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nexus 4

  1. Android News

    LineageOS now supports the Nextbit Robin while dropping support for the Nexus 4

    The latest update to LineageOS adds support for the Nextbit Robin, but drops support for the Nexus 4. The update also switches to a lighter browser named Jelly.
  2. T

    Microphone not on keyboard. How to enable?

    I've wasted 2 hours on this so I really hope someone knows how to enable voice input. Though I've had my phone for over 2.5 years now, never used the microphone icon. I'm pretty sure it was on my keyboard at one time. Since I also accidentally _always_ swiped upwards on the keyboard -...
  3. Android News

    Android Nougat is coming to the Nexus 4 courtesy of CyanogenMod 14.1

    CyanogenMod 14.1 is coming to various devices including the ASUS ZenPad 8.0, LG G3, LG G Pad 8.3, Nexus 5 CAF, Samsung Galaxy S5 AU, Sony Xperia M, and the Nexus 4. This will bring Android 7.1 Nougat to these devices.
  4. W

    Nexus 4, Stuck in Updating, Tried a few things already

    Updating Nexus 4 to 5.0.1 (I think it was). Stuck updating. Tried a few things: 1) Tried the "Wipe cache partition" already and it didn't work. 2) Tried downloading wondershare photo recovery (the photos are the main thing I am worried about recovering). It couldn't connect or find the drive...
  5. Android News

    A video shows the history of the last six years of Nexus smartphones

    Zachary of Android Police has put together a video that shows how the Nexus program has evolved over the years. Starting with the first Nexus phone, we see how the designs have changed throughout the years and what made each one special.
  6. Android News

    Android Nougat makes its way to the Nexus 4 thanks to XDA

    If you've ever wondered why the Android community is so great, look at all the examples of custom ROM's being developed for devices that have been left in the dust. The Nexus 4 (released in 2012) is the latest device to see unofficial support for Android 7.0 Nougat thanks to a new custom ROM on...
  7. B

    Nexus 4 - No Networks Available.

    I have a Nexus 4 which is now about two years old and I'm on Virgin Media. I am now on holiday in France but my phone shows no service networks available. It shows 4 networks, F-Bouygues, F-SFR, Orange, and Vodaphone but is unable to register with any of these. It seems that this phone is...
  8. Wyn James

    Nexus 4 screen cracked

    I dropped my Nexus 4 a while ago, and have some hairline cracks running horizontally across the screen, so that although it's usable the bottom 25% of the screen isn't touch responsive - meaning I have to keep rotating it to access the controls. Looking at eBay there seem to be two options in...
  9. technobaboo

    Help Nexus 4 in half hard brick?

    First, some background on me bricking it. It's not my fault, as LuneOS caused it (I think). I took two non-working Nexus 4s and swapped components until one worked. It worked fine on Android, everything working (no lag, memory&storage issues, working mics, etc). Then, I installed LuneOS...
  10. H

    Nexus 4 bootloop

    Hi I have a 3 year old nexus 4. Recently it got stuck in bootloop. I followed some online guides to resolve and tried factory reset, flash stock rom (latest rom available and a couple of older versions as well) but they did not help fix my phone. I have also tried to install cyanogenmod 13 and...
  11. Sento

    if you're having crashing/freezing/reboot issues and/or hate your n4, read this!

    so i am a long time nexus lover/apple hater and i've had every nexus phone up to the n4, and i was pretty shocked with the n4 after 5.0 update because the lagging and crashing was ridiculous! i've spent the last several months researching and testing like crazy and i have found the solution that...
  12. N

    Help My Nexus struck on start screen

    Hello all, My nexus 4 struck in fastboot mode, and is not starting up.. if i go in to recovery mode, it is showing Error: E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/command pls help while i try to mount them using adb shell i get the below error.. /etc # mount -a mount: mounting...
  13. K

    Help Nexus 4 Unlock Pattern Error

    Yesterday, my phone's unlock screen suddenly stopped recognizing the bottom three nodes. My unlock pattern uses these nodes, as well as some of the top six. I can still press Emergency Dial. That section of my screen still responds when trying to open the phone or camera app while locked. I can...
  14. Sento

    any of you fellow n4 users use skype or snapchat?

    just wondering if any of you guys use skype or snapchat? they make my n4 reboot and crash like crazy...currently in stock 5.1.1 and just did a factory reset.
  15. hstroph

    GPS altitude limit?

    I have a broken Nexus 4 that I would like to place on a high-altitude balloon, using APRSdroid to beacon position reports. We've been achieving somewhat greater than 90,000 ft. on past attempts and hope to get higher than 100K on the next one. My question is the maximum altitude for the...
  16. Android News

    Nexus 4 still alive, gets CyanogenMod 13 nightlies

    The Nexus 4 is still ages old, but Cyanogen is still squeezing life out of it. The team has started delivering CyanogenMod 13 nightlies, which means it'll have Marshmallow in stable form at some point down the line.
  17. Rondeau7

    Root What is the best root related setup for the Nexus 4

    Hi I am looking to purchase a LG Nexus 4 soon. I am looking for the best custom ROM and kernel and overclocked setup for the device. I am a heavy data user with social media platforms, streaming Pandora and also root related apps for device management. I prefer a custom ROM based on Android...
  18. Rondeau7

    Nexus 4

    Is this device a decent investment. I have worked with the F6, L70 and Leon. Looking to buy a Nexus device. Is this device solid.
  19. hstroph

    Help power-down a broken Nexus 4?

    Greetings, this is almost an emergency. I dropped a Nexus 4 and the display has serious cracks; it is broken. I have a Nexus 5 for a transplant of the SIM card. The power-off can be displayed but does not respond when touched. Currently, the battery is fully charged, and I'd like to power-down...
  20. oppendroid

    ISO: Cheap (Talk/Text) Unlocked Phone to work with NET10 Service

    I had (sniff!) a Nexus 4 that just completely died. Black screen, will not boot at all, won't even show the icon that it is off/charging. So, I've been with NET10 for several years and I just need a phone that I can switch my SIM card to for about five weeks until my new Nexus 6P through...
  21. Crashdamage

    Root Marshmallow 6.0 is running fine

    I decided to try getting 6.0 Marshmallow running on my trusty old retired Nexus 4. The goal was a fully functional, ready for prime-time installation, suitable for daily use. After some trial and losta errors, I finally got Marshmallow 6.0 running nicely. It's rooted and complete with the...
  22. hstroph

    Help Nexus 4 lost its USB debug notification

    Greetings, Recently I was informed about the occam-lmy48i factory image, and today I executed the flash-all.sh after editing it to remove the "-w" wipe option. Afterwards it rebooted the phone and "optimized" the apps. I then wanted to flash the twrp- recovery, but for some...
  23. julio99

    Help Nexus 4 new update/ how to install via Wugs

    I used the Wugs toolkit to root my phone but have always been able to download the update from the internet. I just opened my phone and noticed the new system update but I don't know exactly how to install it from the phone with Wugs. I usually use Wugs and go with the Flash Stock No Wipe mode...
  24. jaison80

    Help ADB not working

    Everything was going fine until recently when my girlfriends N4 battery started draining real quick. The back of the phone would be super hot. Also the USB ADB bridge no longer works.. Thankfully I can still use adb wireless although painfully slow. I felt bad so I gave her my N5 and took back...
  25. jaison80


    When I get off work, I will be performing surgery on my nexus 4. I'm kind of nervous lol