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samsung galaxy k zoom

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    Any one has any news for a 2015 edition?

    Any one has any news for a 2015 edition of the K zoom? I love my 2014 K zoom. Unfortunately, I broke it. So I am waiting for the 2015 edition instead of buying another 2014 K zoom. But so far, I have not heard any news or rumors for a 2015 edition.
  2. S


    Hi can anyone tell me if there's an update for sm-c115 I'm running on 4.4.2 Thanks .
  3. C

    Why is this not in the states??

    Any idea if this is coming to Verizon US any time soon??:confused:
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    Root Rooted!!!!!!!

    Hello Folks! K Zoom has its own rooting method, thanks to ddevey of XDA. you need 1) the Chainfire Auto Root for Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 and 2) Odin. You can find ChainFire AT at this link: CF-Root Download Odin is available at...
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    Root Dodgy Chinese root method

    There is a supposed root method on a Chinese site: Anzow dot com but I just read on another forum that this at first appears to be legitimate but it's definitely fake. It loads a Chinese app store onto your phone. I hope a root method for this can be sought soon, I am desperate to use Folder...
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    My first impressions of the Galaxy K Zoom

    So, I got the Galaxy K Zoom on launch day and my first impressions are WOW! It has far exceeded my expectations in many ways. The build quality is really good, it feels solid and it looks really nice (I have the black one). I thought the screen might be sub standard being only 720p but it...
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    So far - not too impressed

    Bought a k zoom last week - ordered on 27th, finally arrived 3rd June :( All fired up alright but then the 32GB SD card that I've been using in my S4 refused to work in the Zoom. Had another, smaller 16GB, SD card and that seems to be okay. After less than a day, when switching on the...
  8. Phases

    I'd be afraid to lay the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom down..

    Have you see this thing? Samsung Galaxy K Zoom officially announced, full info revealed I'm sure its a great camera phone, and I love taking pictures! I have 2 kids so, pictures are a big part of my day to day - but geeze. I can't stand laying phones on their faces and I wouldn't be able...