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samsung galaxy light

  1. kevin187

    Root Firmware Samsung Galaxy Light

    Good colleagues of the forum, I hope that they are well, I appeal to you looking for some solution since this cell stays in the logo, does not enter the recovery mode and when I load the system with odin it stays in initialization and from there it does not happen, someone who Help me please
  2. W

    Multi Window

    Can the Light handle Multi-Window? Is there an app for it?
  3. technology paradise

    Root miui v6/7 ROM request

    For all the developers on AF is there any way to port miui to the galaxy light metro tnx in advance
  4. KageBeast

    Root Custom Kernel

    DJ_Steve has been working on a custom kernel for the light and he's released a test build to try. Here's the link to thread on xda if you want to help with it or just try it out yourself http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/kernel-galaxy-light-custom-kernel-t3307287 Download...
  5. K

    Root Where are the USB debugging options?

    I've installed Lightwave (Thank you Shabby! Never rooted a phone so easily before!), but both before and after the custom ROM install I can't find the USB Debug (Developer) options anywhere? Am I missing something?
  6. mystichaze32

    Root phone won't start

  7. P

    Root Help galaxy light MetroPCS

    I've followed all the instructions but I can't seem to root my phone. I put the zipped SuperSU file on both my SD card and my phone's memory. When I hold down the home, volume down, and power button, the top left of the screen says: ODIN MODE PRODUCT NAME: SGH-T399N CURRENT BINARY: CUSTOM...
  8. gelige

    Samsung Galaxy Light - Where is the switch to turn Amber Alert's off ?

    Hi, Getting Amber alerts on the Samsung Galaxy Light. I'd like to turn them off, but I can't find the switch. Anyone know where it is?? Thanks
  9. M

    Help Samsung Galaxy Light is not working the same after MetroPCS & Google updates

    I hope someone can help me, this is the second time I had to write this question. I have a Galaxy Light on MetroPCS, I've never had a problem with my phone until I updated my MetroPCS software & Google App. I updated my Google App a few days ago & I updated my Metro software 3 days ago. Since...
  10. M

    Is there a way to get a notification light? Perhaps with hardware buttons?

    The one thing that bugs me about this phone is there does not seem to be any sort of visual notification indicator. You miss a call or message, and the phone just sits there dark. My previous Galaxy S1 would light up the hardware buttons. I've been searching all over, looking for apps...
  11. jackroo

    Phone shuts off

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Light (metro PCS). I constantly have an issue of the phone turning off. This is my second unit and I've had issues on both phones. The phone is rooted stock with no rogue apps. I play clash of clans and I notice the phone turns off during this game. I find it ridiculous...
  12. Vanessa c

    help with calendar please

    All of a sudden my calendar stopped showing what my appts were just has a dot for each appt. Now I have to open up each task in order to see what I have going on .it sucks.anyone know how to get back to way old calendar was.please and ty:(
  13. jackroo

    Root Using flashify for twrp? Help

    Is there any way to use flashify to get the twrp recovery on the T399N? I tried Googling this and tried going step by step and it didn't work. I don't have a PC to use Odin. I'm needing help on this. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. pjdemirel

    Help Can't Install Apps on my Samsung Galaxy light

    Why can't I install any apps from Google Play? Its very frustrating. I thought it was the storage. So I went and bought a new SD card. That didn't resolve the issue. Can someone help please.
  15. D

    Root samsung galaxy t339n rooted

    Just rooted galaxy t339n from metro using kingroot downloaded from xda developers make sure you download kinguser as well make sure you allowed usb debug from developers options and also unkown sources from your security
  16. M

    Root I need help

    Hi everyone I have a Galaxy Light and have a problem. My phone in a back -in the batery place have this info Model:SGH-T399N SW:T399NUVUANI5 HW:REV1.0 but this info that show in android is Model:SGH-T399 BASEBAND:T399UVUAMJ4 Android vertion:4.2.2 Is this a problem waht tipe of phone i have a...
  17. J

    Root Samsung Galaxy Light SGH T399N Stock ROM

    Hey guys today I bring you the samsung galaxy light stock rom. Features: -Pre Rootes -TWRP -Deodexed Versions: Model Number: SGH T399N Android Version: 4.4.2 Baseband Version: T399NUVUANH1 Kernel Version: 3.4.39-2361166 Build Number: KOT49H.T399NUVUANH1 Download Link ----->...
  18. J

    Root MixClean Mod for Samsung Galaxy Light MetroPCS

    Hey guys, Sorry for the inconvenience but, this thread was moved to XDA. If you wish to download the updated version of MixClean Mod then, please do so here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=68621835 Sorry for the inconvenience [emoji30].
  19. thepcwiz101

    Root Metro PCS only - Unofficial CM11 Rom -DEV-

    I have found a .zip file that is TWRP flashable that i found from Unjustified Dev. link:https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95784891001604435 Any testers willing to test this Rom please do so and post your results of testing it and if you find any bugs or find it to not work on this device.
  20. Rogerrecz

    Help I need help with my samsung Galaxy Light T399N

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Light T399N and the last weekend, i dont know why my phone does not capture signal 3g, no calls, no messages and say "not registered on the network", before this i didnt root or something like this, i dont know what to do, please help meeeee!!!
  21. Joydivision

    Root [REQUEST] cpu frequency governor kernel for over clock

    I know other Samsung phones such as the Samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9301I Neo Run the exact same cpu the"4x ARM Cortex-A7" all the way down to same stock 1.4 frequency as the Galaxy Light and these have been overclocked. I was wondering through the power of the internet if someone could make a kernel...
  22. M

    Root Help! Samsung Galaxy Light Issues!

    Last year, my parents bought me my 3rd phone, a Samsung Galaxy Light. I wanted to get a new theme for it a couple days ago, so I rooted it and installed an (incredibly shitty) Custom ROM for my phone, since it wasn't supported my Cyanogen Mod. I'll try and find where I got it from. It gave me no...
  23. S

    is there going to be a software update?

    So I have the Samsung Galaxy light for metro PCs and I was wondering if we are going to receive the lollipop update? Also is there any working Roms for this phone and maybe a video with how to do it? Thanks .
  24. Philip Seng

    Root I Need Help My Phone Is On Sim Card Pin Lock!!!

    I Cant Get Access Into my phone so like what do i do it gave me three tries to enter my sim card code but now its lock
  25. BlackGTNinja

    Root Galaxy Light Kernel

    Looking for a Developer to make a Kernel for the MetroPCS Light. I'll Donate 5$ Through PayPal for The Development.