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May 30, 2023
I would like to introduce my new online game Word Soccer. The principle of the game is to make more words from the available letters than your opponent in six rounds.
In each round you can also get a yellow card if you don't use each of the offered letters at least once, or your longest composed word is shorter than your opponent's longest word.
For each red card, you then lose one of the letters offered in the next round.
Primarily, the game should only take nouns, but the dictionary is unfortunately not yet fully fine-tuned as I'm not from an English-speaking country, but if there are problems, you can either double-tap the unrecognized word to suggest it be added to the dictionary, or conversely, you can double-tap a word that has been recognized by your opponent and shouldn't be to suggest it be removed from the dictionary.

The game is part of https://hryprodva.cz/en/hlavni

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