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ArmaRunner is one special type of infinite runner game.
Are you familiar with animals in a pub? Well, you'll soon be... As soon as you'll press the start button, a volcano erupts violently and spoils the fun of many animals. You are looking on a safe distance how animals try to evacuate the city. The game drops you in an adventure as an armadillo with a midlife crysis, who's trying to run down the mad mountain. It is technically an endless runner game, but I would lie if there isn't an end in it. Technically it isn't an infinite runner. Survive for the full 4 minutes and reach the highest score as possible, and you'll win the game.

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Six dots Software website
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Hi there, it has been a while ago. I’ve received a lot of feedback for this game and therefore updated a lot of aspects:
  • Score indicator added
  • Physics of animal interactions have been refined, so you’ll never get stuck again
  • You can now head-bump animals into the air
  • More enemies added: gatling cow and stingy hedgehogs
  • Better build-up in difficulty to support a wider range of gamers
  • Death animation added
  • GUI has been restructured
The game and engine is now also prepared to support multiple storylines and levels, but that is a feature for the upcoming update… Game development just takes a lot of time. :LOL:
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