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motorola milestone

  1. D

    Help Milestone A854 Rom Help!

    Hi, I bought a Motorola Milestone A854 CDMA cell phone off of ebay recently. It came pre rooted and already flashed with a custome rom called project elite. It was supposed to be on the cspire network but I found out that is was originally on the verizon network. It shows verizon tags on some...
  2. A

    Root help for my bricked android phone!

    i have a motorola milestone xt800. few days ago i rooted my phone using universal androot app and installed rom manager pro app. then i installed a theme using rom manager and it rebooted automatically during applying theme and now my phone is stuck on the 'M' logo and not starting up ;( I...
  3. M

    Help Letters T, G and V won't work.

    I have problems with my keyboard in android 2.3. I'd like to solve it without restoring to factory parameters or rooting. Does anybody know an app that can fix it or maybe is it a virus? My antivirus doesn't detect it, if there's any. Oh, and if I flip my phone horizontally letters D and X won't...
  4. O

    Help Using Milestone on AT&T 3G

    I love my old Droid but need to switch from Verizon to AT&T. I would like the "same" phone & understand the early Milestone is a GSM version of my Droid, so it should work - at least for voice & text. But what about 3G data? AT&T uses, I think, 850 & 1900. (Is this true?) The unlocked Milestone...
  5. V

    Help Droid won't turn on, just black screen

    Hi, a relative gave me this phone(namely Motorola Milestone here in the Eu). Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work. When I try to turn it on, the only thing that works is the backlight. The same happens when I plug it to the charger. I also tried both the soft and hard reset key combination, to...
  6. W

    Root My Milestone won't boot!

    Okay. So, I've looked at the majority of forums available on Google, but found nothing to help me with my problem. Hopefully, someone will see this and be able to help. Here it goes. So, last night, I was trying to install an app from my SD card onto my Milestone with Rom Toolbox (a great app)...
  7. E

    Help Odd touch glitch on account of moisture. How do I prevent this again?

    Hello, I need a few tips on how to prevent the touch screen from getting all glitchy again. I do runs regularly and I use my phone as a music player. Problem is that I can't put it in my hand or in my pocket, otherwise it gets slightly moist and completely unusable while running. Will a simple...
  8. A

    Help Crackling Issue - Milestone

    Hi, I have had my Motorola milestone for over a year. Just yesterday I hear crackling noises when i speak with someone - Majority of the times we both cant hear ourselves due to the noise. I did a bit of investigation as below When i put the call on speaker the phone works fine - No crackling...
  9. G

    Root Boot problem. Cannot access recovery. milestone

    Well, short summary : Cyanogenmod 6.3.6 for milestone(milaq) Androidiani Milestone Openrecovery (based on the Openrecovery by Skrilax_CZ by 89luca89 and Azhad) Everything was smooth and good. But sometimes I would run into some low memory situations. The recovery menu had some memhack...
  10. BadSectorGR

    Root CyanogenMod 9 Settings menu

    Hi all... I had installed CyanogenMod 7 on my milestone and now I have CyanogenMod 9. The issue is that I cannot find this pretty configuration menu under Settings named "CyanogenMod Settings" or something similar. Do you have any ideas why this is not on CM9? Thanks.
  11. M

    Root Motorola Milestone A853 not booting after CM10 upgrade

    HI Friends. I have Rooted Motorola Milestone and enjoyed Mjorrity of ROMs using CM7 and CM9.;). Lat week I was upgrading to CM10 with latest ROM and t hanged during upgrade . After that it is not booting and getting halted at "M" logo. I tried booting in recovery mode but unfortunately my volume...
  12. P

    Help english fonts only

    My Milestone is running with Kabaldan's CM10.I want to delete all fonts except those of English(UK).So which are the minimum fonts to be retained?Waiting with thanks, pnsdhrn
  13. M

    Motorola Milestone XT800

    Hello everybody! I have Motorola XT 800 which runs on outdated 2.1. I want to upgrade it to at least 2.2. It is under Motorola India warranty. I am quite new to smartphone! Is there any official update available? Any help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks!
  14. BadSectorGR

    Root Un-root phone

    Hi all, I got a Motorola Milestone that is rooted (info below) and I want to un-root it. Can I just connect the phone via USB to my PC and use the Motorola Software Update tool and update firmware? Or this can make the phone a brick? Root info: 1) I live in...
  15. M

    Help switch off wifi or data after some time

    hey guys, I have the issue that when connected to wifi or data connection, and the phone is locked, it disconnects after some time. I believe it's configuration, but haven't been able to find where it is...help please
  16. H

    Help China milestone software problem

    Dear Sir i have china copy milestone xt 702 the problem is handset restarts again & agaian i tried to find out the software on the internet but it is not availble here is the sw version Version M8600_Q_H_v.1.1.2 Branch 09A 6235 _09A build no. serial # 07140101726 plz if you could help me...
  17. M

    Music Player and Phone Call Issues

    I just got new JVC earbuds with mic/control. My old ones just had a mic and everything worked OK (well, except for the loose headphone jack which appears to be standard for this phone). Now, there are issues if I want to make a phone call with the headphones in (ie. hands free). If the...
  18. T

    Help cant sign in to google account

    one of my cousins attempted the pattern too many times and now my phone is locked. it asks me to sign in to my google account, i tried that but to no avail. everytime i try it, it shows wrong username or password. how do i solve the problem? help me pleaaaseeee!
  19. L

    Help Mobile network state disconnected!

    Mobile Network State Disconnected Hello everyone. I have bought my motorola milestone 1 in Miami (no contract), and have been using it in Argentina. I have no problem to text messages, talk and connect to internet using WiFi. However, It has been imposible to have mobile data connection...
  20. M

    Root Milestone Android 2.3?

    Hi All, I have a Motorola Milestone on Telus and I am very new to rooting and installing roms. I was wondering if someone could help me get Gingerbread on the device or help me get the Gingerbread Status Bar. Instructions and a link to a rom would be great. All help is appreciated! -...
  21. D-U-R-X

    Milestone FAQ's

    This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my battery life? 3. Are there any Milestone...
  22. X

    Root *****MOTONAV MISSING post CM7 update to 2.3 from 2.2******

    hi...I updated my Milestone from 2.2 to 2.3 with the help of http://androidforums.com/milestone-all-things-root/312359-how-update-milestone-android-2-3-3-instruction.html needless to say that it was a smooth switch from Froyo to Gingerbread...however I can not see the icon for "MotoNav" anywhere...
  23. K

    Help Syncing Contact Icons

    I'd like to clarify before I start, I have searched for a topic dealing with my specific problem, but could not find one. I HAVE managed to sync my facebook profiles with my contacts, so in my contacts I have the correct pictures etc. However, in my messages application, and all other phone...
  24. T

    Help Phone won't turn on

    I own a motorola milestone has had a few problems recently, firstly about 2 days ago the power button which also dims the screen when phone is on randomly stopped working so to turn it off i had to take the battery out, and turn it on put the battery back in. But it now doesn't charge either...
  25. H

    Root Unlocked Milstone & At&T Data Plan

    Thanks, question answered. Is there away to get a data plan from At&t on a unlocked Milestone? I can make calls but I'm unable to get a data plan to work.