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motorola droid turbo

  1. Android News

    You can enroll in Verizon's Total Mobile Protection for select devices right now

    Verizon is now allowing enrollment into their Total Mobile Protection service which can help you if you own one of their supported devices. The service costs $11 per month and offers a number of advantages including screen repair for the following devices. . . Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7 and S7...
  2. Android News

    The Motorola Droid Turbo could be updated to Android Nougat

    A new "Soak Test" request shows that Motorola is readying an update for the Droid Turbo. This has led to speculation that the device could receive Android Nougat.
  3. oaklane

    Droid vx Google Pixel

    At the end February my Droid comes up for eligible for a new phone. I'm leaning towards a Droid Turbo 2, the turbo has been awesome and my husband now has the Droid Turbo 2. But our oldest son has recommended the Google Pixel Xl. My concern is that one the mp for the camera is a lot less on...
  4. Fulltime Traveler

    Help How to separate ringtone and notification volume? (Marshmallow)

    Is there a way?
  5. J

    No Command prompt when updating phone

    I am just trying to update to Android Marshmallow 6.0 and everything was going smoothly until the little green android bot appeared dead on the ground with an exclamation point in a red triangle above it with the text "No Command." below it. I've tried getting into the boot menu and entering in...
  6. Android News

    Verizon released Marshmallow update for the Motorola Droid Turbo

    While Android Nougat updates have started making their way to a few of 2017's flagship devices, the Motorola Droid Turbo is finally getting its long-overdue Marshmallow update. With Android 6.0, the Droid Turbo will get WiFi calling, Google Now on Tap, Doze and a variety of other tweaks.
  7. S

    Can't download any apps

    I can't download any apps on my droid. I have tried everything I can find on this site and about 5 other sites. I have cleared cache, reloaded Google store, reloaded my email accounts, etc. I was told the only way to fix it is a hard reset! I have been to the Verizon store for help and have read...
  8. C

    Problem transferring photos; I don't get the cause

    Hi guys- I have a bunch of photos, vids, panos, and VR on my Droid Turbo; and until recently I've been able to offload them without problems using the charger USB cable. Windows 7 at first saw the Droid fine, and I used the 'Open in Windows Explorer' option to get to the DCIM folder for...
  9. G

    Phone keeps crashing - boot loops and black screens

    Motorola Droid Turbo XT1254, Android 5.1, System 23.21.49.quark_verizon.verizon.en.US vzw Bone stock. No bootloader, no recovery, no custom ROMs or images of any variety. Alright so i had a problem with my phone where the screen would go black and not recover. It seems as though the phone...
  10. D

    Next steps with this whole "phone thing"...;-D

    So, I'm posting this because my 1st gen Turbo has been the most functional and responsive phone I've ever had and this forum, with its unusually helpful and technically aware members has been so useful. I've tried to give back a bit in my little way. Always been Android, always Moto...
  11. L

    Help Phone started acting up then bricked

    So this came up all of a sudden (what a weird coincidence that it happened just as my two year contract ended!), and I haven't been able to improve anything on my own. Run down of the issues I ran into starting last Friday (pretty much right after I downloaded the app GroupMe if it matters)...
  12. T

    Help with Wifi connection setting.

    My router is located downstairs, in my house. I have two Wifi extenders, one upstairs and one in my shop. Is there a way to set my Turbo, so that it will automatically connect to the strongest signal? For example, if I go upstairs, my wifi gets slow and I have to manually disconnect my phone...
  13. C

    What is the Story on Google Photosphere for Droid Turbo?

    Hi Guys- I looked at several Youtube vids about using Google's Photo Sphere app to learn how to use it, so I know what it is supposed to look like. When I enter the Playstore and try to Search for <Google Photo Sphere>, I am taken to Google Cardboard instead, which doesn't work the same and...
  14. lgbalfa

    Help what is going on?!! need help.

    it cannot detect wifi anymore and it says "no sim card" i ordered a replacement through insurance and the refurbished phone also does the same thing. so we replaced the phone and sim card and nothing works. verizon wireless store said they have no idea and level 2 tech support said the same...
  15. letsrok713

    Butt call after butt call

    I remember when my motorola droid turbo only made butt calls once in a while. Now it calls contacts whenever the cell isnt even in my hands. Its starting to get annoying. What the heck to do?
  16. C

    Using the Android OTG drive (turn on the Thom Batsignal!)

    Hi again all- I've now gotten two Kingston 64 Gb OTG MicroDuo 3.0 for Android flashdrives (from walmart.com, 5 yr warranty & under $20 each including tax & free pickup- sku #: 554355664). I know they work OK, because I've copied stuff from my laptop to'em and played back on my Droid. Where I'm...
  17. C

    How Windows sees Droid Memory: 3 Qs

    I've finally gotten a couple fairly successful timelapse & hyperlapse shots recorded on my Droid, and have been learning about offloading via the USB cable onto my laptop. A couple questions about this came up: 1. Windows 7 initially recognized the Droid internal memory as a Verizon CD, as...
  18. J

    Rear camera won't work

    I've removed the back cover several times now. I first replaced the battery two months ago, but then I had to replace the new battery just three weeks later cause the battery from Repair Universe was complete junk. During that second time, some of the electrical contacts got dirty and two things...
  19. C

    Advice on battery conservation while playing music?

    Just wondering about the best strategies, as my Droid Turbo seems to be a bit power-hungry. The screen blanks OK if I'm not moving it around, but I'd like to add the battery level indicator to the locked screen. I'm using wifi to listen to various internet sources, with wired earbuds. If I go...
  20. G

    Help Motorola Droid Z Force Screen Lock

    How do I/ we, disable the camera shortcut and microphone short cut on the lock screen? Ive asked Verizon Wireless and they didnt have a solution. I was able to do this on my Droid Turbo.
  21. C

    Is there a 'Best' Qi Wireless Charger?

    I happened on a 2014 thread about all sorts of problems people were having with wireless charging- charge indicators going crazy, stumped Verizon techs & visits to their store to exchange units, etc. Assuming all these bugs have been sorted out, is there a particular charger that works best for...
  22. Android News

    Moto Turbo gets Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow in India

    The Moto Turbo is now getting Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow in India. The device is India's version of the original Motorola DROID Turbo.
  23. C

    Couple Qs about Droid Turbo when used for Time Lapse

    I think I almost have my 1st 'serious Time Lapse' project organized: We have vast hordes of bored touristas here, swarming around the harbor, where the bridge across the river will be flapping up & down to let the sail boats whiz past, if I get the frame rate right. My questions now, tho, are...
  24. C

    A Better Camera from the PlayStore; anyone got it?

    Hi again guys- I'm being cautious about some of the noobiest :confused: things, but I just had an app fool me into almost installing another- it looked like a system warning that said my storage was full and did I want to clear it up- the flashing was a bit much, and luckily I checked with...
  25. C

    Is the micro USB connector reliable over the long term?

    Just noticed that I'm using the micro-USB connector on my Droid almost every day. Suddenly I get the appeal of Qi wireless charging. 2 Qs: Is the USB connector actually a failure point after months & years of use? I see ads googling {Qi Charger} ranging from $25 to as little as $6 for...