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nexus s

  1. N

    Help Help Unbricking Nexus S

    Hello guys, I'd really like some help unbricking my old Nexus S that bricked near the end of 2012. I have tried the power button and volume up or volume up and down tricks, as well as taking out the battery and putting it back in. I also tried replacing the battery with a brand new one. It will...
  2. B

    Possible to run periscope on a rooted Nexus S?

    Just wondering if it would be worth it to root this device becuase I would like to use periscope and it is not compatible with any other devices I have.
  3. J

    Help Can't install apps

    Please explain this to me. My Nexus s has 8 Gb storage space, but apparently only 1 Gb for apps, I've installed a few apps and have run out of space. I've already moved the apps that can run on the phone storage outside of the 1Gb space, but the OS and the bundled apps are taking up most of...
  4. J

    Help Slow connection

    i only get 2g speeds on my nexus s. The icon that i have over the bars is a E. When i try to browse it's a pain, but if i connect thru wifi, it's fast enough to stream videos. What's causing that?
  5. Dudushache

    Help Samsung Nexus S - troubles with the keybord

    Troubles: message received "Android Keybord stopped" and it really does not work at all so I cannot write anything. I have tried to re-activate the keybord from SETTINGS menu but there is no option to do it. How can I fix it ?
  6. X

    Nexus S Fastboot recovery catch 22

    My Nexus S (3G) began its 30 second bootloop (25 seconds loading, 5 seconds before freeze and reboot). Step 1-Google, read, re-read etc Step 2-I reinserted my battery Step 3-I held "vol up"+"power" to get to fastboot screen Step 4-I scrolled down to recovery and selected it Step 5-phone reboots...
  7. W

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3 - Soft Brick

    Help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance for your time. My situation: I have no custom mods, apps, et cetera. I am stuck in a boot loop. I entered recovery mode, cleared the cache, but did not do a factory reset. I get the "OMAP4440 Device Unplugged" error message. As...
  8. C

    Install PDF Reader

    I recently created this account, and activated about 8 hours ago. When I go to the Android Questions forum & try to open a new thread I still get a message that I dont have permission to access the page. I hope my questions can be answered on this forum instead. I know how to transfer a PDF...
  9. C

    Using Nexus S with Low-Cost Prepaid Network

    I've recently received a Nexus S and I'd like to use it as a simple pay-as-you-go phone (spending a few dollars/month or every few months to have ~100 minutes or so of airtime). I'm currently in the midwest of the USA (Michigan, specifically). Currently, I've investigated PagePlus...
  10. Z

    Home screen on Samsung Nexus S has vanished! Where did it go?

    I had to factory reset my phone because it was stuck in a boot-loop. After wiping the phone and starting her up I saw that the "home screen" was completely black and that the favorites tray was missing. When I left the home screen to check my voicemail I realized that I could not get back to it...
  11. E

    Nexus S will not turn on

    I'm not sure if this forum is still active or not but I sure hope so... I went to turn my phone off last night and accidentally held down the power button and volume up button at the same time going into bootlogger mode (or whatever it is called) Not really thinking I just put the phone down...
  12. D

    Google nexus s stuck in (clockworkmod recovery

    Hello, i have a google nexus s cellphone for ATT and its unlocked for T-mobile. Ok so i have cyangenmod something like that on it and i dont even know what that is and there was an update for it so i updated it and after that none of the apps worked. i dont know how i got to clockworkmod but i...
  13. keonamia

    WiFi not working

    I have a Nexus S 4G and it's unlocked from Sprint, I'm curious if there's a way to make the WiFi work without having a data plan, or service plan?
  14. mikecox

    Help Rapid Batt DC and have to pull it from time to time

    For some reason by battering isn't lasting the day. I have checked checked to see if there is an app running; checked CPU use, checked running apps; with Android Assist, cleared apps from the "recent apps" list. I recently installed "e Mobile Security"; but I don't think that's it because I...
  15. S

    Help please!!!!

    My girlfriends phone is a nexus s and now when u turn it on it goes straight into fastboot mode and it says no boot or recovery image When my girlfriend got the phone there was a cyanogen mod on the phone and she was given instructions on how to remove it, we'll i guess she has removed...
  16. Thatdad

    Just ordered my Nexus

    Hey guys! So I just ordered my Nexus 5! :) Curious, how long did it take to receive your Nexus from Google Play? I know there is a 3 day processing, but how long will it take to actually arrive? Where do they get shipped from? Thanks for taking time to read this!
  17. K

    cant access Google+ server

    My wife's Nexus S is running Android 4.1.1 and came with Google+ installed but never used. She also has a functional but little used Gmail account. When I tried to open Google+ I was presented with a dialog box asking me to choose an account and offering my wife's Gmail e-mail account. When...
  18. A

    i need help plz with nexus s

    i have nexus s gt-9020t phone it done not turn on just stick in google word when its start i tried to recovery or reboot but it shows like in pics so plz help me
  19. D

    Incoming volume on Nexus S

    My phone is turned up all the way and I cannot hear them (sounds like about half volume) but I can put them on speaker and hear them just fine. This is on refurbished phones, 3in a row now.
  20. C

    Is my *Sprint* Nexus S 4G locked?

    I bought this used Nexus S 4G which came per-assigned to the Sprint carrier and with Android 4.1.1. I would like to upgrade it to Android 4.3 per these instructions but the 2nd requirement states that Aside from the fact that this a CDMA, not GSM phone (i.e. no SIM), how can I tell if it is...
  21. R

    Nexus 4 (Android 4.1.1) Camera Problem..Pls Help

    Hi In my Nexus S (Android Ver 4.1.1); recently my camera stopped working. As soon as I try to take the picture; it flashes and phone switches itself off. Any idea about how to get rid of this...
  22. D

    Can only access recovery

    I have a Nexus S that was still running 2.3.4 and since I wasn't using the phone I thought I would give upgrading a try (4.0.3). Well I obviously don't know what I'm doing because when I rebooted it never actually booted up. Now I can only access the recovery system: ClockworkMod Recovery...
  23. sunnah

    No SIM Card - Emergency Calls Only (Nexus S)

    My carrier is T-Mobile. I originally went to the T-Mobile store and got a replacement SIM card then the phone was working during the drive home and all evening. In the morning the message on the screen was displaying, "No SIM Card..." Since this phone is unlocked from Google Play Store T-Mobile...
  24. G

    Help Cellone SIM working but Airtel fail to register.

    Hi, I need help with my Nexus S. I am from India and the issue is with BSNL and AIRTEL networks. The phone works properly with a BSNL Cellone SIM. But when a Airtel SIM is inserted the phone fails to register on Airtel network and it reduces to "no service, only emergency calls". I had taken...
  25. R

    Help Nexus S (Android 4.1.1) Camera not working...Help please..

    Hello, My Nexus S has a problem recently. As soon as I try to take picture; camera only flashes and forces my phone to switch off. I have to manually switch on my phone. I tried clearing the gallery and factory reset - but no luck! Can anybody help me fixing this problem? Thanks in advance.