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  1. A

    How to stop Play Store from updating itself in Android 5.1

    Hello, Android forums. I have a very towering question I need to stop the Play Store from updating itself, not its apps. I need to do this because of towering size constraints on my phone. Then your Play Store versions, or way too big, and need a way to stop them from updating themselves. The...
  2. K

    my code works fine in simulator but crashes in play store

    Hi, I have updated my app for target sdk 34 and min sdk 24 my app has got 4 tabs and the first and main tab is a google maps which displays markers on maps but the app works fine on simulator and even launched with my phone connected but I uploaded it to google play store but the app...
  3. A

    Help [Doubt] Android publishing app policies

    Hello everyone, I'm developing an application where the main usability is not the pornography, however I don't want to make my app policies strict so they are free to do it. When this happens this content does not appear on the main screen and to see it you have to "follow" the user and confirm...
  4. R

    Publishing apps outside of the Play Store

    Any developers on here publish apps to stores other than the Google Play Store? I'm interested in what the experience is like. Are there any benefits or drawbacks to using alternative stores?
  5. M

    New app for Wear OS - Compass Navigation (FREE)

    Interested new app converted from Tizen powered Samsung watches. Compass Navigation new app on Play Store for watches 2.1+. It is free with most of features. It doesn't use map and internet. Good navi. Tested on Galaxy Watch 4...
  6. Max1606

    [NEW GAME] Flappy Chick: Dodge the Danger!! V1.1

    Flappy Chick - It is an Arcade game and easy to play anytime & anywhere with endless gameplay! Discover a fun adventure with Flappy Chick now! Let your chick flap the wings through awesome locations, and enjoy exciting things in this journey. Fly your chick with flappy type, tap to flap and fly...
  7. Sleep Sounds

    FM Radio: Radio, Online Radio & radio tuner am fm

    Listen radio with fm, am radio, fm radio, online radio, live radio & free radio. Want to listen radio, fm stations, news, music or am fm radio but fed up with switching different app? Don't worry, our radio app full fill all your needs for free. Fm radio is an online radio app. Fm radio is the...
  8. F

    [LWP][5.0+]TheCity 3D LWP, LaGoon 3D LWP, PolyPond 3D LWP - (3) 3D Live Wallpapers

    TheCity 3D Live Wallpaper Free Free Features: Complete 3D mini town ! 3 different camera views Gyroscope Sun flare and vignette post effects Airplane fly over animation Clouds Explore and enjoy the the city through every nook and cranny. Up to 3 cameras in free version and 14 in pro...
  9. A

    Toilet Paper Factory Idle

    Hi everyone! Would you like to try an idle game, where cats are making toilet paper? You can build a toilet paper factory, where cats operate production lines. You can produce more and more toilet paper by upgrading production lines and your cat operators, earn more money, and start making...
  10. U

    Flappy bird clone with a little twist.

    Hey guys, I already posted about this game but I need your help so I'm posting again. *I have 39 downloads right now, please make it reach 50* It will be really appreciated. Link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SoloDevStudio.FlipperBird Special features :- 3 difficulty...
  11. U

    When ever i click yolo link in snapchat it opens yolo in playstore

    so i wanted to reply to a yolo thing but it sends me to Playstore yolo instead of browser.
  12. Android News

    Google is rolling out a new Play Store redesign

    Google is starting to adopt bottom navigation bars across its products, with the recent YouTube update and new Chrome interface. But if there's one thing about Google that's consistent, it's the company's inconsistency. A tweaked design for the Play Store app is rolling out to users worldwide...
  13. Android News

    Sega releases original Golden Axe on Play Store

    Sega has released Golden Axe on the Play Store as part of their Sega Forever collection. You can play the game for free with advertisements, or you can pay $1.99 to remove them permanently.
  14. Android News

    Latest Play Store update uses new app and notification icons

    Google is rolling out a new update to the Play Store that brings its version up to 7.8.16. This update changes the application icon (removing the bag background), and also changes the small Play Store icon used when showing you a notification from it.
  15. Android News

    Along Together is a new puzzle adventure game for Daydream

    Along Together is a new game from Turbo Button which offers Daydream VR users to experience a unique twist on puzzle adventure games.
  16. Android News

    Android users to surpass iOS users in app spending in 2017

    A new report from Арр Аnnіе рrеdісts that consumer spending for Android apps through the Play Store and other app stores will finally surpass what consumers spend on apps on Apple devices. While the majority of Android users purchase apps through the Play Store, Chinese app stores have grown...
  17. Android News

    How to: Install apps from the Play Store without Google Services

    Dallas from Wonder How To has published an in-depth tutorial on installing apps from the Play Store without the need of Gapps or Google Services.
  18. Android News

    Google may be adding a Refresh button for Play Store updates

    A reader of Android Police has discovered a "refresh" button on the Installed Apps screen of the Google Play Store.
  19. Android News

    Play Store now shows more information about apps which are on sale

    The Google Play Store now shows more information about apps that are on sale, including their original price and how long the app will be on sale.
  20. Android News

    Top Features start showing up for more users on the Play Store

    Top Features is a new way Google is experimenting with to show what Google Play Store ratings mention the most. The rollout now seems to be headed to more regions.
  21. Android News

    OnePlus releases OxygenOS 4.0.1 update for the OnePlus 3 and 3T

    The OxygenOS 4.0.1 update for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T is now making its way to devices. The software update comes with a few tweaks, but its main purpose is to introduce a fix for devices experiencing issues downloading apps from the Play Store.
  22. Android News

    BlackBerry adds new features to its phones though Play Store app updates

    BlackBerry has announced that it has updated most of its Android apps. Once the updates are installed for Hub+, the keyboard, launcher and Password Keeper, users will be treated to a better messaging experience, deeper integration of the fingerprint reader and a dark theme for the launcher. All...
  23. Android News

    The Play Store in India adds 'Netbanking' payment option

    If you live in India, you now have the option to pay for your Play Store purchases with your bank account. The new 'Netbanking' appears to be showing up for quite a few users, allowing for more flexibility for those who don't want to use a debit/credit card of a Play Store gift card.
  24. Android News

    The Acer R13 Chromebook now has Android apps through the Chrome OS Beta Channel

    The Acer R13 is the latest Chromebook to get support for Android apps. To get support for Google Play and Android apps, the Acer R13 has to be running on the Chrome OS Beta Channel. If your Acer R13 is not running on the Beta Channel, you can switch by going to Settings > About Chrome OS > More...
  25. Android News

    Latest update to the Play Store changes the icon, adds an app shortcut and more

    Google is rolling out a new update to the Play Store app that changes the icon to match the round icons we've seen in the Pixel Launcher. The update also adds in an app shortcut for Android 7.1, and we see hints at 4K support, device certification status and a new gift icon thanks to an APK...