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I have to change the output device on my Pixel 6 Pro every time I receive a call before I can hear it.

I have a Pixel 6 pro, and every time I receive a call, by default the output is set to "Phone", which it should be, but I can't hear anything. The only way I can get audio is to click on the audio output options (which gives me three options (Phone, Speaker, Galaxy Watch4 Classic), select either of the other options, then switch it back to phone and it will immediately start working.

Now you may think that it must be by default just connecting to my watch which is listed in the options (despite the fact that it displays "Phone" as the selected option). However, there is no audio coming out of my watch at that point. If I were to manually select my watch, then the call starts coming through on there (just as it would if I were to answer the call via my watch). But until I select another option, there is no sound coming out of anywhere, my phone, phone speaker, or watch.

Note, this doesn't seem to happen when I make calls, only when I receive them.
Equally, no other audio is affected in this way, when I'm watching videos or listening to podcasts or music, it plays through the phone speaker as standard unless I connect a bluetooth speaker or headphones, or manually select another output device.

It doesn't mean I can't receive calls, but does mean there's a frustrated period of a few seconds where I have to answer a call, switch the audio output, then switch it back again, before I can hear the other person, meaning I also miss the start of what they are saying.

Any thoughts on what it could be, I've had this for probably around 6 months.

My setup is as follows:
- Phone: Google Pixel 6 Pro
- Android version: 13
- Android security patch: 5th March 2013

If you're curious, my watch is the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic (Z11L) SM-R880 running One UI 4.5, system version 11, and Wear OS version 3.5
have you tried rebooting your phone? did this start happening recently? or was this from the get go? was it after an update?
As I mentioned in my original message, this has been happening for at least 6 months, likely longer. It may have been from when I first got it but I just don't receive a huge amount of calls and when I do I'm usually wearing a Bluetooth headset so it'll be connected to that at that point, so didn't notice for ages.

It's been persistent through reboots and firmware updates.
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