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samsung galaxy 551

  1. islander55

    Help Phone will not start up on its own

    Hi everyone. I have a Galaxy 551 that is suddenly unable to start without some help. Either I need to reboot it (T key + hold power button, etc.), or connect it via USB to my laptop. It starts up no problem using one of those methods. It will stay on, and is usable like normal, but when I...
  2. M

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 inch tablet

    hello, i just wondering the screen quality of the samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 inch tablet. thanks in advance
  3. N

    Help My phone (GT-I5510M) is now taking blurred pics

    Hi I was trying to take some pictures over the weekend with my Samsung galaxy GTI5510M Android version 2.2.2 and am having some problems. When I went to use the camera to take some pics the picture on the screen was blurry and out of focus. I shut the phone down and pulled the battery then...
  4. K

    Help Buttons do not work (power-, home-, alt-)

    Hello, I have a problem with my android I cannot get fixed: For no special reason, my powerbutton does not work anymore. Instead, the home-button acts as if it was the power button and always opens the flight-mode-menu, yet never can get you back to the main menu. The same happens when using...
  5. R

    Help Mobile internet

    I have just got myself a Samsung Galaxy 551 slide having upgraded from a Samsung Genio (B3310) slide - which had its own operating system. On my old phone I could email and use the internet via mobile network as well as via wifi if in range. On this new phone, I can email and use the...
  6. V

    Root CWM Flashable ROM

    Can someone please provide me support or link to a ROM that I can flash using ClockWorkMod recovery? I messed up my buddy's phone while trying to help him root but he already had custom recovery and the root method required stock recovery. I went on to format system without backing up the...
  7. B

    Help Forced close while on social media

    I will be on Facebook. I get a single buzz, then a triple buzz, then a force close. Driving me nuts. Help. Samsung Galaxy 551 Model GTi5510M version 2.2.2
  8. L

    Help data

    Phone works well using wi-fi but won't connect to internet using data. Tried enabling but no connection. Thoughts??
  9. N

    Help with moving Apps to the SD card on a Samsung galaxy 551

    I have a Samsung galaxy 551 GTI5510M Android version 2.2.2 I just got the thing a few months back. When I want to do something as simple download new apps the phone it gets full and I can't do anymore yesterday I bought a 32GB SD card for it and again I'm still full. When i link the phone to...
  10. S

    it would be very helpful, if some one knows, how can i access internal/phone memory

    I have tried to download an app when I got enough space in my phone memory to install, thought that i will move it to sd card, the app didn't installed in my phone neither got deleted, its stuck in my phone memory now, and i am not finding a way to delete it manually, please HELP! - i would...
  11. W

    headphones for samsung galaxy 551?

    okay so i had my samsung earbuds that came with my phone,but one string on the earbuds is signifigantly longer,so i can only use one earbud,its quite annoying,so i bought a pair of sony headphones but it seems like the music is alot quiter with those headphones like i can barely hear it even...
  12. tamatib

    twlauncher broken

    I've recently updated my 551 to 2.3.6 and ever since the update my twlauncher won't work (home screen) I can't get into anything besides my messages if I get texts, help is appreciated greatly cheers
  13. I

    Help Sleep mode

    The other night I got a low space warning. I was in my manage applications setting and clearing some data. Since then my phone will not go into a sleep mode of sorts. Usually if I hit the button that turns my screen off, if I then hit home it would be sleeping / locked and I'd swipe / slide to...
  14. B

    Saving Phone Numbers

    Hi I must confess I am not a techy person at all, so this is probably a really stupid question - sorry. I have a Samsung Galaxy mini, and I have just added a new contact number. But the name and number are not appearing in my contact list. (Now this is the part where I sound REALLY stupid)...
  15. R

    Help galaxy 551 slide keyboard

    Just got the phone and can dial the phone...from another phone. A question that will sound funny to many ppl but how do i answer the phone when it rings....how embarrassing.:confused:
  16. Maxrom

    Help please-GT-I5510M

    I have a Samsung GT-I5510M and it stop re-booting a couple weeks ago...When I powered the phone it stay on the logo screen (GT-I5510M) nothing happen after that.I try flashing it with Odin Multi Downloader (GT-I5510) and the file I5510XWKD4.zip.I have extract the file.But with no luck....It been...
  17. N

    Suggestions Regarding Earphones.

    Howdy,its been almost two years with this phone and my stock samsung earphones are finally dead.I don't know i tried wiring these to my laptop and then i guess the rear end of the jack(where the wire starts)got curved.The end. I tried using a nokia earphone but it didn't work.So why is that...
  18. H

    Help Galaxy 551 not starting up

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I'm having a problem with my new Samsung Galaxy 551 GT-I5510M, which I bought a few weeks ago. So my friend came over to my house yesterday, and he was playing on some apps I downloaded, and I was watching him play on them. Then suddenly the screen went...
  19. T

    Help Custom Text Tones?

    Okay, I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Android 551 phone a few days ago. I have an SD card that has tons and tons of songs and short tunes and all that on it. I managed to get a ringtone from it onto my phone, but I don't know how to put custom text tones on. Do I actually have to download text...
  20. R

    Help Phone restart caused by slider.

    Hey everyone. First time poster here. I've had my 551 for almost a year and for the last month or so it has has begun restarting about when I slide the keypad out about 10% of the time. Over the last week it has become significantly worse, restarting almost every time I go to use the...
  21. S

    Root GT-I5510 Firmware (CSC,SDA,PHONE,Bootloader)files

    My phone GT-I5510 freezes when turning it ON. I have searched firmware on "Sammobile.com" but, My country (INDIA) or (Asia) is not listed in the COUNTRY list. I got Odin and Ops file. I am looking for 4 other files (CSC,PDA,PHONE,Bootloader). What should I do? Can anyone help me out please ? I
  22. M

    Phone sim lock

    Hi...how can i lock my fon from using other sim card? Is there any apps ?:):)
  23. M

    Help How to send songs from my Samsung 500 via Bluetooth ?

    Hi, I am new here. I hope I post this message at the right place... =^) I was not sure if I had to choose
  24. G

    Galaxy 551 hangs up as I touch it to answer

    Hello, when I reach for my phone (say in my pocket) when it is ringing, when I touch it, it goes to missed call. Can someone help me turn this feature off?
  25. S

    Help galaxy 551

    hey i own a samsung galaxy 551.... my usb is not working and according to the samsung customer service in order for my usb to work i have to put a new motherboard which will cost me a fortune(i do not trust those guys). I am also sick of the froyo thing. So how can i flash cool custom roms...