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motorola droid ultra

  1. R

    Battery Replacement

    I have a Droid Ultra MAXX. The battery is dead. Will not charge at all. So, cannot turn it on. I found that I can, perhaps, get a battery on line and install it myself. Since the phone is currently DOA, this is a minor risk. When I search for Droid Ultra Maxx batteries I get listings for the...
  2. Android News

    Verizon's DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID Mini will not be updated to Lollipop

    Users of Verizon's DROID Ultra, DROID Maxx and DROID Mini have been clamoring for an update to Android 5.x Lollipop and today's news is sure to make them sad. David Schuster has confirmed that these three devices will not be getting updated to Lollipop. To make up for this, Motorola is letting...
  3. J

    Help Unlock phone with PIN command

    Is it possible to unlock the Droid Ultra in hands free (driving) mode by speaking PIN? In the Touchless Control settings I have the check box for 'Allow saying PIN to unlock phone using voice commands' checked, yet it does not work as proposed.
  4. cdninoh

    Help Ultra on T Mobile

    I have a Motorola Droid Ultra from Verizon but have Recently hanged carriers to T Mobile. I've inserted a SIM card from T Mobile in the Ultra and everything works except internet connection ("You are Off Line" or "no connection"). I've been through the Mobile Network settings and have it set to...
  5. S

    message transfer problmes with my car

    I have a new 2015 Toyota Highlander. I paired my phones Bluetooth with the car. Everything works fine except messaging. I have gone through all the steps in the car manual and followed them to the tee. In the manual trouble shooting it says I may need to "enable message transfer on my...
  6. pegmimi1

    Help volume problem

    My husband's Motorola droid ultra keeps turning the volume down
  7. H

    Help text is repeated while using speech text

    has anybody else had their text repeated correctly after turning off their microphone, but before hitting the send button? Thanks in advance D
  8. Skynet11

    Official Motorola Droid Ultra User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official Motorola Droid Ultra User Manual - The official Motorola Droid Ultra User Guide Read more about this resource...
  9. W

    23.3.24 update

    I bought a Droid Ultra from Amazon and it's prompting me to do this update.... I've seen WiFi issues mentioned .... Is this update good to go? Any major issues? I've also seen that it is meant to improve call quality..... How about that?
  10. Y

    Help Best GPS Navigation App for Motorola Droid Ultra

    I have used Google Map navigation and Waze... I like Waze which tells me any accidents ahead, current speed, but the recommended route is not always the good one... Yesterday I downloaded Sygic GPS Navigation app, and try to use it... but after I connected with my G+, I couldn't modify my work...
  11. K

    Help Only Charges Face Down

    My Droid Ultra Only Charges Face down, And It has to be Half off the edge of a surface, Alowing Some light to the face of the screen. I use pdanet To run the internet on my computer. It will not connect unless it is in this position. " So Strange". Something makes it only react when its upside...
  12. B

    Help will not play videos

    While on Facebook, I cannot play some of the videos. Mainly videos that have been posted from a PC not a phone. I get an error. It says " An error has occurred. Video cannot be played. " how can I change this
  13. J

    Help Messaging Notification (1)

    I started getting a (1) notification when I had no message. It is now a (3) icon and I have no new messages! I tried restarting it (off/on) and that made it go away at first but it came back. I have cleared the cache of every app relating to messages, forced stop them, disabled them, and it...
  14. E

    Help Call ends when holding phone between ear and shoulder

    When I'm on a call and need my hands free I use my shoulder to hold the phone to my ear. Frequently the call ends from whatever part of my face, chin or cheek hits the end button. I've tried the "Power button ends call" but when I test that function it doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can...
  15. J

    Help Cannot receive picture files

    It seems that the only way I can receive picture files in a text message is if I have my 'Data enabled' check box checked. Is this the way its supposed to work?
  16. J

    Help Messaging Icon Alert

    Hello, I have a number one (1) in on my Messaging Icon on my home page yet I have no messages? Please advise. Thanks!
  17. J

    Help How to set a different notification for MMS vs. SMS

    Hello, is there a way to set a different 'ring tone' for multi-media texts vs. regular texts (i.e. text only)? I had an old LG enV3 that I was able to do this on. Thanks!
  18. C

    Help Motorola Droid Ultra Bluetooth

    I have a new Droid Ultra and so far so good. I have a Bluetooth ear piece and have always been able to just tap the "answer" button and the phone come to life and take commands (like call or message somebody). This phone does not do that and I am wondering if there is some setting somewhere to...
  19. S

    Help Connecting with USB

    When I connect my new Droid Ultra to my computer with USB all that shows up is the camera. I would like to transfer music and find a ringtone I downloaded, but the only file that shows up is the camera.
  20. E

    Best alternative to Otterbox Commuter?

    I'm looking for a case for my Droid Ultra in lieu of the Otterbox Commuter. Something that also has the rubber sleeve and hard shell style. The only reason I don't want to go with the Commuter is because it seems they used a different type of material since my previous experience with them (I...
  21. B

    Help Facebook can't connect?

    I can't find this as a known problem. The Verizon people said it was a Facebook problem...which is fine--if Facebook doesn't like the Ultra, I'll take it back and get a phone FB DOES like. All I get is "can't connect, tap to retry". No matter if I'm on wifi or data. It was working fine out of...
  22. W

    Need voice dial alternative to Google Now

    I recently got my first smartphone ever, a Motorola Droid Ultra. I realize I do not use it the way most people do (no social media), and as a IT professional I am a bit disturbed by the Google integration. It is very difficult to get any functionality out of this thing without giving your...
  23. D

    Help Will att Sim work in this phone????

    Without any unlock code?
  24. N

    Screen keeps locking while in using it?

    Hey all, just picked up a brand new Ultra and I'm loving it... coming off a Razr HD so almost no learning curve, and it's everything I loved about my Razr only better everything :) The only weird issue is that every once in a while I'll be scrolling through an app or something and it will just...
  25. P

    Help Trouble with Bluetooth and pairing in car

    I got my first smart phone 2.11.14, a Motorola Droid Ultra and paired it with my car, 06 Lexus Rx400h, and everything worked fine for about 48 hrs. Then the phone stopped connecting after I would stop for gas or go into a store. Car said it was paired, phone said it was connected, but call would...