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samsung galaxy gio

  1. A

    On starting only black screen

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Gio and when I try to turn on my phone I only get a black screen. Same for pressing home + power buttons, so I can't get into recovery mode either. I can access the emergency Dload mode and a mode where there is 'downloading' in yellow letters in the middle of the...
  2. Munk Tom

    Root Samsung GT-s5660 root failed. Please help..

    I tried to root my GIO phone for my kid according to a guide "HOW TO: upgrade your Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 to Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)" (https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/reserve-2) and it failed already in step 3.a. The phone restarted and get stuck with the logo...
  3. M

    How to get official android version to flashed phone

    I have flashed my samsung galaxy gio and have right now 4.2.2 but I want to go back like 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 :( Is it possible? I have searched for roms, but all the topics are so old that the files are not available anymore.
  4. M

    Help New Zealand Stock ROM?

    I've been trying to find the 2degrees New Zealand Gingerbread 2.3.6 stock ROM, but I can't find it anywhere? Does anyone have a download link?
  5. H

    Root using only another modem file to fix gps issue possible?

    I have flashed a stock rom(one packaged) on samsung galaxy gio gt-s5660, using odin 4.42 and GIO_v1.0.ops file. the original stock rom does not support arabic language. Before I flashed the arabic stock rom, I first rooted, changed the standard recovery to cwm recovery , made a backup of the...
  6. aaysmith

    Help Download mode Samsung Galaxy Gio

    samsung galaxy gio bootloop no download mode,and bad in flash recovery, after flashing through ODIN with Quens_M290K_CHS_20120509 please help me.... :confused: :(
  7. A

    Help Contacts suddenly not visible

    I do realize the Gio is an older phone but it works fine for my purposes. Unfortunately I think while trying to persuade that WRETCHED Kies program to download some pics (The only thing I use Kies for) a setting was changed in my phone. It no longer sees any of my contacts. (All on the SIM) If...
  8. S

    S5660 would not last for more than 3 hours

    Battery of my Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 would not last for more than 3 hours. Took risk on getting a replacement battery from mpj, and I am glad that it has a good battery life. I always left my phone on even when charging. Did it affect on battery? Should I turned the phone off while charging?
  9. D

    Help How to restore stock bell rom?

    I installed a custom rom on my bell gio, but I want to restore it to stock. I thought I had a backup using CWM but it's somehow corrupted. What can I do?
  10. C

    Help Weird download

    Hello, I was browsing the internet on my phone and all of a sudden I get a download on my phone for pokerstars. I turned off my internet and stopped the download. Has this happened to anyone before? Should anything more be done? Thank you
  11. G

    Help My Samsung Galaxy Gio s5660 stuck on boot screen

    My Samsung Galaxy Gio s5660 is getting stuck on the boot screen. I rooted my phone, and then i turned it of, so I could get to recovery mode, then i rebooted cause i didn't really know how to proceed to the start up, then it got stuck on the boot screen, my friend told me that I should wait, but...
  12. Z

    Help recovery deleted sms from sd memory

    sms is stored on sd memory.ideleted some sms .now i want to restore them.i install software Dr.font and datarecover for andorid but it has just recoveried photos and viedo.does it recoverid to deleted sms?
  13. T

    Help Auto-brightness feature gone?

    Hi I was looking for a auto brightness app, and I came across Velis Auto Brightness. In it's description it says that Android has a autobrightness feature under "Settings / Display / Brightness", however the only thing I have under this path is a bar to adjust the brightness. Has this...
  14. T

    Vodafone apps - rooting

    Hi I just got a Galaxy Gio and it came with some Vodafone apps on it, which I can't uninstall. On "Settings -> Applications -> All" where they show, I can't see a button to uninstall them. I already tried to do several factory reset, but the apps are always installed. Any ideas on how I can...
  15. M

    Help Text message keeps popping up

    I few months ago i was doing some online banking, and I was waiting on my Tan code (my bank works with tan codes). While I was waiting, my battery died. When I powered up my phone again, the text message kept on popping up. It's been almost 6 months now, and everytime my screen goes black, or i...
  16. M

    Help Retrieving images from facebook cache?

    I was wondering -i'm a big noob in all this- if it is possible to retrieve an image from my facebook cache that i've only viewed a few minutes ago? Please let me know if it's possible. I can't see the image on FB because I think someone removed it, but it's a very useful image for me. thanks!
  17. W

    Root Efs folder doesn't exist

    Hello. Sorry for grammatical mistaces, I don't learn english so much, so I will describe my problem shortly. I want to backup efs folder, but it isn't exist :confused:. I searched with root explorer and it didn't show any efs folder. It is surprise, that after typing *#06# phone show correct imei.
  18. J

    Root Ext4 partition not recognized

    Hi, My sister has a Samsung Galaxy Gio, which
  19. T

    Gio - Find My Mobile - Samsung account

    Below is a somewhat confusing and conflicting responses I got from Samsung support. Basically, I just want to use the Samsung Find My Mobile feature, but I cannot due to when I go to 'Settings' > 'Accounts and Sync' > 'Add Account' there is no "Samsung account" listed to setup. The feature is...
  20. D

    Imei lost zero 00000

    Good evening, After installing a more current rom on my transom the imei was to have 15 000 trillion zeros. I can not find any tutorial on the net to restore the imei condeguir. The phone already but I have no guarantee bill. Someone can help and teach me how to reset the imei.? thank helps
  21. R

    HELP: Battery draining crazy

    Hey there, so i have a galaxy gio and i have installed many roms in it. But since one time, i got serious problems with the battery. It charges too quick, it discharges even quicker!! And i am talking about draing all the battery in wifi in just 15 minutes. Any help or the phone doesn't...
  22. D

    Help can i use Kingston MicroSDHC 16GB Class 4 with galaxy gio?

    hi all .I want to upgrade my galaxy gio microsd card and wondering if i can use Kingston MicroSDHC 16GB Class 4 ? currently my galaxy gio has 2gb sandisk microsd(its not microsdhc). furthermore Is it( Kingston MicroSDHC 16GB Class 4) faster then my current sandisk 2 gb microsd ? Hope you...
  23. R

    Help Gio 5660 TXT without data onto eMail accounts

    Dear generous AndroidDorum members, Prior to deleting all txt message records, I was able to: - txt onto cell numbers - txt onto email accounts (that is correct) - before this, I was able to do this with my Palm Treo as well - this works as long as the txt is plain After erasing texted...
  24. A

    Help Audio playback background noise with headphones

    Hi, I am new to android phones, but here is my issue: I have the Gio and whenever I playback an MP3 (using either the stock music player or a downloaded app) I get this background noise that is part hiss, part high-pitch - kind of like morse code, but not exactly. I know it's not my...
  25. W

    Help Galaxy Gio does not display thumbnails

    Hi all On opening my Gallery on the Samsung Galaxy Gio (Android 2.3.3) it shows blank boxes in stead of thumbnails for the images. On clicking the thumbnails, the image is displayed, but no thumbnails at all. Not in the main screen, nor in the submenu. Any ideas on how to rectify this...