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  1. Rob

    Google Pixel 8 Pro Unboxing [VIDEO]

    It hasn't even been officially unveiled yet... but that hasn't stopped one YouTuber from getting his hands on one and publishing an unboxing video for all of us to enjoy:
  2. Rob

    WATCH: Google Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro (Launch Event)

    It'll be streaming LIVE right here on October 4th at 10AM ET: Let's watch and discuss in the comments below!
  3. Rob

    Buying the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro?

    Who is here is buying (or considering) the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro? I'm desperate for a new phone since my Galaxy S20 Ultra camera lens is cracked and I can only charge wirelessly due to water damage. Would really prefer to hold out for the next best Galaxy but really kinda need something ASAP...
  4. P

    Red circle with white dots on Pixel 7

    I have a Red circle with white dots on Pixel 7 that does not respond to touch except to move it around the screen. Then it parks itself by the nearest edge of the screen. Any ideas as to what it is and how to get rid of it? Thanks,
  5. Kzunec

    Pixel Fishing - mobile game with cute graphics

    Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the release of my latest game on Google Play. This is my first serious game, following the not-so-great Jump, Astronaut! I believe this new game is much better and more interesting. I would greatly appreciate it if you could rate it. Introducing Pixel...
  6. rdpinr

    Pixel 7 Pro: What pending install?

    Hello. I'm not having any issues with anything; I'm just wondering about this. In the Google Play Store, it has been showing that I have an install pending. This message has been there for quite some time (months). I've tried to figure out what it's referring to, but I can't find anything. Does...
  7. M

    Samsung Tab A7 and Android Auto

    I have been thinking about upgrading from an iPhone 12 to a new Pixel Fold and one of the things I wanted to verify was that my car (2022 Jeep Wrangler) would work with Android Auto. I have an old (Android 10) Motorola G7) that I no longer use as a phone and I connected it to my Jeep and...
  8. M

    How can i install Pixel Experience to my Galaxy A12?

    Hi, i really hate using One UI and i want to switch to pixel experience on my Samsung Galaxy A12. Im new to custom roms and i have a few questions. Yes i know the risks and i dont really care because i would rather have no phone then a One UI phone. I know how to install TWRP. Where can i...
  9. AugieTN

    Rumor 5 years of system updates Pixel 8

    Currently a rumor flying around the net, that starting with the Pixel 8 Googles phones will get 5 years of system updates to match Apple. I never keep a phone that long, plus after 5 yrs your battery won't be in great shape.
  10. S

    Button/tab/small icon

    I have a small tab/button thing with 2 of my apps that I can move up and down but cannot get rid of. Any suggestions? I have a Google pixel 7 running Android. Thank you!
  11. rdpinr

    Question about Pixel 7 Pro

    Hello. I have been having to make some calls to doctors' offices recently, and have been using speaker mode while holding. The screen stays on the entire time the phone is sitting on the table, and it got me thinking that that just uses up battery quicker than necessary. Is there a way to make...
  12. AugieTN

    August 2023 Pixel Update

    The August 2023 Pixel security update is out. I'm getting it now OTA 21.93MB on my Pixel 7
  13. H

    Facetime on Pixel 7

    I'm a little confused about how to go about to run facetime on this Android device. Are there some software I need to install from google store?
  14. P

    MiX Explorer Unable to Access USB Drive

    I have MiX Explorer installed under Android 13 on a Pixel 6. How do I give it permission to read and write to a USB file system? What are the best file managers currently available for Android?
  15. Kzunec


    Hi guys! This is my first game - Jump Astronaut. Please evaluate - the idea is simple - you need to jump on the planets, to get more points. To jump, you need to click on the screen when the player's head is directed in the direction in which you want to jump. Thanks in advance to everyone...
  16. B

    I have to change the output device on my Pixel 6 Pro every time I receive a call before I can hear it.

    I have a Pixel 6 pro, and every time I receive a call, by default the output is set to "Phone", which it should be, but I can't hear anything. The only way I can get audio is to click on the audio output options (which gives me three options (Phone, Speaker, Galaxy Watch4 Classic), select either...
  17. T

    Help iMessage group chat post Android switch

    Been searching random forums for a while, but can't find anything definitive, so here we go.... I just made the switch (back) to Android from a 1-year stint as an iPhone user. The family had an iMessage group chat (6 iPhone users), and now I'm not receiving a good chunk of texts on Google...
  18. N

    Pixel Contacts App & Microsoft 365 Accounts

    I have used the email app Nine on my Google Pixel 2 XL for years to access my Microsoft 365 accounts without issue (I don't like the Outlook app). Recently I noticed when trying to add contacts in the default Pixel contacts app, I no longer have an option to add contacts to my Microsoft 365...
  19. GoldSpark

    [FREE][GAME]Dirtfall - Vacuum Cleaning Game

    Tried to experiment a little and made cleaning game which is not polluted with ads meaning there are no pop ups. It has multiple game modes and challenges including boss battles. I am still adding stuff and improving it. Also there is your room which sometimes you will find new furniture new...
  20. Android News

    Now’s your chance to tell Google how to improve its Pixel phones

    Google is asking Pixel users for feedback on how to improve the user interface of its devices. In a Reddit thread it opened yesterday, Google asked how users configure their Pixel phones, and specifically, what troubles they experience with “managing, toggling, or discovering settings.”
  21. Android News

    Pixel owners get a sneak peek of upcoming film Isle of Dogs in VR

    Isle of Dogs is set to be released in March, but Pixel owners get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage in VR. Set in Japan, this stop-motion movie revolves around a boy who goes on an epic adventure to find his dog, Spots.
  22. Android News

    Google sold 3.9 million Pixel phones in 2017

    The latest update on Pixel sales comes from IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo, who notes that Google shipped 3.9 million Pixel and Pixel 2 devices in 2017.
  23. Android News

    Google sued over defective microphone in Pixel 2016

    Looks like the microphone problem with original Pixel phones is back to haunt Google. The company is facing a lawsuit, with complainants alleging the issue was there from the beginning, and despite knowing this, Google continued to sell the handsets.
  24. Android News

    Google Play Services 12.2.09 Seems to Enable the “Check for Update” Button

    The latest version of Google Play Services -- 12.2.09 -- seems to enable the Check For Update button on Pixel devices. This button was notoriously disabled after it was revealed it had never worked properly. There's no telling if the new button works just yet.
  25. Android News

    February’s Android Security Update goes live for Nexus and Pixel devices

    Google just dropped the February 2018 security patch for Nexus and Pixel devices on us, the same update that should include 3rd party access for camera apps with Pixel Visual Core. At this time, we already have both factory image and OTA files