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motorola droid x2

  1. adz20Mark

    Root Any way to upgrade to ICS on my rooted Droid x2? Help?!?

    I have a fairly quick running x2 now that its rooted. I am running the pro version of Titanium Backup and have several apps and features frozen. I really need Android 4.0 to run a security cam app on this phone. Is there any way to make this happen? I will need explicit instructions. Please Help.
  2. M

    Root Need Help Regarding On How to Root Droid X2

    Hey guys! I want to root my Droid X2 but it seems really overwhelming and complicated. It's on 2.3.4 so I have that done. So can you guys direct me on how to Root my Droid X2 step by step. And Do I need a Micro SD Card in the phone to root it? Also how do you get the System Recovery App to...
  3. G

    Root Need to root old Motorola droid x2 2.3.5 without computer

    Yes, I have the old Droid x2 and I like to root it without a computer. You would think they would have an Apk by now. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  4. jason1910

    Root Root.....hmu..

    Look i just got this phone an i cant get it to root for nothin would someone send me a link to do this laptop got stole so im in a bad way wantin to tweak on it
  5. L

    Root Rooted DX2 - which ROM and Kernel should I install?

    I recently bought a used DX2 with 2.3.5 - I needed to replace my DINC but didn't want to spend too much $ since it looks like Page Plus should allow 4G in the near future. I want to make it faster so I've rooted the phone. I was going to install CyanogenMod but when I went to the site it looks...
  6. X

    Root Before I buy an X2...

    Hey, just wanted to talk to some people who own a rooted and ROM'd X2, to see how good the phone is... Best ROM, taking notice to performance, app capabilities, and overall goodness? I don't plan on activating it. So can I use it on wi-fi only? Or do I have to have a SIM card in it? What's the...
  7. J

    Root Problem with my android phone

    when I turn my android phone on it just has a black screen that says something like ok to be programed and says to connect the usb to the computer so I did that and then it says it was in data transfer mode but thats all I cant get out of the black screen please help.
  8. M

    Help HELP! Activate on page plus

    Help! I can't activate my droid x2 on page plus. I've bypassed the activation screen, and can navigate the phone including making calls, but it keeps saying "activation unsuccessful". I've tried dialing all the page plus activation codes- nothing is working! Clean ESN!
  9. ElectricDevil

    Root droid x2 com.android.phone problem

    Hey everybody. I have a droid x2 rooted with eclipse rom.i was fiddling with titanium backups freeze freature to freeze some bloatware and i acidently disbale something called "phone" (since i use my droid x2 for only a portable media player i disconnected it a year ago from service) Now i...
  10. H

    Root I have a droid x2 on 2.3.6 and i want to root it. but i have a mac laptop.

    to start off i know nothing about these phones or anything about rooting. im an apple guy, i know alot about jailbreaking and so on. but anyway i really would like to root this phone i have it as an 'ipod' type of device. so please help me out here, thanks.
  11. T

    Google maps and navigation on an X2?

    I'm considering buying an X2 but I need the google maps and navigation to be fully functional, does it work on an X2? I've read about problems with low memory. thanks
  12. S

    Root Got a Droid X2 - want to root and rom

    SO I just picked up a pair of Droid X2's for me and my wife to run on pageplus. I want to root them so I can run droid wall and perhaps flash a ROM. First, they are running android 2.3.5 so can somebody point me to the correct method for rooting? Next, I may want to flash a ROM to these. I...
  13. D

    Root Stuck on Motorola logo.

    Last Edit: I got it working. Just thought I would update and say I just tried RSD from a different laptop (Windows 7) because it wouldn't work on mine (Windows 8). So I flashed CM10 MX2 Alpha3 with no problems at all. Went through all the settings everything was working but the usual suspects...
  14. J

    Root Will I ever be happy with CM10???

    So,I have had CM10 on my droid X2 for about the last 2 weeks and my impression so far is not very good. I have had many force closes and downright crashes so far.The browser has force closed numerous times,taking me back to the phone's home screen,and then back to the google page upon...
  15. J

    Root Help me go from CM 7.2 to CM 10.xx

    I bought an X2 over a year ago already rooted and with CM 7.2 installed.It had android 2.2 initially,but I guess that OTA has brought it up to 2.3.7 I have been less than impressed with CM 7.2,but haven't run any other ROMs,stock or otherwise to compare it to. The main issue for me is that the...
  16. J

    Root Want to go from 7.2 to 10,how to backup?

    Ok,I have an X2 running Cyanogenmod 7.2 and want to upgrade to CM10.Step one is creating a backup.I have had 7.2 for over a year and have never run a backup.I have the ROM manager app,and have tried to create the backup several times today.I do it,phone automatically reboots,but I can't locate...
  17. G

    Root rsd lite

    anyone know of a good link to download rsd from ,every time I try to d/l it I end up with an pdf file
  18. D

    New X2 SIM card question.

    Hey All, Been rocking an OG DINC since it first came out. My parents switched to new S4's so they gave me their old phones (X2's). That way I get to keep my grandfathered unlimited data plan :D Anyhow - I took my 32g SIM card out of the DINC and put it in the X2. Activated the X2 - but...
  19. T

    Root Downgrading applications

    The recent snap chat update has resulted in a purple tint to all pictures being taken. Before the update, everything was working fine. How can one revert to older versions of applications?
  20. T

    Root CM7 links broken

    I've been trying to locate working links to download the files necessary for flashing cm7 on Droid x2 but am having little success. I've found the patched bsr to install once on cm7 but am missing the Rom zip and gapps to install
  21. T

    Root Could once root, now am encountering issues

    Hi all, I have a Droid x2 currently running 2.3.4 that is proving to be very difficult to root. I'll provide the back story... I was once able to root the phone on 2.3.4 using Pete's one-click method. Then I stupidly flashed eclipse v2.3 before updating to 2.3.5. I flashed my backup but lost...
  22. G

    Wasted data

  23. P

    Help Sudden change in power use (Droid X2)

    Hiya! I've had my Droid X2 since around the end of summer 2011 and it's worked pretty well for the most part. Lately it seems to be slow in loading icons when I got to the home screen, but I can deal with that. The bigger issue i've been having has cropped up quite recently. I noticed about...
  24. P

    Help Sudden change in power use (Droid X2)

    Been reposted at http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid-x2/746183-sudden-change-in-power-use-droid-x2.html, can't figure out how to delete this thread itself
  25. D

    Root Cannot enter recovery on Droid X2 stock Gingerbread 2.3.5

    I just obtained a Droid X2 (M8870) and did a factory reset; it's running Gingerbread 2.3.5. I'm attempting to root it using my Linux laptop. I can connect to the phone using adb and even get shell access, though without root privileges. "adb reboot recovery" causes the device to reboot...