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motorola moto g (3rd gen)

  1. FCBarca

    Google Clock alarm not working

    XT1541, Android 6.0.1 and within the last couple of weeks my stock clock app which had always been phenomenal stopped working properly. It does not have an audible alarm/ring for alarms anymore. Not sure why it stopped but cannot figure out the issue. Thought perhaps it was related to 'Do not...
  2. M

    Help Gmail account

    I forget my Gmail password... And I don't remember date of created.. & I do not use... My phone no... So how can I recover Gmail password....
  3. M

    Root I can't access my sd card

    How can I resolve this issue.. but Without rooting... my phone is Moto g 3gen... Android marshmallow 6.0.1
  4. O

    Unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped.

    I cannot report this popup over and over and over every 2 to 3 seconds can't enjoy using phone. Is there a remedy to:Unfortunately, the proces android.process.media has stopped. Can't get into google play. Please advise. thanks,
  5. qwertyK

    Phone restarts and forgets date/time

    So recently my 8 month year old Moto G3 has started to randomly reboot, and forget the time. So far it has happened twice, didn't think much of it first time, today it has happened for the second time and I am starting to be concerned with it. From past experience this is a battery issue. But...
  6. A

    Help Phone Stuck in Bootloop

    Hi I have moto G 2015 osprey XT1541, its unlocked running cyanogenmod I recently upgraded to CM 14 experienced problems instantly, all the google apps wpuld crash. Reverted back to CM 12 which worked and it had an error whilst upgrading in recovery, something like E:Failed to map file E:Error...
  7. D

    Contacts have been renamed randomly.

    Hi Most of my contact names have changed to some random names and I dont know how to fix it. eg. Person A and Person B swapped names so the contact details don't match. Person A has now two entries, first one is the original and second one is with contact number of Person B. Some of contacts...
  8. W

    Moto and Updates: More Planned Obsolesce from Lenovo’s Motorola

    Excerpt: Full article: Moto and Updates: More Planned Obsolesce from Lenovo’s Motorola
  9. W

    Petition: Motorola, please include Moto G (3rd Gen) for Android Nougat Update

    Motorola, please include Moto G (3rd Gen) for Android Nougat Update (Change.Org) I haven't signed it (yet?) because I'm not certain I actually want Lenovorola to do this. Unless Nougat on the G3 also adds VoLTE (and, preferably, WiFi calling) on T-Mobile: ISTM they'd likely induce more...
  10. I

    FBI Prism virus. :/

    How can I remove the FBI Prism virus? I did a search, and they said to reboot your phone in safe mode. When I press the lock button, it vibrates, but nothing pops up. It just shows the FBI thing. I cant answer my phone, I cant bring down the setting menu by dragging from the top. I have a Moto...
  11. M

    Moto G4 - why does Device orientation not work consistantly?

    Hi there, I have a Motorola G4, which I am very happy with. However I am somewhat bemused with Device Orientation facility. i.e the facility to rotate the streetview image by rotating/tilting the phone and using the inbuild gyro to move the image. This does not seem to work with Google...
  12. A


    I have a 2015 8GB MotoG and I can't figure out how to free up internal memory. I can't add new apps because the device storage is full, 3.46 GB for the Android OS and 4.11 GB for apps and files, many of them photos. I deleted 1200 photos after having downloaded them to my PC but that didn't...
  13. Juanchioo

    Help Cant take pictures, it says memory is full when it isnt (sd card formated as internal memory)

    Hi! 1. Manufacturer - MOTOROLA 2. Model - G3 3. Software version - ANDROID 6.0.1 4. Specifics of the problem - Cant take pictures, it says memory is full, when it isnt) 5. Not rooted Today i formated my sd card (sandisk 32gb) wich was only storage until this point. I got it with the intention...
  14. C

    Factory defaults

    My Moto G is barely functioning, the only way out everyone agrees is a complete reset. However it is in such a bad way that I can't make it do so. At http://www.hardreset.info/devices/motorola/motorola-xt1064-moto-g-2nd-gen/ two methods are given with the easy one at the bottom, so I assume it...
  15. B

    Formatted SD card recovery

    So long story short I formatted my sd card to use as internal storage. Later I started to notice problems with my phone, top menu screen wouldn't pull down, couldn't receive calls etc. So I decided to factory reset my phone, but like an idiot i didn't back up my sd card and instead removed it...
  16. wooky69

    Still waiting for 6.0.1

    Hi all. I still seem to be waiting for the 6.0.1 update. Other versions seem to have been updated months ago and I can't seem to find out if mine should have it yet. Is anyone else aware if this version of the Moto G should have 6.0.1 yet? Thanks all. System Version: moto g 3rd gen...
  17. J

    Wake up from sleep takes long time

    --phone goes to sleep --display goes totally dark --press POWER button --no beep, or vibrate or any sign --takes about a minute than some animation shows up --takes another minute until main screen shows up is this how it suppose to work ? 2 minutes to wake up ?
  18. C

    Android behaving badly on Moto G

    I'm posting in this forum as I had to choose one, but I doubt it is a specific Moto G issue. I bought a dual sim 2nd gen about a year back, not realising it only had half the storage of the 1st gen, so even with no photos and a few 'essential' apps added it was soon bursting at the seams and it...
  19. qwertyK

    Dodgy battery with Moto G3?

    Hi, Not being too specific, quite hard to explain. Long story short. Basically I have a moto g3 about, 4 months old and I used a different charger cable from my Galaxy Tab 3 which has known charging issues)(couldn't find phone one=. The battery is glitching all over the place. Like it...
  20. W

    SD Card Oddness

    I got a 32GB Sandisk SD card, which I've been using for a couple of months now, however it says it's full. But when I plug the phone into computer and check, there's nothing there, total contents a few hundred MB. If I take the SD card out and put in computer, it says "unknown file system"...
  21. Phya

    Trick android into using a accelerometer as a gyroscope

    Is it possible to trick android into thinking the accelerometer is a gyroscope, it might be a bit terrible but it would be better than nothing
  22. T

    downloading zip files

    on the forum i use, there was a link to a zip file but phone keeps saying download failed. im on the latest marshmallow. is there a way of downloading zip files to android phone (moto g 2015) in this example.
  23. M

    Gmail only for android?

    I have a moto 3g 2015 mobile but don't have a Gmail account only hotmail, is there any backdoor way of accessing the play store apps without Gmail account?
  24. Snafuy

    Warning: before you buy a Moto G...

    In general, the Moto G is a great phone. It's sturdy, plenty fast, good camera, better battery life than my spouse's iPhone 6. Amazing value for the money. But... it has one significant omission, a part left out, presumably as a cost-cutting measure: motion sensors. This means you can't use...
  25. S

    Lock Screen Widgets

    Is there a way to add Lock Screen Widgets on to the Moto G (2015)? I searched it up online and it said to enable it at Settings > Security > Enable Widgets. However when I go to the security tab I can't find the Enable Widgets option. If anyone knows how to add Lock Screen Widgets please let me...