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  1. Six dots Software

    [Game] Tanky for Android - Remastered

    Intro Hi fellow game developers, we’ve worked hard on our skills and completely rebuild our tank game for Android. To be honest, it was a rough ride. There are so many aspects to think about: storyline, consistancy, controls, difficulty ladder, graphics, sounds… Luckily, the Godot Engine has a...
  2. A

    Letters Match: Pairs Puzzle - puzzle game for relax [Free] [Game]

    Hi, everybody! ;) I am an indie developer and I created cool letters puzzle game - Letters Match. I would appreciate feedback and ideas for improvement. Thanx! Letters Match combines the best of the games you love. It’s a mix of pairs matching, word searching and field clearing games. We take...
  3. K

    Want to get involved in game testing?

    DOMINUS Finally a turn-based strategy that works in multiplayer! Simple to learn but with tons of tactical depth; come and check out Dominus and help us make it great! DISCOVER NEW LANDS GROW VILLAGES INTO MIGHTY CITIES PICK YOUR TRIBE AND UPGRADE YOUR EMPIRE SUMMON AND COLLECT POWERFUL...
  4. Kzunec

    Pixel Fishing - mobile game with cute graphics

    Hello everyone! I am excited to announce the release of my latest game on Google Play. This is my first serious game, following the not-so-great Jump, Astronaut! I believe this new game is much better and more interesting. I would greatly appreciate it if you could rate it. Introducing Pixel...
  5. P

    [New Android Game] King Of The Racing 2: Drag Sim

    We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our new drag racing game on Android platform! Get ready to experience the ultimate in drag racing action, with over 170 cars to choose from, realistic physics, and a world of customization options. But, we value your opinion! ️ We want to...
  6. T

    Login screen

    If I start the game from the beginning will i always get the login screen if i am not logged into Play Games?
  7. M

    Help to find a old game

    I don't know how old this game are but it's being a time I played. If I remember well the game is a point and click. The game was about a man who was asked to sell a property. As the game unfolds, it is discovered that some residents of the house are vampires and there is a Saint Bernard dog...
  8. BlueFoxMobileGaming

    New Android Game

    Hi guys. I will be publishing my game soon. I created a demo version where you can play only 1 level but get a feeling of the game. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BlueFoxMobileGaming.ArielInWonderland
  9. Saimel

    How to harvest faster in Farming Simulator 22?

    Hello! Are there people on the forum playing Farming Simulator 22? 3 days ago just got acquainted with this game. The game is very interesting. But a little bored with the process of harvesting. Spend a lot of time on it, and want to do other more interesting activities. video in YouTube Shorts...
  10. M

    [Free][Game] Real Puzzle World

    Hello! This is new puzzle game. By solving puzzles in our game, your will learn to recognize everyday objects, learn how to pronounce their name, see how their name is spelled. Link to Google Play.
  11. AugieTN


    Trying to watch the football game and they keep changing to a sideline Vikings announcer talking to a player while the game is going on. So stupid. People want to watch the game not watch a sideline interview during game play.
  12. killazsiga77

    fishdom install error

    Greetings to everyone!I recently installed an an1 fishdom mod game, since then I can't install any other fishdom game, because it always says that the application cannot be installed, because the application installed as a non-package conflicts with an existing package, even if the given one is...
  13. groston

    Game bug

    A while back, 20 May 2023 to be exact, I posted saying that Classic Words (a Scrabble game) was playing words that are not in the dictionary. I received several replies which basically said to use a Scrabble dictionary since the one I had used, Merriam Webster, does not show all playable words...
  14. Freeworld404

    [Game] OverclockeTD - Synth Tower Defense

    Get my small tower defense OverclockeTD on the Google Play Store: OverclockeTD - Apps on Google Play OverclockeTD is an offline, top down tower defense, inspired by 80s synth music, mixed with a pixel art style. Overclock your towers to make them stronger for a short period of time, when you...
  15. Soapisu

    Help (Solved) Need help finding an old game

    I'm looking for a specific game that was like Puzzles and Dragons with the match-three orbs combat system. This game I believe was also an idle and you have this "date" system where you can wait pick a random rank of girls and after a certain amount of time (or sooner if you give gifts), you can...
  16. D

    Help with Play Google VR Game

    Hello! Can anyone with play google account from USA, United Kingdom or Canada try to find a VR game in his android-phone play google app with name "DimShifters" ? Is it possible for you to download or buy this game? I would be very grateful, there is no way to check it myself at the moment. Even...
  17. P

    [FREE][GAME] Dodge Race Ball published

    Dodge Race Ball is a hellishly difficult casual game for hardcore gamers. Change the perspective of the camera to avoid the obstacles and win the tournament. Will you cry? Probably... Will you enjoy it? If you master it, probably you will... Download it from Google Play Store or Apple App...
  18. F

    Match n Stack

    Match n Stack A cool new game Description : In this game you have to match the same kind of fruits with the other fruits below so you can clear the rows or column and you will make the score as well! Download it now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mogulmommiesinc.matchnstack
  19. J

    Words Soccer

    I would like to introduce my new online game Word Soccer. The principle of the game is to make more words from the available letters than your opponent in six rounds. In each round you can also get a yellow card if you don't use each of the offered letters at least once, or your longest composed...
  20. S

    [Game][Free] Trivia: Quiz game for Brain

    Hi all! I was very interested in how much ChatGPT could make it easier to create a mobile application. This is a quiz app. I wanted the chat to help create content for the app. The neural network generated more than 8 thousand questions from different categories and translated them into...
  21. virtualdesktopc

    Have anyone play GTA5 on cloud gaming

    Do you any experience with cloud gaming? I really want to test it? What do you think about the GTA5 on cloud gaming?
  22. TikaYano99

    [FREE][GAME] PuzzLight - Laser Puzzle Game

    PuzzLight - Get in on Google play! "PuzzLight" is an exciting puzzle game in which you have to use your logical mind to complete all levels and reach the end of the game. You will control a laser, directing its beam at various objects to activate mechanisms and open new paths. Game Features: •...
  23. Six dots Software

    New SixDots game- ArmaRunner

    ArmaRunner is one special type of infinite runner game. Are you familiar with animals in a pub? Well, you'll soon be... As soon as you'll press the start button, a volcano erupts violently and spoils the fun of many animals. You are looking on a safe distance how animals try to evacuate the...
  24. Hazardio

    [RPG] Gold For All - Let the hunt for gold begin!

    Hi everyone! ;) I am a mobile games fan player. As many of us, I dreamed to create my own. And today, I'm very happy to share you my first game : Gold For All! Here's the first trailer of the game: Hope you want to see more! I need your support to improve my game! Follow me to get all the...
  25. Six dots Software

    [Paid] Tanky Extended

    Do you like Tanks? So do we! Therefore we've made one awesome tank game specially for Android! Try to beat challenging levels, with various enemies and goals to reach. Beware for the big boss though... Features: - Crazy tank battle game - 2D retro graphics - 5 intense battle scenarios - Pickups...