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motorola droid

  1. errorproxy

    Root Odin fails

    Note 7. <ID:0/003> Added!! <OSM> Enter CS for MD5.. <OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable.. <OSM> Please wait.. <OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. <OSM> Leave CS.. <ID:0/003> Odin engine v(ID:3.1205).. <ID:0/003> File analysis.. <ID:0/003> SetupConnection.. <ID:0/003>...
  2. JoshD

    Root Finally got it working [Getting nowhere]

    Just got one of these (A855) in a box of stuff I got from someone. I've been looking everywhere I could find to try & install a recovery & a rom but all I get are mostly dead links. I managed to get SPRecovery installed (I think) but after installing the phone screwed up & now I'm stuck again...
  3. M

    Optimizing Apps

    Hey, can't find any solution to the Android is Optimizing Apps problem that seems only on Motorola phones. It happens a lot on my Moto G and cannot be stopped, often taking 30 minutes to finish. I have 40 apps but it optimizes 72 and cannot be shut off or rebooted during the process and you...
  4. M

    Updating OS on Original Droid?

    Haven't been here for a while. I decommissioned my Droid A855 a few years ago and have been using a Bionic. I happened to be looking at the Wikipedia enrty for the original Droid and see that it says I can update the OS to 4.1. How does one do that?
  5. S

    Droid Mini 4.2.2 root

    I found this link regarding rooting android: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=45598648#post45598648 Is this currently the newest most recommended method for a 4.2.2 Droid Mini? All I really want to do is enable the stock hotspot app (using the entitlement mod?) and maybe...
  6. Jay Bracher

    Syncing Facebook Droid Turbo

    I just got my Droid Turbo and can't get Facebook to sync contacts. Is there a trick to this?
  7. S

    Setting/Backing up brand new Droid Mini

    Hey all, Android noob here. I will be receiving a brand new never activated red Mini, manufacturer date 08/14. Not exactly sure which version of the OS it will have, perhaps 4.4? I will be using this phone on PagePlus the Verizon MNVO. Being able to use phone as a hotspot is a requirement for...
  8. Skynet11

    Official Motorola Droid User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Motorola Droid User Manual - The official Motorola Droid User Guide Read more about this resource...
  9. L

    Help Camera is not working -- help is appreciated

    Hi I have a Samsung Note 4 and somehow I mistakenly screwed up the camera app and now it's not working. I was fiddling around with the default apps and chose the Google Camera. Then, when I tried to start the app, I got a message saying it can't connect to camera. I deleted the Google...
  10. L

    Help Problem beaming

    I am trying to beam my photos from my droid razor M to my nexus 10 tablet and the majority of the times they fail. Prior to the lollipop update I had no problems. I could also beam several at a time. Is this normal for lollipop? Or is it something else? Thanks
  11. Moondoggy

    Help Is it time to give up my Razr M?

    Several years ago I purchased a Razr M cell phone from Verizon. I really like this phone for it's size, weight and all around functionality. Recently, however, I seem to be having a lot of issues with the phone and don't know if there is anything I can do to salvage the phone or not. If...
  12. danielbd

    Help I uninstalled Google play store and now i am having trouble running Google apps

    OK, so about 1 mount ago i rooted my devise (Samsung Galaxy S3 neo running 4.2.2) and downloaded some apps for rooted phones. About 3 days ago i installed the app Freedom 1.0.6 and Marked Unlocker and used them to cheat in a single player game. One day after that I opened Google play and for my...
  13. R

    Help Can't download/install apps and can't factory reset.

    Hello, Recently I bought a Note 4, rooted it and installed xposed, and after doing so my phone slowed a bit and it won't let me download apps from Google Play Store, install apks or even fatory reset the phone, the What I have to do now? I am so frustrated.
  14. J

    Root will factory reset lose root

    phone is all messed up in some kind of loop from an error "unfortunately, the process com.google.grapps has stopped" was able to stop the loop by clearing google services framework cache and data to stop the loop but most of the tool and system apps are not working. i tried to reset permissions...
  15. S

    Help Issue saving contacts to phone

    Hi, I recently sold my phone to a friend. The phone is a Samsung galaxy S3 running kitkat 4.4.4 and CM11. The issue is that contacts will not save to the phones memory. The contacts are creating, will stick around for awhile and disappear after some time. The phone was factory reset before...
  16. E

    Help Trying to root my Galaxy Tab 3 7.0"

    I've been looking around for hours now on how to root my Galaxy Tab 3 7.0" SM-T210 but every tutorial gives different instructions, and most of them link to this file...
  17. H

    Help too many pattern attempts

    Hi, first of all, I have read all guides I could find... My first and easiest attempt was to access recovery mode and do factory reset or use some .zip bypass archive(whatever is the name...). But when I get there, there is no menu. I tried pushing available buttons (as someone somewhere pointed...
  18. C

    Help Play Games app wont show achievements

    Hey everyone, I have a problem, I downloaded from google play few games Cut the Rope: Free, Angry Birds. And my Play Games app wont show achievements I earned, even though I did all levels 3-Star. Does Play Games shows achievemnts only for games, that are downloaded from Play Store?
  19. R

    Root Bootloader 2C.7C

    I have the following screen; Bootloader 2C.7C Battery OK OK to program Transfer Mode: USB How can I get the DROID to get pass this and reboot so the phone is usable again?
  20. Z

    Root Phone???

    My mom still has her old Motorola Droid (the original) and I was wondering if it would still be able to be used as a phone... It still works and all I'll be using it for is the phone app... No data!!! I have a nexus 7 for that! But would it be able yo do that still? Is there CM for it? HELP...
  21. T

    Help Major Problems with Kobo Arc 7

    So, ever since I got this Kobo Arc 7 a few things have not worked. After playing with it for about a month to figure out all is not functioning correctly I decided to email Kobo customer support about it not working to no avail I've decided to post here for help. First off I am not able to...
  22. DRock72

    How To root original Motorola Droid

    I am new to rooting so before I try it on my main Android I thought I would try it on an older phone I do not use anymore. So I would like to know what the Original Motorola Droid's OS can be upgraded to? Also to get the ROM for whatever OS I would be looking for would I just search GOOGLE...
  23. D

    Help My android phone has a blank screen

    My phone still makes noises as though it's fully functional, but the screen remains blank. I can restart it and I hear the noise when it shuts down and restarts, I can unlock it and I hear *that* noise, and the noise it makes when it locks is also heard. It's seemingly operating fine, but I...
  24. F

    Help Sending MyBackup Pro backups to SD card

    I just purchased an SD card yesterday, formatted it on a PC (FAT32) and mounted it with my phone. I can see that it has about 7.41Gb free. My issue is I cannot figure out what the path would be to the SD card to use it as a backup storage destination. I downloaded SDCard Manager. It looks to...
  25. F

    Help email notification - website host server

    Hi, can someone confirm if email notification sounds is supposed to work with any email account types? I've setup an email account on my phone for my website's admin email system but I don't get any notifications. I can send and receive emails just fine so I know I did it right. My problem is...