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samsung galaxy note

  1. Android News

    A look at the history of the Samsung Galaxy Note series

    The Samsung Galaxy Note series has had lots of changes since it was first introduced over six years ago. Here's a peek at each evolution of the famed Note series.
  2. Tim Jones

    SGN12/SGN5 S-Pen Interoperability? SGN5 OS Upgrade?

    TL;DR: Q1: Are the S-Pens of the SGN12 and SGN5 interoperable? — That is, does both the SGN12's S-Pen work on the SGN5's screen, and the SGN5's S-Pen work on the SGN12's screen? Q2: If I buy a new or second-hand SGN5 N920I running Android 5.1.1, will 'Settings > About device > Software updates'...
  3. sealover1

    Note 2 Searching for GPS problems

    Note 2 Searching for GPS problems Hi I have the note 2 and for some time now I have been having problems using my sat nav be it google maps or co-pilot which is the two I have been using up to now. for some reasons my not keeps saying searching for gps but never finds it. I did try doing a...
  4. Android News

    The brief history of the Samsung Galaxy Note series

    For anyone who hasn't followed along each Galaxy Note release, or maybe you just want to refresher course, Android Authority just published a brief history summary of all the Samsung Galaxy smartphones up until now.
  5. Puzuma

    Strange Notification

    I've got a Note 4 and have had Marshmallow(6.0.1) for a month or so. Over the last couple of days I've had a notification pop up just above the app dock. It's a black oval with white text. I have no idea what it says as it's some kind of Asian language, everything else is still in English...
  6. M

    Help Recommendation of app to easily handwrite in jpg files in different colors?

    Hello guys, I've got a Samsung Note 1 (N7000) and I have a basic need, but I've been trying for the whole day to find an app to help me and I cannot find anything. I have a bunch of .jpg files in a folder, and I just wanted an app that allows me to take notes manually with my s-pen in...
  7. I

    I refurbished my old Note

    My old Galaxy Note GT-N7000 needed a refurb so I challenged myself to do it and it wasn't that difficult. It soon looked like new: http://ianburley.com/gadgets/smartphones/samsung-galaxy-note-smartphone-refurb/
  8. Samkim

    Small issue with display at top

    Hi. I have a small issue. The top bar that shows notifications and the time and stuff has turned into a solid gray background and I can't change it to be the same as my wallpaper background. This happened after the last software update. Is there a way to change it back to normal? Thanks.
  9. A

    Help Very unstable network

    My network is very unstable. Always on and off. Changed from note 4 to note edge but still facing the same problem
  10. Android News

    Samsung patents new S Pen that will double as a smartphone stand

    In a recent finding, it seems that Samsung is working on a way to have a built-in smartphone stand for the Note series of devices. This won't be like the built-in smartphone stands that we used to see in the HTC Evo days however. Instead, the stand will be built a part of the S Pen.
  11. SourBacon

    Help (NOOB Needs HELP) Partitioning.

    Greetings. I own an old rusty N7000. It had Gingerbread in it. 1.) Gingerbread is fast. Stable. No issues here. 2.) Okay. UI is too bland. Lack of apps that support Gingerbread. Upgraded to 4.1.2 official. 3.) Discovered that it had a brick bug. Flashed a safe kernel that contained a custom...
  12. usmann090

    Root TWRP

    Hy guys I need to update my TWRP Recovery Can anybody guide me how to do it ? Can I do it with flashify ?
  13. francky_nc

    Root N7000 became I9220 after mother board change

    Hello everybody, i recently had a problem with my mother board, plugged a wrong charger and it burned it. I ordered a new board on aliexpress for 30 $ i changed it, the phone works perfectly but it's a new ROM on it, a chinese thing, now it's an hybrid N7000 and I9220 !!! :crying: I didn't...
  14. E

    Help Help connecting to home wifi that uses static IP

    Hi all, sorry to impose on you with a tech support issue right off the bat, but I'm unable to connect my phone to my home wifi no matter what I try. Quick specs: Comcast Business Internet with static ip address (was provided by my new apartment) Motorola Surfboard Wireless Cable Modem &...
  15. LuckyLazyLefty

    Help Such a small thing, but it drives me crazy...

    Hi, first post here, thanks in advance. Can someone please tell me what the small tab is poking out to the lower left in this screenshot of my lock screen, and how to get rid of it? Small stuff I know, but it drives me crazy every time I pick up my phone! :) Thanks again, Joe
  16. S

    Help Problems after update to 4.1.2

    I have lot of problems after updating note to 4.1.2. Wi fi is not working And its way too slow I need Help
  17. A

    Help USB and SD card problem

    Hi, I'm using a n7000 Slimkat 4.4.4 rom, with slim kernel 3.0.80+ autobuild. Previously I used link2sd to create a partition on my SD card to get more space on my internal, and after a while I realised my USB storage is being recognised as an SD card. I tried a full wipe and reinstalled my rom...
  18. N

    What's available?

    I have an unlocked AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717. It was just repaired with a motherboard from a Rogers Mobile Galaxy Note. Is there any roms, recovery, gaps, etc available for it?
  19. M

    Help N7000 motherboard

    The motherboard on my Note 1 is not working correctly. The fault is irreparable. I have purchased a new motherboard from China. So far so good. I am waiting for it to arrive by mail. I am having the "what ifs" about the new motherboard. The advertizement say it is a direct replacement for the...
  20. L

    Help Galaxy Note not recognizing SIM Card?

    Hey all, I got a Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) yesterday from my uncle, and I have a weird issue with it: I tried to install my HOT Mobile SIM card, but the Note doesn't recognize it. What could cause that? (baseband is: N7000XXLB1) - Lincapa
  21. DeWet

    Help Display connectors

    I have a Note 2 7105 with a working cracked screen and a Note 3 9005 with a non working cracked screen. The Note 3 starts up and play the startup sound but then ends with the little blue light pulsing and I can't pick it up on the pic through the USB cable. Before I buy a lcd and digitizer...
  22. B

    Help Recover files from internal memory in recovery mode

    Greetings, I'm looking for help in the following scenario: some days ago I found that my Galaxy Note had rebooted, and got stuck at the Samsung logo. The phone has the stock rom, it is not rooted and is running Jellybean. Recovering from this situation hasn't been possible. I tried: - pulling...
  23. T

    galaxy note odin mode fix

    I've had my note for 2 days now. I go to school the next day to show of my phone, so I turned it on and it started up saying SAMSUNG then the little AT&T animation pops up then; its just loops that over and over. After a while it went into odin mode, I took the battery out and put it back in...
  24. Q


    ATT Rooted Note i717 with CWM and LiquidSmooth KK. I was attempting to revert to stock, KIES failed to recognize phone. A member GDrived a stock link, ODINed and now phone is stuck at "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue, Please select recovery mode in kies and try again." Don't matter what I...
  25. A

    How can I get Locker Master to recognize my Jet Audio and Jet Audio widget?

    How can I get Locker Master to recognize my Jet Audio and Jet Audio widget? When I go into settings to add a music player-widget, it only gives me a choice of Apollo or Gone Mad Music Player widgets---I prefer Jet Audio but no choice given for it------on the regular Andoid Carbon 4.3.1 OS it...