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Help [Doubt] Android publishing app policies


Jan 6, 2023
Hello everyone,
I'm developing an application where the main usability is not the pornography, however I don't want to make my app policies strict so they are free to do it. When this happens this content does not appear on the main screen and to see it you have to "follow" the user and confirm you may watch sensitive content.
Could this app be published to the market?
On the policies it says that is not allowed any type of pornography, but is not too clear to me because Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and all this type of application contains it...
Can someone help me? I don't catch at all the android policies...
Thank you in advance!!
Keep in mind that pornography is a legal, valid job industry, it's just a matter where some people have personal, philosophical aversions to it. So if you're making an app and wish to avoid it from it even potentially being used by some pornography-related person or business from using it, you definitely don't want to have it publicly posted in any kind of open (well relatively), corporate repository like Google's Play Store. Start looking into religious or conservative markets where restricted access is a given.
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