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if you're having crashing/freezing/reboot issues and/or hate your n4, read this!


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Jan 19, 2011
so i am a long time nexus lover/apple hater and i've had every nexus phone up to the n4, and i was pretty shocked with the n4 after 5.0 update because the lagging and crashing was ridiculous! i've spent the last several months researching and testing like crazy and i have found the solution that makes me feel like my n4 is all i need! though i do plan to replace it in the near future for a 5x only because its camera is outdated and the volume button broke, and it doesn't have lte, but otherwise i got it working amazing again!

here's what i found out, hopefully nobody gets offended - remeber, i am #teamandroid so i am not against you - but google's stock rom isn't the most stable...please before you get the pitchforks hear me out! even though it is nice clean android experience, i saw from my experiences on n4 and galaxy nexus in particular that the google launcher in is kinda unstable and it causes conflicts with other apps, and the newer version which is always listening for the words "ok google" is quite problematic.

I am a guy who doesn't like modding things, i like to enjoy things in their pure form with slight modifications. IE: i keep my 2009 mustang gt stock performance wise and maintain it perfectly and it runs nicer and is more reliable than cars that are only 1 year old. I got an angel girlfriend and she has no tattoos or crazy piercings, but epic lingerie. I use Sennheiser HD650 headphoens with an o2odac which gives transparent represnation of FLAC audio and combines perfectly with the slight warmth of the 650, and i keep the software equalization perefctly flat - and it sounds mind blowing.

But I have seen through rigorous testing of various roms and settings, that Cyanogenmod + Nexus 4 = Rab ne bana di jodi! (a pair made by God)

It's smooth, its fast, and its STABLE. You may have noticed on 5.1.1 on n4, snapchat causes phone practicially explode as does skype, and who knows how much sex ya could have had with snapchat but your n4 let you down. With the latest snapshot release of CM12, i have not had a single issue yet! I had 1 crash/freeze, and that was when i tried to use the google launcher instead of Trebuchet, but not a single issue from skype or snapchat.

Also I feel this is the true meaning of minimal android experience. I literally just flashed cm12, then downloaded the playstore apk, and got only the apps that i wanted - where as with the stock google rom you have a have a bunch of apps that you probably don't want that are sucking away resources.

Before you decide to blow up your nexus on the 4th of july, or get an iphone, please give this a try! You may ask, "well if the google rom sucks so much, why do you even bother getting a nexus?" - well I feel like even with this, the nexus is the best bang for buck in money you pay vs what you get - ALSO thanks to the toolkit software, unlocking bootloader/rooting/flashing is a BREEZE with nexus devices now. Some of you from the older days may remember how unlocking the bootloader onthe nexus one was a nightmare when it first came out...Also, lot of people say that "omg nexus sucks, no expandable storage" - but i agree with google in that its better to just have that 1 internal memory, cus i too have noticed a lot of issues when you start moving things to expandable memory.

hope this helps!
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