchased a Micromax A55 with Android 2.3 long time back, now I want to upgrade the android to be 4.x,to be able to use camera in Skype. Is it possible an if yes how to get it done Thanks a lot for all for the great effort for helping others
  16. B

    Funbook and custom ROMs - A query

    Is it necessary that a ROM has to be ported to funbook for it to be used in funbook.For eg. consider CM ROMs.Funbook is not officially supported.But can i use any CM ROM with my funbook.Under the hood funbook is a tablet capable of running Android OS.So why is it that the "porting" is important...
  17. R

    Micromax funbook tips and tricks

    Tips for Micromax Funbook P300 -> Never Ever change the clock speed or generally the processor speed otherwise it can brick your tablet and cannot unbrick your tablet. It is set on the optimized value sometimes hardware does not supports the higher or lower clock speed that you set and result...
  18. S

    Root CWM for Funbook P350?

    Hi.. I have a Funbook P350 talk...I hav installed clockworkmod through http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1662010. Rebooted in recovery. Clockworkmod works but the navigation keys i.e. vol + and - doesnot work....cant navigate... can any 1 help....
  19. S

    Micromax fun book hangs

    Hi there, My micromax fun book hangs on LOGo while booting up. I tried even hard resetting it but no luck.. Please help me out. Thanks in advance..
  20. G

    Abobe content viewer app not working

    Dear Sir We are using the following Micromax Funbook (480 x 800 pixels, 7.0 inches,Android OS, v4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich), we downloaded the adobe content veiwer V23 app from google play ,But When we open the content veiewer app, it is getting closed. How to overcome this problem? Best...
  21. H

    Funbook P300 wifi hotspot? how?

    hello , can someone please help me. i need to use my funbook p300 as wifi hotspot . its urgent please someone help. i tried barnacle wifi tether but that shows signal strength is too weak. :mad:
  22. A

    Help rooting funbook infinity

    i bought a new micromax funbook infinity p275. i want to root it plz tell me the procedure, this tab doesn't have volume key and back key. someone help me plz
  23. ashudb70

    unbrick TUT for funbook alpha

    unbrick micromax funbook alpha 1. if completely dead not switching on just showing mmx logo inthat case download livesuit (google it) extract live suit to folder then download rom (note* any allwinner a13 rom will work coz mother board specifiactions are same now) her is recommended link...
  24. ashudb70

    Help help mmx p250 alpha has hard bricked

    hey guys helpe out pls pls I beg u my micromax funbook aplha has hard bricked imean stuck at micromax logo coz I flashed wrng cwm recovery so pls guide me what to do yo restore it pls reply immediately pls
  25. L

    Help White screen shows

    today am buy micromax funbook alpha and run 1 hour and then apper only white screen on booting or apps graphic screen .am try to restart and reset then now time also appear white screen