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    Do most OLED screen on Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy A20 get the screen burn in problems?

    Do most OLED screen on Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy A20 get the screen burn in problems, and do LCD displays get screen burn in?
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    Plans for new Samsung OLED factory on indefinite hold

    A new South Korean report says Samsung is holding off on its new OLED factory in the face of smartphone shipments trending downward. The report says the company doesn't think demand from Chinese manufacturers will be enough to justify the expense.
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    Samsung and LG invest €25 million in Cynora for more efficient OLED displays

    Samsung has invested €25 million in Germany-based Cynora with LG for the advancement of more efficient OLED display technology. The investments have been made by Samsung Ventures and LG Display.
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    Huawei and other Chinese OEM's could use LG's OLED display panels next year

    LG and Samsung will soon have hard times keeping up with the demands of their OLED panels. While Samsung will mostly use OLED panels in its smartphones, LG is expected to start selling its OLED panels to other companies such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Huawei and Oppo.
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    The LG V30's OLED display has quality issues

    LG took the wraps off its newest flagship this week, the LG V30. We've got the usual high-end smartphone specs: a Snapdragon 835 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 3300mAh battery, and an old version of Android—7.1 Nougat. What's interesting are the display and the camera. The display is the...
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    Why LG finally made the switch to OLED on the V30

    There are several reasons why a company like LG might finally decide to make the switch to an OLED display on their latest flagship. The move to a plastic OLED screen on the V30 is, for many, one of the biggest deals about it, but what prompted LG to make the change?
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    Apple is rumored to be investing in LG's OLED factory

    A new rumor suggests that Apple is investing in LG's OLED display business, too. The deal is rumored to be worth more than $2.5 billion and would see the display manufacturer dedicate an entire line to the iPhone. Google is also rumored to have invested in LG's OLED efforts. Currently, Samsung...
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    LG's latest OLED display is big enough to act like a full-length mirror

    LG has introduced its latest OLED display with an Ultra HD resolution of 3840x2160. LG considers this display capable of being used for digital signage, desks, and in-car infotainment systems.
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    Samsung details world’s first 9.1-inch stretchable AMOLED display

    Samsung has unveiled the world's first stretchable OLED display at SID 2017 in Los Angeles. The 9.1" stretchable AMOLED display is based on LTPS technology and gives us a glimpse into the future.
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    Samsung will showcase world's first stretchable display at SID

    Samsung has announced it will showcase the world's first stretchable display at Society for Information Display in Los Angeles this week. The event runs from Tuesday to Thursday and the stretchable OLED display the company will be showing is said to be bendable in both directions.
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    Samsung wins an award for its new quad-edge OLED flexible display

    Samsung has won an award from the Society for Information Display for its new quad-edge OLED flexible display, which may be featured on the Galaxy S9.
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    LG may switch to OLED panels for its flagships starting with the V30

    A new rumor suggests that the LG V30 will be the first flagship from LG to feature an OLED display.
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    OLED microdisplays could pave way for next-gen fingerprint scanners

    New OLED microdisplays that have fingerprint sensors beneath the glass have been demonstrated by the Fraunhofer Institute. The displays have a DPI of 1,600 in order to achieve this.
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    LG V30 could have a curved display

    Following reports that LG was entering the smartphone OLED business on a bigger scale, new rumors suggest the company will use a curved OLED display for the next smartphone in their V series, as well as supplying a similar display for Xiaomi's phones.
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    LG said to be entering OLED smartphone display business

    LG has long been making OLED displays for TVs, but the company is said to be jumping into the smartphone business where Samsung has dominated with over 97% market share thus far.
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    OLED smartphones will surpass LCD phones in 2018

    According to a new report from Digitimes, OLED panels are set to overtake LCD panels in most smartphones by 2018. The marketshare of OLED phones will exceed 40% in 2017 and is expected to rise to 58% in 2018 thanks to Apple's adoption of the standard.
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    Creating stronger OLED panels with the help of graphene

    A team from South Korea has managed to replace the indium tin oxide currently used in OLED panels with graphene, which makes the screen considerably more durable.
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    Google reportedly offering LG $880 million for curved OLED screens for its Pixel phones

    A new report says that Google has offered to invest around $880 million to help LG boost its output of OLED displays for smartphones. Google wants to secure a stable supply of flexible OLED screens for its upcoming Pixel smartphones. Neither LG nor Google have commented on the story.
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    Samsung is preparing to use OLED more in future devices

    A new report claims that Samsung will be using OLED for future products, moving away from using LCD display panels.
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    Samsung showed off forcetouch OLED display tech at MWC

    A report out of Korea claims that Samsung showed off a new OLED panel which included pressure sensitive features similar to forcetouch. The company also have a 1200 ppi display to show off which is intended to be used for VR.
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    This subreddit curates wallpapers designed for devices with OLED panels

    If you have an OLED, POLED, AMOLED panel on your smartphone or tablet, you may be looking for black wallpapers to keep battery usage down. This subreddit is nothing but a collection of backgrounds that are designed for these displays.
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    OLED displays which can be worn like clothing have been created

    Two research teams have created a new OLED technology which allows displays to work on a "textile substrate". This results in a display that is more flexible than other options on the market.
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    Samsung Display will no longer produce its tranparent OLEDs

    Samsung will no longer produce transparent OLED panels. While the company has been manufacturing transparent OLED display since 2008, the report claims that the demand for the product was not high enough to justify the investment needed to keep the product line alive. However, the dream of the...
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    LG Display to increase flexible OLED production with $1.75 billion investment

    LG Display is working on a new production line in South Korea which will allow the company to meet the increased demand for flexible OLED display panels. The $1.75 billion investment will allow the company to produce OLED 15,000 inupt sheets each month when the production line is completed in...
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    Samsung reportedly spending $6.82B to increase AMOLED production

    According to a report from Nikkei, Samsung plans to spend around $6.8 billion to boost its smartphone OLED panel production capacity by over 50% or 200 million panels per year, and the company can already ship 300 million panels each year. Reports state that Samsung will supply 100 million...