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samsung galaxy express

  1. L

    Photos have a gray screen when trying to open

    Hello, I think I might have messed up my phone. I was trying to clear out some some and when I try to open my pictures the screen is gray and I can't see the pictures. I tried to transfer them to my laptop and I get the same gray screen. I have attached a picture of what my screen looks like.
  2. V

    Root Galaxy Express 2

    A microfon apears near my signal bars.is not from voice control.how can i do to dissapear that mic ?
  3. J

    Help Battery Icon Shows Phone is Charging...but is Disconnected

    Hello, everyone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Express, model # SGH-I437P. Android 4.1.2. I’ve had the phone for a couple of years. Something odd happened this evening, for the first time. I was wondering if anyone might know what is causing this problem. The problem: When I plugged in the...
  4. R

    Root Help me please!

    Please, someone help me! I have a rooted Samsung Galaxy Express GT I8730, I installed root with framaroot. Everything was OK. After that I flashed CWM with Rash, an app from playstore. Again OK. After that I installed ROM Manager and wanted to install cyanogenmod, the one compatible with my...
  5. A

    Help Storage Capacity full & SD Card issue

    Help. Every month or so I get a round disc icon in my notification bar that tells me I'm running out of disc space. Problem is I have only ONE app on my phone, Solitaire. I do not keep tons of text messages on my phone either. I do have a lot of photos (I probably have less than 150 photos)...
  6. S

    Help What is this N icon? Help! Picture attached

    I have no idea what this icon is. Can someone tell me? It's between the blue tooth and wireless icon.
  7. K

    Root Apps Won't Open

    I went to open my email to pull up a coupon and the app wouldn't open. I tried to look for updates for it in Google Play and noticed Google Play wouldn't open either. I have looked for phone updates and it says my phone is up to date. I rebooted my phone and my email app will open, but it's...
  8. dabig25

    Help Text message notification always shows a message when there isn't one ?

    picked up a Galaxy Express for my wife it's her first smartphone. I pretty much made it as simple as possible for her because she's not techy at all. It's been a great phone but only issue is it will constantly shows a message in the stock text message icon but there's no new message ...
  9. T

    Music Starts Playing At Random

    Thread revival ! Since I can't create new threads yet I have no choice. :) My Samsung Galaxy Express, 1.5 yrs old and stock randomly does the same thing. Last night phone is sitting on sofa table as I'm watching TV and all of a sudden it kicks on and starts playing a song from my micro sd card...
  10. C

    Help Wifi and 4g on at the same time

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Express i437 and I've had it for almost a year and a half and these past few weeks I have notice that both my wifi and 4g are on at the same time. And I've been wondering what could be causing this and how do I fix this?
  11. C

    Help Bad SIM=Bad Battery Life???

    Hello. My name is Carolyn. I just joined this forum. I bought my Samsung Galaxy Express back in November. I have an app on it that shows what percentage of battery power I have left as a number in the status bar. That app shows how long the phone has been disconnected from the charger when you...
  12. W

    Security PIN

    I factory reset my mothers galaxy express and now cannot put a security PIN on the lockscreen. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  13. B

    can I BUY prepaid DATA to get wifi

    Att Samsung Galaxy Express -Go Phone ! 437 10c minute phone calls. And -20c text each way.. Att-Prepaid Plan. Can I buy prepaid data to get wifi if no hotspot nearby? Can I buy text messages cheaper than 20 cents each text message What to do-4. a. BETTER deal ?
  14. D

    Root were is the stock rom?

    can someone upload the stock firmware or a romdump im trying to compare some files with the htc mini one and optimus f3
  15. S

    Help Wi-Fi and bluetooth

    I have a galaxy express and just received a jbl flip wireless speaker, and much to my extreme dissapointment the wifi and bluetooth do not work simultaniously. Is there anything I can do to achieve this. Ive waited so long to have this and now I cant listen to my iheart stations with my new...
  16. X

    Help custom notification/ringtone

    Hi guys, a little help? I've set custom ringtones for my contacts but it still plays the tone that I set on the sounds settings. Also I selected use personal contacts notification sounds or ringtone but it still uses the default tone. please help.
  17. L

    Root rom help

    i need someone who is very very good at building roms to create me one i have an idea in mind but don know if its possible
  18. M

    need help with my phones cracked glass

    hi to everyone, hi to everyone, i am new to your forum and i really hope someone can help me find what i need. i have a samsung galaxy express sgh-i437 with a cracked outer glass. everything still works great, the LCD and touchscreen all still do their job but the long splintered crack down the...
  19. M

    I want calling to be always on Speakerphone

    I use speakerphone always when calling or receiving a call. Have to hit the Speakerphone button each time. I wish there was a feature to have the speakerphone on all the time so I don't have to manually hit the button every time I want to use it. Anyway to do this? I've searched all over and...
  20. E

    Help phone keeps freezing up an restarting?

    Hi I have a problem my galaxy express keeps freezing up an restarting when I'm using it. When I'm going through my Facebook or searching a video on YouTube or just when I wonder around in it. Can this be fix I need help? asap I don't know what to do I tried everything hard reset ,reboot but...
  21. T

    Root Root Galaxy Express 2(SM g3815)??

    Hi to everybody!!Does anyone knows a method to root and unlock bootloaders on galaxy express 2(sm g3815)??:confused:
  22. P

    Help Wifi not working after unlock

    I have an Express that I use in the States with AT&T gophone. I paid a guy at a shifty kiosk to unlock it for me so that I can use it temporarily in Canada with Virgin prepaid. It works with the new carrier, but now I can't toggle wifi on (it jumps back over to 'off'). The guy returned the phone...
  23. T

    active forum

    Is this the most active thread ill find for the ss galaxy express?
  24. T

    4.4 KitKat update

    Ive seen the list for Samsung phpnes getting update and the express isnt on the list is it not high end enough for the update?
  25. T

    App to SD?

    Ive been researching this topic over the last 48hrs and i cant seem to find any app compatible with this device im with at&t go phone