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samsung galaxy europa

  1. B

    Root SuperOneClick won't root my GT-i5500

    Hi all, I've had a good look around the site and there's plenty of useful info and guides. I've recently got a Galaxy Europa to tide me over as my Galaxy S3 mini's knackered. It was originally locked to 3 network. I was initially looking to root it so I could get the network unlock code, but...
  2. T

    Help How to use camera without memory card

    Hello, I bought gt i5500 knowing that its memory card slot isnt working (i just needed it for calling) but it turned out I cant make pictures even though there is like 150mb of space in the phone memory - when I turn camera on it always asks for memory card. I have a question is it possible...
  3. P

    Help Gap between screen and bezel :(

    Hi everyone, I bought a Samsung galaxy trend plus(S7580) last days and i think it has a manufacture problem.On the right side at the bottom it has a small gap. You can see it here: My questions are: Is this a problem ? Should I take it back ? Thank you ! P.S: Sorry for my bad english :)
  4. M

    Help Data2SD, Ext2/4 and I5500

    I recently upgraded the internal memory on my galaxy ace by using Data2SD, Link2SD and partitioning my SD card. I'm wondering if the same can be done on the Europa or if it will cause complications. I'm running 2.2 on my Europa. I have searched extensively on the web for info on this, but...
  5. S

    Root Am I right in thinking my phone is not rooted properly

    If my phone is properly rooted should I be able to write a file to anywhere on the phone? When I launch Total Commander and try to write a file in eg / it asks for su permission, which I grant. But when it try to save the file it reports: Error writing to target file! /newfile.txt
  6. J

    Help cant connect to google

    Phone wont sync with servers, my phone wont connect t othe google server to sync contacts etc, is it
  7. T

    Too many pattern attempts! help?

    My 3 year old nephew got his hands on my phone and put in loads of random patterns till it got to this black screen where it says "Too many pattern attempts!" and below that it asks for your email and password which was linked to the phone. Now this is where the problem lies because I just can't...
  8. L

    Root I'm stuck

    Hellow so i was bored and i saw a youtube vid about custom roms and i searched around rom manager didn't work on my samsung i550 so i downloaded uniflash and a custom room off the forum and I'm kind stuck i loaded the custom room and is stuck at stage 2/3 and below is saying cleaning data...
  9. S

    Root Apk file

    Can someone pretty please extract those files from your phone and attach it here, pretty please so i can use it. System; Android 2.2 Files needed; Phone.apk, dialer.apk Thanks everyone
  10. S

    Root Restore a nandroid backup if cant boot into the OS

    I want to mess about with my phone. But first I want to be sure I can recover if the worst should happen. I've flashed the CWM recovery partition and created a nandroid backup. I know you can recover by selecting 'boot into recovery' in CWM's Rom Manager, however if I'm unable to boot into the...
  11. B

    Help Phone shows a computer and a phone with an exclamation mark between but won't boot.

    PLease help me, my phone won't boot. There is just a picture of a computer and a phone with an exclamtion mark between them.
  12. B

    Help Phone keeps flashing white screen and samsung logo

    Hello. I recently tried to update my i5503 to android 4.04. I failed and now it just keeps flashing a white screen and the samsung logo. Can someone please help me fix this problem? I really need my phone to work. Download mode still works.
  13. T

    Help Samsung Galaxy GT-I5500 My Firmware is 2.1-update1

    Is there any way i can update my firmware on my phone to the latest compatible version without a PC/Kies. Any links/ways i can just down load to my phone and install? Thanks for the help..
  14. S

    Root Factory Reset not working as expected

    Hi, I'm confused about what actually happens when you reset your phone to factory settings. I removed the SD card and then did: Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset. When it came back on, it looked mostly like when I first got it except that the 'superuser' app was still installed (I had...
  15. B

    Help stuck!!! help!!!

    i factory reset my phone and it just gets stuck on the android screen. i have tried the hard reset, but then it just gets stuck on the downloading page with the android digging. i canot get passed that at all... please help. thank you
  16. M

    Root [Help] I've lost my secondary language on physical keyboard

    Hi all, please anyone help me with that issue .. Firstly I'm sorry if it's not the right place for this thread I have a Samsung i5510 ( Galaxy 551), Rooted, with a stock Arabic 2.2 firmware .. After I've downloaded an alternative virtual keyboard from the play store, it seems a good...
  17. V

    Galaxy I-5500 strange

    I have spent an hour browsing this forum but I could not find a problem which I have ... When switching on the phone it shows only one picture : a PC connetcted with .... line to Mobile and in the middle a yellow warning sign. Whatever it means but it doeas not switch on and also PC does...
  18. T

    Root Galaxy Europa problem with communication

    Hi, I'm new to this so forgive any errors. I updated my Galaxy Europa and it now runs the Cyanogen Mod system. This runs without a problem and I am very pleased with it. All of a sudden when i make a call I can hear the person I am calling but they cannot hear me. I also tried the sound...
  19. F

    Root Dead galaxy europa i5500

    Plz help me, I have galaxy Europa i5500, I was installing custom rom and my phone is now dead. it is not opening in any mode, recovery or download, also odin is not detecting it, please help how to recover it????
  20. T

    Help Router Wireless setting for Galaxy 5 GT I5503

    Somebody pls help withGalaxy 5 GT I5503wifi connection. I m not sure which router settings to work with. I have a Belkin wireless G router, the settings of which are as below- Wireless channel - 11 ESSID Broadcast - enabled Wireless mode- Mixed(11b+11g) Transmission rate- Fully Automatic the...
  21. W

    Factory Reset - does it relock the phone

    I have a Europa which I need to do a factory reset on. If I do a factory reset will it relock it please? Thanks
  22. L

    Help Samsung galaxy Europa GT-I5500 won't charge

    Hi everyone, great site by the way! I am having problems with my phone not charging. when it is on it no longer shows the charging icon when plugged in. when it is off it just stays black (it use to say charging in the middle of the screen.) has anyone else had this problem or got a...
  23. M

    Help No english!???

    Hi I am new to this forum, and I have a problem. I have just factory reset a Galaxy Europa, and now when I start it up its all in another language and not english. How do I get the English language back? Thanks:confused:
  24. B

    Help Samsung galaxy Europa GT-15500 calls help

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, and don't know much about phones so please be kind. I have suddenly started having problems with calls on my phone, it started 2 days ago. I can make phone calls and hear the person i am phoning, but they can't hear me at all, just silence, and this is with...
  25. Ghack

    Help [Question] About Upgrading Android OS

    Guys, i wanna ask you something. I have a Samsung GT-I5500 that works with Android OS 2.1. Can i upgrade the version of Android to 2.4 and if yes how? Understand that i'm new in Android OS and totally noob :p And, if i decide to upgrade my telephone (if possible), can i have problems such as...