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samsung galaxy fit

  1. J

    Root No recovery no booting

    My fit is not going into recovery and not even booting up usb not working
  2. S

    Help Root not working in galaxy fit 2.3.6 DDKT3

    Please help me solve this problem. After I unrooted my phone, I can't root it back again. I already applied the universal_gb_root_v34.zip file on recovery mode but my root checker app says it is not rooted. Even my superuser installed is not functioning. What should I do?
  3. M

    Help usb only charges, cant enter mass storage

    Hello good evening, i recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy Fit. Every time i connect it to a computer via USB, the phone only charges and i cannot access the USB mass storage device option. I want to upgrade my galaxy fit and flash a new rom, but i cannot due to the fact that my computer does not...
  4. G

    Root Heimdall firmware for Samsung Galaxy FIT

    I'm trying to restore a soft bricked Samsung Galaxy FIT (Brazil) and I'd like to know if anyone knows where to find a heimdall firmware package for it. Regards
  5. U

    galaxy fit

    I want to ask you what android versions can galaxy fit support ? thanks
  6. M

    Samsung Galaxy Fit: No Internet Access

    I signed up with AT&T for cell service when I got the phone. It turned out to be too expensive, so I changed to Consumer Cellular. I'm able to make and receive phone calls, but now I have no Internet access. I can't get news, weather, email, etc. I did not buy the phone from AT&T. How can I get...
  7. M

    Help Everything on my phone crasches with force close

    Hy guyz, so every application i try to run gets me the msg that it has stoped unexpectedly, please try again later. I cant get to my contacts, send msg, call on key pad or do anything. I did the Factory data reset and that also didnt help, as i did try to delete all the cache from all instaled...
  8. V

    Help my android always crashes...need help

    my android 2.2.1 froyo is always crashing...my handset is samsung fit.. i dont know what to do guys..i need help regarding the same..
  9. A

    Help Low memory problem!

    My Samsung Galaxy Fit came with pre-installed Swype, that used 2 MB of space. Then, I downloaded Aptoide to see what it does(pretty much nothing). Then "smart" Aptoide downloaded new version of Swype:mad:, that used 10 MB! Now available space equals 2 MB <. Ah, and then, my phone restarts when...
  10. M

    How can i recover Dialer Storage data ?

    Hi, I am very upset because i lost all my text messages.I cleared the dialer storage data because my device showed low memory warning.So i need my text messages back.Is there any way to recover my text messages or can dialer storage data be recovered ?
  11. ashish56

    Root Latest Gapps with play store version 3.10.14

    Hello everyone here, am not new here in development but havent posted anything before because before i was not using the rooted fit instead i was using other rooted phone so ucan keep trust on me well no more bla bla n Here's the link for lastest gapps which include latest play store version...
  12. M

    Help multiple texts

    if somebody sends me a text it keeps sending it to me again again and again even if i delete all my texts can this be fixed thanks in advance :D
  13. S

    Root Samsung GT S5670 unlocking to use other networks

    Hy, I am very new in this. I bought Samsung GT S5670 in Tele2 Croatian network. I would like to unlock it for using other networks. Could somebody help me to do it for free.:)
  14. 0

    Help battery problem

    Hi when i charge my phone into 100% and it gives me a notification about it i unplug the charger and open 3G and just a 15 min and the battery becomes 10% so any suggestions :confused:
  15. X

    install wrong version of update

    hey guys ,,, i have installed a fake update for my galaxy fit ,, its an update for onther version of galaxy ,, now i get a white screen ,, and cant get recover mode or download mode ,, can i fix the problem or cant ,, please help me quickly
  16. S

    Root rooted but can't move apps to card

    I did a root to my galaxy fit mobile and still can't move apps from PHONE to SD CARD !! wtf !!
  17. B

    Help Q : S6570 problem android 2.3.6

    Hii Im from morocco i updated my samsung galaxy fit s5670 from 2.3.4 to android 2.3.6 but the language "french" is not instaled in this version :( how can get this language or return to previous version , thanks,
  18. 0

    Help help me plz about some themes to samsung galaxy fit

    Hi i upgraded from 2.2 froyo to 2.3.6 gingerbread and was annoyed by 2 things in the themes the first is the incoming call theme and the lockscreen theme i mean i want to change this View image: S66570 Xwktn Incoming call to this View image: Fpsn9 and this View image: Android2 3 6 I9100 XILA2...
  19. B

    Help Battery stopped working

    I noticed last night that my Samsung Galaxy wouldn't charge when I plugged it into the computer. I use my USB to charge it since it's a European phone and I don't yet have an adaptor for the charger. Anyway, I figured it would last me the day without being charged, but then a little while ago...
  20. K

    Gtalk not work on Samsung Galaxy Fit

    hi, I am having samasung galaxy fit, android version 2.2.1 i am connected to the wifi, and the internet is working fine, no issues at all, i am able to send mails from gmail account and receiving mails also. BUT when I try to login to gtalk, it gives me the error "Could not connect to...
  21. M

    Root Will I regret on installing Cyanogenmod 7.2 version on my Galaxy Fit

    Is Cyanogenmod 7.2 perfectly stable on Samsung Galaxy Fit ? I was searching over the net and have found this really cool rom , but before taking the next step to this unofficial software I'd like to know about the problems or complication that may occur . Please let me know if any other version...
  22. H

    Help Battery drains quicky

    Hi, Since few days I find my mobile battery gets drain very quickly (around 10-15 mins in use) and also its gets charged fully in 15-20 mins. When I keep the phone idle it last for 2-3 hrs.I have updated Adroid 2.2 (Froyo) to 2.3.4 few months back through internet after following one of the...
  23. Y

    Help hard bricked...

    so i was reinstalling the os it hard bricked. QQ no download mode, recovery, nothing, just a lit up black screen. so i searched around and found the jig thing. do they work for fit? i really dont feel like sending this thing from US to china and get it fixed for US doesnt produce Fit...
  24. AndreiZeT

    Nice Samsung Galaxy Fit Launcher

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum :D, and I was wondering if you can answer my question: Which launcher is good for Samsung Galaxy Fit? I've tried ssLauncher, LauncherPro, ADW Launcher, GO Launcher Ex, Regina Launcher and many others. GO Launcher Ex and ADW Launcher were the nicest until...
  25. A

    Help Regarding vibrate issue in android

    Hi, Samsung galaxy fit s5670 did not vibrate when i click on silent mode and also not working when i receive a message and phone call.