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samsung galaxy exhibit

  1. Meticulus

    Root [ROM][6.0.1] CyanogenMod 13 for Exhibit/Ace 2e [T599/N/V][METICULUS]

    CyanogenMod 13 is a free, community built distribution of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone, tablet or PMP. #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you...
  2. Brian Suttles

    Root Need Help with Flashing ROM - ODIN Problem

    When I click on thhe ODIN link provided in the post above, I download a 11.2KB file of ODIN. I don't know what to do with it from there. When I double-click on the zipped file, I get a message stating that Windows isn't able to open the file. And when I try to unzip it, I get the message that...
  3. Brian Suttles

    Root New Help Rooting Phone with Connection Problems

    I bought a Galaxy Exhibit the other day to use for a while until I receive my Galaxy Note 7 next week (and to use a spare phone for my family), but it has issues. I'm wondering if rooting it and flashing another ROM would fix everything. I'm having problems connecting to the Google Play store...
  4. Meticulus

    Root [ROM][5.1.1]Carbon ROM for Exhibit / Ace 2e[ T599N | T599 | T599V ] [METICULUS]

    About Carbon CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware...
  5. L

    Root Port Rom Help!

    Good developers ... I've been trying rom years for this device from beanstalk until it started out CM12 ... The best rom coal certainly the latest version no errors ( I spend apps to sd and more ) This device has big mistake in the storage space which is very little ! In 4.4 if applications and...
  6. D

    Root v5.1.1 HTC Sense 7 Official Firmware For the SGH-T599X

    Htc sense is comimg keep you posted
  7. D

    Root v5.1.1 GamerROM Orbis® v1.2 Updated: 5/19/16

    Welcome to GamerROM Orbis® the all new OS that gives you max performance, more internal storage, more control. We baked up some cool features and hope you enjoy them Features: • No Google Play Services Ever (OS is designed to prevent any install of GMS and saves battery and performance) •...
  8. D

    Root SGH-T599N 3.0.101 Test Kernel By Meticulus

    Welcome i was poking around for kernels and i found this idk what os its for but you can test it but it is only for sgh-t599n https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=23681161096071155
  9. Muhammad_Daniyal

    Root (Port) Omni 5.1.1

    Hi all. Today I'm presenting you omni 5.1.1 ported from s3 mini... Q)Why I ported? Ans) The reason is that in this version green video recording has been fixed and the rom is fully working and is stable for a daily driver Original post:-...
  10. lssjbroly

    Root Found something on CM13

    http://novafusion.pl/2016/03/ Cm13 for the s3 mini is out. I don't know if this helps, but it isn't really stable yet. Since I've been hearing that the exhibit and s3 mini are similar, maybe someone can do something with that???
  11. D

    Root GamerROM 7 v1.3 Will be be for all models!

    Yes for the first time I'll be releasing an update that will install the correct baseband and files for any models will be reasrd today or tomorrow so stay tuned in the main thread
  12. D

    Root GamerROM 7® Slim v1.2 BETA Updated: 3/23/16

    Today im releasing a Slim Version of GamerROM 7 This includes the basic gapps & Less System Apps Note: For those who play Games that support or requires Google Play Services will not be able to use this Service we have a Google Play Services Blocker app installed! Now what is different then...
  13. D

    Root GamerROM 7's Future Poll

    Okay ive been debating on doing this but above ive given options for you to choose from decide wisely as you can only pick one and you cannot change your vote.
  14. Relyt2012

    Root [Official-Project] SlimLike 4.4.4

    Today i introduce a project of my very own. This rom is basically a throwback to simpler android times. I have for the very first release made a super slimmed down version of kitkat. This rom weighs in at a total of 267mb roughly when packed. Now don't look away now ladies and gents. This rom...
  15. D

    Root GamerROM 7® v1.8 BETA For SGH-T599N Updated 5/1/2016

    Welcome to GamerROM 7® The all new OS that will bring your daily Gaming Life to a whole new era, we love our customers and we want to ensure the best security and Privacy for you and the best OS to to keep 60fps in games you play. Features: • New HTC Sense 7 Look with its apps • Fully...
  16. lssjbroly

    Root Can someone please explain why we cannot screen record

    Why can we only screen record in the stock ROM but not any custom ROMs? Everytime In a custom ROM it freezes up. But screen recording in the stock ROM is fine. Does the galaxy s3 mini have this problem as well?
  17. Relyt2012

    Root (Unofficial Port) Full Advance 5.1.1

    Hello guys today i am proud to say we have another rom worth looking into. Full Advance This is a project from the galaxy s3 mini. It is actively being worked on so stay tuned. This works with T599, T599N, T599V, T599X, All except the t599n that was more recently released. That one has a new...
  18. Relyt2012

    Root CM13 building device tree and sources help needed.

    Okay so i have a general idea of how to do this, i can repo init, and sync, download sources and all. What i need a great deal of help with is figuring out how to either make or update code to build it for t599n, and all.
  19. Relyt2012

    Root HTC Sense 5.1.1

    Welcome to a little project ive been working on. H-T-C Sense UI This rom is based from omni 5.1.1, it will include all htc one m8, m9 or sense 7 related apps and fonts. This rom works with all T599, T599N, T599V, T599X, however it doesnt work with the latest revision of T599N. This rom...
  20. lssjbroly

    Root Overclock??

    Any ROM that supports over clocking on the t599n?
  21. M

    Root Can someone port to SGH-T599N

    Hi, i just found this site they are developing a custom rom for the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini http://novafusion.pl/ And i was wondering if someone that knows who to port rom can do this for us, i saw a post that someone port a rom from Galaxy S III Mini and he made the T599N stock rom...
  22. lssjbroly

    Root (TUTORIAL) How to partition SD card in lollipop

    Credit goes to whoever made Apps2SD. This app will partition your SD card and it works on Lollipop 5.1.1 (tested on gamerrom 6 and resurrection remix) so let's get statrted. 1. Download apps2sd from the play store there is a free version and paid version. 2. Open up apps2sd and grant root...
  23. lssjbroly

    Root Having trouble mounting 2nd partition in lollipop roms

    In the lollipop ROMS I've tried (resurrection remix, and gamer ROM 6) Link2sd cannot Mount the second partition. Ext2 ext3 and ext4 always give me am error invalid argument, and fat32 works but when I reboot my phone it keeps asking the same message to either choose ext3, ext4, or fat32. Also...
  24. lssjbroly

    Root (IMPORTANT) Question about all 5.0-5.1.1 ROMS

    Is there ANY lolipop ROM that supports apps going to the SD Card? Not by partitioning and linking them, but actually moving them to the SD card. I have noticed that the KitKat ROMS have this feature, but I'm not sure about the lollipop Roms. Can someone tell me if lollipop Roms support this or...
  25. D

    Root GamerROM™ 2016 Changes Thread

    Welcome thus thread alliws you to know what im planning to do for the GR OS, Changes: Changes to GamerROM 4™ LE • Attempting to create an install to be able to run on all Models