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motorola moto e (1st gen)

  1. M

    After factory reset i can not login to google account.Unfortunately google play services has stopped

    Hi I have tried may time to reset the factory setting to my Moto -E - 1st Generation. Every time when i login to google account by GMAIL ,Google Play Service or any google apps it give the following error after entering google user id and password. ( Error- Unfortunately google play services...
  2. C

    Txt msg notification on locked screen?

    Hi, I have a moto G 3rd gen. If I get a text on that when the screen is black (locked) the tone will sound and a small text icon pops up to let me know I have a new message.I can then unlock the phone and view the message. My daughter has just got a Moto E and is trying to get the same thing on...
  3. D

    Moto E XT1021 replacement buttons

    Hi all, My son has lost the power and volume buttons from his Moto E XT1021. The phone still works and you can use the power and volume controls by sticking a cocktail stick in there, but obviously this is not a long term solution. I've had a really good internet search and just...
  4. P

    Root ADB wont see my device!!

    ADB sees my device when its booted normally, however when I type "adb reboot bootloader" and it boots into bootloader mode adb just refuses to see the phone anymore. What can I do to fix this? I have reloaded the adb drivers and the motorola drivers and verified I have my phone in developer mode.
  5. D

    Help Moto E will not start, enter into recovery mode or reset

    Hey guys, I've been toiling with this issue for months. My second phone was annoying me, as the Wi-Fi refused to work. So I switched it off, and left it for a while. I come to switch it back on, and it sits stuck on the startup screen for ages. I mean hours. So I go into the fastboot. And no...
  6. D

    Root My apps data still here and I can't see it

    Hello everyone im new in this forum and i seem forced to post this because theres nothing similar out there, i did a factory reset in my XT1021 and now i can't install new apps because my apps data still there, i know its my app data because is the same used space i used to have before It...
  7. D

    Factory unlock vs unlock bootloader

    These are two different things, correct? For a Sprint-branded prepaid Moto E, I have to call Sprint to have them unlock it; it is nothing that I nor anyone else can do, correct?
  8. lazylew

    mobile network keeps disappearing

    The mobile network drops out, seemingly at random, a few times a day. The provider says there's nothing wrong on their end; I live in a city where reception is astoundingly good. Every time I have to completely turn off the phone; when restarted the network is there without problem. What...
  9. lazylew

    screen unlock can't be changed?

    I set my "screen unlock" to PIN, but changed my mind; I'd like to unlock with a swipe. I don't see how I can change it - settings / security / screen lock - if I go in there, it asks to confirm the PIN, but does not give the option of changing to swipe instead of PIN. Am I stuck with it?
  10. N Charlie

    Root ...

    Sorry incorrect Forum
  11. B

    Call and Text notification on lock screen

    Hi, Can you recommend an app that will display missing calls/texts alerts on the lock screen.....? Preferably free, but I am willing to pay if it is good. Thanks, -BBDS
  12. A

    Root Moto E (1st gen) failed root.

    Device: Moto E (1st Gen) XT1021 Computer: iMac (late 2013) OS X 10.11 Problem: : The phone gets stuck on "Warning Bootloader Unlocked" screen then goes to Android bot laying on it's back with red exclamation mark over it and the words "No command". Steps taken: I've successfully unlocked the...
  13. K

    Debug files

    How to delete debug logs motoE
  14. A

    Root moto e root no pc help

    Hi I have a Motorola moto e running 4.4.4 KitKat and I have tried many rooting apps with still no success. does this mean that I have to unlock my bootloader? if I do could somebody please help me I have rooted 5 other phones with pre unlocked bootloaders using iroot framaroot and Kingo root. I...
  15. dustinbro

    Moto e drive assist

    Do I bought a moto e thinking the assist would work for driving. Wrong! I have second gen. Any way at all to get it?
  16. T

    Stagefright vulnerability

    I just downloaded Stagefright Detector and it says my 2014 Moto E is still vulnerable. The only workaround is to switch SMS to Hangouts and turn off automatic retrieval of MMS messages. Why isn't Motorola hopping on this issue? I'm OK with an upgrade to 5.1, but Motorola hasn't made that...
  17. Gurusamy

    Os corrupted

    I am updated lollipop 5.1 from KitKat.4. 4.4. Via wifi. But not successful and now KitKat version not work properly. Mobile totally death. Only show on display * recovery *factory reset *safe mode *barcode. Then what I to do sir.. Any helps atleast KitKat version.
  18. electricpete

    Moto E battery life is great

    My 85 year old mother uses this phone as an emergency phone. It's always connected to wifi, but not much screen-on time, except when I visit I check the battery and notifications. Attached shows 31% battery used in 6 days...could be an 18 days battery life. I realize the low screen/phone...
  19. M

    Help Not getting sms messages

    I've had this phone for 7 months and its starting to not receive sms and mms messages! Any help ? And I know I'm getting messages because my friends send screenshot of the texts they send
  20. A

    Text number of my Moto e phone.

    I would like to receive text alerts on my phone. From what I can find on the web, you need to know your carrier to do this. Since the Moto e phone is pre-paid and doesn't have a carrier, is it possible to still receive them? Thanks.
  21. B

    Help USA Today Notifications

    I cannot see a way to turn off vibration on notifications for USA Today App. All other notifications make a sound but do not vibrate. I looked at the USA Today app and see that I can only turn on or turn off notifications. Where can I go to selectively select notifications type per app?
  22. DravenXcore

    Root Missing moto e boot logo

    So, I went to go remove the unlocked bootloader boot logo, but apparently, it did not work correctly. Any support on how I can get it back, and maybe have the zip file I can use to do so? It would be appreciated... Lmao. Im new to this device, coming from the LG Volt
  23. K

    Moto E owner club B-)

    Does anyone else have the 2014 Moto E? Or, am I the only one in this fabulous club?
  24. DravenXcore

    Root Question about rooting

    So, the guides are pretty vague, to me anyway. Can someone throw down the barebones of what's going on? The link for the guide is the MOTO g, not the e. The links for custom recovery, unlock, etc.... It's all for Motorola MOTO E.... Is there one specifically for us?
  25. D

    Help slow start

    I'm a latecomer to mobile phones - apologies if the answer to this is blindingly obvious. When I switch my phone on there is a 30 second or so series of Android animations before the home screen opens. Is there any way of getting rid of these annoying time-wasting pictures?