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motorola moto x (2nd gen)

  1. CheezWiz

    Moto X 2014 XT1096 bought from eBay has Verizon software but AT&T baseband and IMEI 0

    Did I get screwed or did they just make a mistake when refurbing the device? It was listed as being brand new and appeared to be so and was in a new, sealed factory box. I have read that if the wrong radio firmware is flashed, the IMEI will be zero, is it possible that this phone was refurbed...
  2. H

    text app options

    A coworker who has Verizon as carrier showed me her texting app through Verizon and I really liked it. It color codes the bubbles and has pretty cool emoji's. Now I can download the app and use it on my phone even though I don't have Verizon but when I send emoji's they are keyboard characters...
  3. H

    delayed texts

    Hey folks first time poster on this forum. I have been having problems with getting texts from both people on my plan as well as people outside my plan. The delay is usually 20 to 30 minutes after they send the text. Any ideas on what may be causing the delay. My carrier is Ntelos.
  4. D

    Moto X 2nd Gen stopped emailing pictures

    Ok so, My Moto X 2nd Gen stopped emailing pictures and I've had it about 2 months and until now NO problem sending pictures via email, the pictures just doesn't attach. what is wrong?
  5. D

    Ringer "fades in", why and how to change?

    Hi all, The ringer "fades in" when I get a phone call on my Moto X 2nd gen and I HATE it doing that, sometimes because of the delay in the volume going up it's already gone to my voicemail before I can get it out of my pocket to answer the call. ANY way to change it so it...
  6. D

    Question about sounds in text messages......

    Ok, First a little history. I have been an iPhone user for at least 6 years and had flip phones before that so I did NOT text with the flip phones. Anyway, you know how when you have the text message app already open in an iPhone how when you "send" or "receive" a message there is a "swoosh"...
  7. A

    Moto x 2104 trade

    I just got the 2014 moto x pure edition. I've had it approximately a month and love the phone. I found out I do a lot of one handing with things. I have a moto x 2013 but the screen size on it is 4.7 inch. I'm comfortable with a 5 inch screen but this moto x 2014 is a 5.2 inch, which I an...
  8. The_Chief

    Root Verizon Moto X unlockable bootloader!

    Here you go, folks! http://www.engadget.com/2016/01/13/motorola-unlocks-verizon-moto-x-2014/ :D
  9. D

    Help Screen is unresponsive to gestures

    So I know a gal with a 2014 Moto X, Pure Edition and unlocked, running stock marshmallow. She showed me her phone today, and it was exhibiting behavior that I couldn't account for. The notification shade can be pulled down to the first layer *only*, and it refused to be extended to show the...
  10. L

    Moto Care Replacement

    I have a Moto X2 (Pure) with Moto Care that was recently accidentally damaged. I have two questions I would like advice on: I. I don't want to do "advance exchange", as I have another phone (crappy one) that I can use, and don't want to incur the $25 advance exchange charge. How does the...
  11. A

    Help Diagnosing Battery Drain

    When I first got my Moto X a few months back, the battery life was (relatively) good - I could go from 7am to 10pm easily and still have some charge left. However, in the last couple of weeks it's been going into battery save mode around 4 - 5 pm. I've checked the battery usage stats and it...
  12. W

    Texting Message Indicated

    I began to experience a texting issue that I need some help with. When my phone signals that there is a incoming text, I can see the first lie of the text in the messaging directory. When I try to access the message, there is none. Has or is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so what do I...
  13. O

    Help Camera Flash Suddenly Not Working

    Hi all, I recently discovered that the flash on my camera won't work anymore for whatever reason. I've reset the camera app, tried two different apps for it, and reset the phone multiple times. The flash won't work whether on forced flash or auto flash. However, the flashlight button in the...
  14. J

    Help Notification Sound - WhatsApp

    Hello all, I am from India and I use the Moto X2. There was a recent update for WhatsApp and after that my "notification sounds" are not working. I have actually un-checked the "show notifications" from the Settings due to privacy concerns. Even when it was like that, I used to get the...
  15. P

    Help Google now doesn't work

    I used to use Google now all the time. I used it especially to find articles about phones and other tech. At some point, I don't remember when but probably after an update, it stopped displaying all cards except for weather and parking location and occasionally things to do and football...
  16. Clementine_3

    Wow. NO Marshmallow?? What the...

    If this is true I'm less than happy. Unreal. Right from Moto Seriously, this sucks. I'm on Verizon so yeah. Sucks for AT&T too. Dang. :mad:
  17. A

    Help Aeroplane Mode

    Morning All, I always put my Moto X into aeroplane mode overnight when I put it on charge. Every morning there are notifications on the screen. I thought maybe they had come in just after I put it into aeroplane mode. However, last night I used the phone as an alarm and all night there were...
  18. D

    Will the Moto X (2014) go down in price?

    I'm looking to buy a Moto X (2014), unlocked from Motorola's website. I know the brand-new Pure Edition became available for pre-ordering on the 3rd, and that it will start shipping on the 15th. Can anyone tell me whether the 2nd gen model will go down in price at any point? I'm hoping it will...
  19. G

    Accessories Need bulky Otterbox like case for MotoX 2014. Not slim.

    Anything cheaper than the $40 Otterbox. That price seems incrazy.
  20. bramkaandorp

    Help Which apps are safe to disable? (No Root)

    I'm looking for apps which are safe to disable, and I'm specifically looking at the SMS app which came with the phone.
  21. B

    Help Gallery albums

    Can someone tell me what these albums are? I have probably 10 0s of these all within this month of September and its September 6th now. Furthermore, similar to my complaint in my last post, is there any way to delete multiple at one time?
  22. B


    HATE the new gallery view and settings. Automatically opens to camera role rather than opening up to see all the albums. Can't delete multiple albums and can't change the view! Maybe some people do like it opening to the camera role but some people may also like it opening to the album view...
  23. G

    Cracked screen. What are my options?

    Cracked the screen. What are my options? Can I replace myself, or is it a nightmare? Ballpark cost? Best place to repair it ?
  24. R

    Help Google wallet

    havent used tap and pay on my MotoX 2014. For those who have do you need to unlock phone before tapping to terminal? Or simply wake phone to lock screen? My old MotoX gen 1 I just woke screen. Thanks
  25. B

    Better Value than Moto G 3rd Gen?

    So I am looking to upgrade my phone, trying to decide which is better value and will have a longer useful life, Moto X 2nd Gen (2014) or Moto G 3rd Gen (2015). I assume that the Moto X 2nd Gen has been upgraded to the latest Android version, so I guess OS should not be an issue. Opinions...