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samsung galaxy note 3

  1. D

    best VR headset for Note 3??

    hi, i was thinking about getting me a toy for xmas... of course i have the samsung note3.. and what is the best VR headset for the Note 3? and i would want it to be usable with my next phone i get next year. what are the cons of getting a VR headset that is compatible for an old phone?
  2. L

    email not working right

    OK I had to get a replacement phone and have it all set up, but my email is not working right. It is not showing up on my email icon on the home page. I have a Hotmail account and it is all going to my gmail account. Please help. Thanks Lisa
  3. D

    Root Rooted phone verizon note 3

    After over a year of trying i finnaly found a thread to root this phone.the reason I rooted it was because I wanted to use the hotspot. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work even with the root. It still says checking subscription status...... then it still says data not available. Any ideas? BTW...
  4. Android News

    Samsung will be offering the Galaxy Note 3 on Black Friday but you shouldn't buy one

    Samsung will be offering the Galaxy Note 3 on Black Friday for $249 but you shouldn't buy one due to the fact that it hasn't been updated for a year and will no longer receive support from Samsung.
  5. Redseb

    Wifi Turning on and off -Issue

    Hi, first time poster here, I've had my Note 3 for about 3 years now, and for the first time I've had the problem where if I try to turn on the wifi on my phone, it turns on for a milisecond, only to turn back off again. Now I'm unfortunately stuck with my wifi off all the time... I'm not sure...
  6. S

    Calendar and Contact Sync to Google

    We recently tried linking/syncing my wife's Google account to a Windows 10 machine. The Gmail sync's just fine, but we're not seeing any calendar or contacts. Going to her Google account in a browser also shows none of her calendar or contact entries. We're assuming that all the time she has...
  7. Nowhereman50

    Black screen and unresponsive problems

    A while ago I updated my phone and immediate afterwards I started having a problem where waking my phone up wouldn't work periodically and I would have to wait god knows how long before it would work again. Taking out the battery would only give me a temporary fix to this problem. Restarting...
  8. M

    Root After Unlocking, can't receive calls

    We decided to unlock my husband's ATT Note 3 and switch to Ting. We used a 3rd party unlocking service. Since unlock, the phone will not receive calls. It can make calls and send and receive texts and MMS. It's a rooted NC2 4.4.2 KitKat stock. I finally tracked down the appropriate modem and...
  9. dontpanicbobby

    I'm getting a 305mb update to my Note 3

    Wonder what it is?
  10. dontpanicbobby

    I'm getting a 305mb update to my Note 3

    Wonder what it is?
  11. A

    [PETITION] Marshmallow Update for Galaxy Note 3

    Hi. Everybody. I decided to create this petition because, even if Note 3 is a 3 years old device, I appreciate it very much. I think that many of you think this like me (and we are a lot of perople), so I create this. Please sign it! https://www.change.org/p/samsung-sam...hmallow-update I...
  12. mrVinz

    Root HELP! Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SCL22 possibly bricked

    I tried flashing TWRP and it's taking forever. I can't do anything(recovery mode, etc.)
  13. J

    Help, odin auth fail

    I have been trying to flash ideally stock but failing that CF onto my note 3. I get the same errors regarding auth as mentioned in your thread except my note is on 4.3 so I have no setting in security to turn off. Can you think or suggest anything else I can try? Thanks
  14. codezer0

    Where are the deodexed roms for SM-N900?

    Simply put... SM-N900 Country Code TTT It's currently on Android 5, that much I know. At present, I find it intolerable without Xposed framework. But the author of xposed refuses to make it work on anything but a deodexed ROM. Further still, at least with what I know of Samsung's knox, trying...
  15. E

    How do I change Windows popup name?

    How to change 'Wee Chien Chen' to other name from the popup after I connect Note 3 to my computer? Here's the screenshot:
  16. BadAtAndroid

    Help My Samsung Galaxy note 3 is stuck in a bootloop with CWM... help?

    I recently rooted my phone for the first time. First thing I did was to install CWM. After the installation, I was unable to boot into recovery, so I installed another CWM-version (so I guess I now have two installed?). Still, after the second install, I was unable to boot into recovery. When I...
  17. O

    Have to shake my phone to make it work?

    I have a samsung galaxy note 3. It's started acting up in recent months. often times, when I'm using it, the phone stops recognizing any touches on the screen. It took me a while to figure out that the best way to make it resume working is to shake it. Like, physically shake the phone...
  18. Android News

    Sprint announces a big Android security patch for the Galaxy Note 3

    We don't hear much about the Galaxy Note 3 getting updates anymore, but Sprint is keeping the device secure. The wireless carrier has just announced they have already started rolling out a massive security update that contains patches from November 2015 to August 2016.
  19. lush8

    pls disregard this

    nvm i fixed it. pls delete
  20. mystvearn

    Help Phone does not lock onto gps

    My note 3 gps does not lock on all the time now. Unless I am moving on a clear long road, it shows nearby areas. Using waze and Google maps for navigation is annoying now. I am using a Spigen case. With or without case, it still cannot lock on to gps. Tried different cars, still the same. I am...
  21. James_Watson

    Is the native battery of Note 3 replaceable?

    Hi, The native battery of my Samsung Note 3 becomes poor in performance recently. So I wonder if I can replace the battery. And if I can, which brand will be better for our Note 3? Thank you in advance.
  22. T

    Best FW

    I'm on 4.3 Jelly Bean using Nova Launcher. Is there any reason to upgrade to a later Firmware version
  23. T

    Note 3 asking price

    I'm considering to buy the new Note 7, what would be a fair price to ask if i decide to give my note 3
  24. P

    App converter

    Hi everyone. I have a note 3 N 9005 and i use a program CRS (call recorder spy). I sent it on my iphone 5s and i cant use because is not the format for iphone. Can anyone help me to find an app converter? Thnx
  25. L

    Root [hltetmo, note 3 tmobile, stock 5.0, rooted] no lock screen security

    i used jedi elite kitkat 1.1 for over 2 years, started getting factory mode error and found that was due to corrupted efs, i manage to fix that but i got a taste of lollipop and i don't want to go back to kitkat. i've flashed to 5.0 using odin and re-rooted, but now i have problems. well one...