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motorola moto g (1st gen)

  1. C

    Does my phone have a virus?

    These stupid pop ups are taking over the chrome browser. It seems like every time I use the browser, I have to go into the history more than once and select whatever site I was on because the tab I was using gets taken over by stupid pop ups! Also, one time the the browser started by itself...
  2. N

    Having some charging issues

    So, my phone has been a-ok for the last half a year. Then something weird started happening. When I plug it in, it displays the charging symbol and all is well until t gets to 5%. This is when things start to get strange. It shows a question mark. If I hold down the power button the phone...
  3. C

    A weird thing started happening with my phone

    So the other day my phone started acting like I have service when I don't actually have service on my phone lol. The name "cricket" (my old service provider) is even in the top right corner of my phones screen, just like it did back when I had service on this phone lol. Does anyone know why this...
  4. A

    Motorola Moto M

    Ahead of unveiling, the Motorola Moto M appears in China's TMall.
  5. J

    'swipe' screen driving me crazy..... how to kill?

    Every time I set my phone down for a few minutes, the 'Swipe' screen pops ups, forcing me to wipe my finger across the glass to get back to what I was doing. But then what I was doing has vanished..... and it shows my phone dial screen, forcing me to back out of that and look for/bring back...
  6. Z

    Help XT1028 - How do I get at the saved WiFi Network Info

    I own a XT1028. It's synced to Google daily. I just bought a Samsung S5 and synced it. However, the 150 WiFi neworks and passwords I've saved over 2 years are missing. From what I've read, almost every program to transfer this info required rooting. This phone can not be rooted and I...
  7. C

    Audio effects has stopped working

    I used to like turning on the audio effects when i connected to my bluetooth speaker or hooked up my headphones, but all of a sudden the audio effects just completely stopped working. Anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? did connecting to my bluetooth speaker break the audio effects...
  8. A

    MDM did not install drivers needed for USB MTP.

    I have a Moto G4 Play and Windows 7. I am trying to get Windows to let me access my phone via USB. After following the instructions from Motorolla tech support I installed Motorolla Device Manager and enabled USB debugging. When I select MTP from the notifications menu Windows attempts to...
  9. karthick1997

    Root CM14 Nougat ..???

    Will there be any possible release for cm14 --- moto g 2013 ..??
  10. fflip8

    Verizon Moto G 1st Gen

    I can't find anything online, so I decided to ask here. I'm not aware if there are any differences in Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon's 1x cdma & 3g. Is it possible to use a Verizon Moto G on Sprint or another CDMA carrier?
  11. saptech

    Google Services Stopped

    It seems lately I've been getting the Google Play Services has stopped message. When I press OK, everything seems to be running ok. The app is updated & I cleared the cache. I've wiped the cache partition but continue to get the message. Any other ideas/suggestions? I'm running Lollipop on the...
  12. sarahpeller

    Google Maps stops navigating route when Spotify starts playing

    I have a Moto G Android that in the past worked really well to use spotify and maps at the same time. But now I have noticed that I'll start my directions on google maps and if I try to play a spotify song at the same time, google maps just stops and cancels the directions. I have to go in and...
  13. D

    Where can I buy a genuine Motorola screen ?

    My screen has cracked and I bought a replacement from eBay but the colours are washed out, it's nowhere near as bright and it scrolls jerkily. I've searched everywhere for a genuine Motorola replacement but I can't find one. Several people claim to be selling genuine OEM parts, but when you...
  14. K

    How to update Google App and Play Services

    I have the original Moto G and need to update the above but it seems that I have to pick the correct one for my mobile and I'm unsure what to do. I don't want to install the wrong version for my mobile and stop it from working. Surely these important updates can be made easier to update than...
  15. D

    Safe mode

    I have read several posts on safe mode. What is the advantage of safe mode? What can I do there that I can't do in regular?
  16. D

    Changing provider

    I have a moto g (gen 1? It has no sd card slot). It uses android ver 5.1. I got it from consumer cellular and want to switch to verizon Verizon tested one of their sim cards and it wouldn't work. Is there some kind of trick or do i just throw this one away and get a new one? This one is out...
  17. R

    Force apps to SD card without rooting?

    Hi. Is there a way to force move apps to the SD card without rooting the phone? I have a 3rd gen. moto g running lollipop. Everything I'm finding so far is either for an older version of android or requires rooting. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!
  18. G

    Keep lock screen illuminated for longer

    Because I have contact and medical details stored under Owner Info so it shows on the lock screen, I need the screen to be illuminated for longer than the default 10 seconds so all the details may be read, if necessary.
  19. Niichts

    Storage Problems

    My Moto G won't load the storage. It just shows the "Calculating..." under each subtopic. As a result of this, I can't uninstall apps or clear the cache. Any ideas? I've already done 5 hard resets. UPDATE: As I was typing, I tried to uninstall a game. It worked after about 10 minutes of...
  20. K

    Motorola Migrate alternative

    Has anyone tried an app that is as good as Motorola Migrate was? Thanks
  21. Unresponsivetechee

    Flashing symbol

    A flashing label or it might be a triangle symbol(not sure what it is, flashes to fast) in the left hand corner of the notification bar appeared on my moto G, haven't timed it but shows up every minute or so, I did disable a few apps this morning, I think they were Live...
  22. Onyx_Sorin

    Root Moto G 4.4.4 Root HELP PLEASE???????

    I have a moto G xt1028 on android version 4.4.4 and i would like to root it, unfortunately everywhere i look on google looks like gibberish, or way to complex, or way to sketchy to be a legitimate rooting method, any knowledge, tips, tricks, or tutorials are very much appreciated so please leave...
  23. D

    Good for Enterprise not enabled for this type of handset

    Hi, after installing Good for Enterprise onto a MOTO G handset running Android 5.1 and security patch level 2016-03-01, on the O2 network in the UK, I get an error on launching it that says ''Good for Enterprise is not supported for this type of handheld'. Does anyone have any experience of...
  24. VArtok

    Root textnow? xt1031

    A friend of mine has a xt1031 that seems to be locked down with some weird carrier. All he wants it for is to be able to use apps on it on wifi. When you boot it up, after the motorola logo, it goes to this "TEXTNOW wireless" activation screen and wont do anything else. I have cwm installed on...
  25. C

    Why doesn't my phone get the full 1gb of ram?

    I've had my phone for over a year now and I just realized I'm only getting 852mb of ram. Where has the other 148mb gone? Has the moto G always been like that?