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  1. Alex FHN


    Mimiland is a modern take on game of fifteen with a storyline, many different levels, quests and more. Your goal is to arrange the tiles in order and assemble the whole picture by moving tiles into the empty space. You can only move tiles that are adjacent to the empty space, which requires...
  2. A

    Letters Match: Pairs Puzzle - puzzle game for relax [Free] [Game]

    Hi, everybody! ;) I am an indie developer and I created cool letters puzzle game - Letters Match. I would appreciate feedback and ideas for improvement. Thanx! Letters Match combines the best of the games you love. It’s a mix of pairs matching, word searching and field clearing games. We take...
  3. M

    [Free][Game] Real Puzzle World

    Hello! This is new puzzle game. By solving puzzles in our game, your will learn to recognize everyday objects, learn how to pronounce their name, see how their name is spelled. Link to Google Play.
  4. Z

    Puzzle Breakers Match 3 RPG MOD APK Latest version 17.4.3 (Unlocked) Free Download for Android

    Puzzle Breakers Match 3 RPG MOD APK: An Epic Adventure Into Legendary PvP Battles and Ferocious Creatures Are you ready for a thrilling adventure filled with match 3 puzzles, famous PvP battles, and violent clan wars? Welcome to Puzzle Breakers, the ultimate match 3 RPG game that will keep you...
  5. J

    Words Soccer

    I would like to introduce my new online game Word Soccer. The principle of the game is to make more words from the available letters than your opponent in six rounds. In each round you can also get a yellow card if you don't use each of the offered letters at least once, or your longest composed...
  6. CryogenWare

    [Free][Game] Word Bravo a 450+ Level Word Puzzle Game

    Our brand new 2 person project Word Game is now available on Googleplay. We've added a ton of features, unlockable characters, and a variety of levels for players to complete. Below is a brief summary of our new game! Word Bravo is the ultimate word search puzzle game for anyone who loves brain...
  7. N

    Play this if you are bored - Item Hunter (Match 3D Puzzle)

    How to play Your goal is to find identical items and make matches. You can choose to match 2, 3, or 4 tiles at a time. Keep an eye on the timer. If you run out of time, you can watch a rewarded ad to get an extra minute of play. You can repeat this process as many times as you want. You can use...
  8. A

    [New Game] Neologic - Puzzle Game (No ads/IAP)

    Hello everyone, Neologic is a combination of path finding and math puzzle game. In this game you start with initial amount of energy. Your every moves costs you energy which is the number written on the cell. Goal of the game is to reach end point before your energy goes below zero. Link...
  9. TheDigiWolves

    New Android Game Maze & Ball - Anti stress Puzzle

    Hi All, Our game Maze & Balls puzzle is now live on play store and I would love to invite all of you for your reviews so we can enhance the game more. Must have a look. Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.softrop.mazeballs Thanks in Advance
  10. PlayAddagrams

    Addagrams - Personal Daily Word Puzzle

    The first of its kind, Addagrams is a word puzzle with a personality: yours! We're offering an ad-free experience for new players. Play now for free or learn more about us below: Game Overview In every round of Addagrams, you make two words from any mix of the available letter tiles. And with...
  11. Fatbomb

    [Free] Hah - palindrome puzzles (50 x Instant Pictures - $1.99)

    MOM, DAD, SIS - the list can continue... Some words are special. They read the same from either side. Play the game instantly here: Hah: palindrome puzzles - Apps on Google Play
  12. S

    [Free][New Game] Word Search

    Hi guys. I'm from Ukraine. I'm a novice Android developer. And this is my third app on Google play called Word Search. Don't judge strictly) It took me about 3 months to develop the game. You can say that such games are already available in Google play. You're right, but in my game you can...
  13. E1e5en

    [GAME] New Year Postcard

    Google Play: NewYear Postcard Genre: Puzzle. Description: Indirect control puzzle platformer. You need to help the Christmas tree decorations get to the New Year tree. To create a New Year postcard and save it on your device! Advertising in the game: You can see that an advertisement has...
  14. Kupferrot

    Squared - Adjacent Stones

    Hello you wonderful people, I hope you are having a great day. I just released my latest game called , Squared - Adjacent Stones , for Android and IOS. (I know this is an android forum, but I leave you the IOS link below as well) Squared - Adjacent Stones - Apps on Google Play Squared -...
  15. A

    [Free Game] Challenging Mind Game - 1Flux.

    Hello everyone, 1Flux is a challenging puzzle game. This game starts from simple 3 by 3 grids to complex 15 by 15 grids. In this game you will have to solve Latin squares of various grid sizes. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myComp.flux Features: • Neon graphics. •...
  16. A

    [Free Game] Resonance - Casual Game.

    Hello, Resonance is a completely free casual game with 500 levels. It starts from 3 by 3 grid and goes up to 15 by 15 grid.Below is the link if you want to try. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myComp.Resonance Features: • Neon graphics. • 500 levels. • Easy 3 by 3 grids to...
  17. Brainsoft

    [Free Jigsaw Puzzle Game For Mind] Jigsaw puzzles: Magic images

    Jigsaw puzzles: Magic images is a free relaxing puzzle game with thousands of HD Jigsaws for adults and for children! Enjoy the relaxing Jigsaw Puzzles with one of the best stress relief games to train your brain and calm your anxiety. FEATURES A large number of beautiful free images of...
  18. A

    Challenging puzzle game - Sudo Tic Tac Toe

    Hello everyone, If you want to challenge your mind, you can try Sudo Tic Tac Toe. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.myComp.sudo Game has now been updated and 5 levels have been added to it now. Also global leader-board has been added which will tell you where you stand...
  19. A

    Paleo: Rising Town

    Paleo is your new exciting puzzle game! Swipe your finger across the tiles and match the tiles to grow your civilization. Unlock powerful heroes like Spirit, Genius, and Legend. This new brain smasher will fun challenge your limits and skills. The gameplay is incredibly simple. It allows...
  20. G

    [FREE][GAME] Room Escape: Wild Survival (Room Escape Puzzle Game)

    'Room Escape: Wild Survival' has 20 levels, it is a point and click adventure game that takes place on a falling boat on the ocean. Your goal is to escape from the big boat as soon as possible. FEATURES: * Free and easy to play * 20 Challenging levels * Amazing graphics and game play. * Try to...
  21. Meek Bits

    [Free][Puzzle][Game] Hidden Oxygen - Will You Find It?

    Figure out the correct arrangement of oxygen atoms Rules: 1) Oxygen atoms cannot be adjacent to each other, even diagonally 2) Numbers next to rows and columns tell how many oxygens should be in them 3) Each carbon atom needs 2 adjacent oxygens Stuck? Press the hint button, which will explain...
  22. G

    [FREE][GAME] Escape Prison: Ghost (Room Escape Puzzle Game)

    'Escape Prison: Ghost' is a point and click adventure game with a scary experience that takes place inside a scary locked ghost castle. The game has a lot of puzzles that will give you hours of gameplay until you beat it. Your goal is to escape the scary locked ghost castle !!!! Features: *...
  23. jchiphead

    [Free][Game] Boxman (Sokoban) Game

    Hi friends, Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jchip.boxman Boxman is a free implementation of the classic box-pushing puzzle game, Sokoban. Each level has the same objective; to push boxes to their destination locations. Although this may sound simple, the...
  24. Rad Brothers

    [GAME] [FREE] Heart Box - physics puzzles

    Heart Box - physics puzzle game Available free on Google Play, App Store and Windows Store Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.radbrothers.heartbox Meet the new funny physical puzzle "Heart Box" with a little robot named Robby! Professor Rat created Robby but...