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samsung galaxy pocket

  1. James Carlo Luchavez

    APK's Not Available Online for Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300)

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so I'm gonna make this short and easy to understand. You see, in our place where WiFi is not really popular, I find it hard to update apps or even install apps in my Samsung Galaxy Pocket (GT-S5300). So I tried to find a way on how to install apps and I found out...
  2. R

    Help Disable / turn off 'screen lock double-tap to unlock' ?

    In the User guide for the Samsung GT-S5300 it says "To prevent accidental inputs, your device locks the touch screen during a call automatically. To unlock the touch screen, Double-tap to unlock" This feature makes it very difficult (in fact just about impossible) to respond by entering...
  3. W


    My Samsung Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300 is quite old, and has worked perfectly but now it won't receive messages. It comes up with "Message memory full: Unable to recieve message. Device memory full". I have then proceeded to delete any apps that aren't needed, delete messages, delete photos, delete...
  4. qromwel

    Help external sd card problem(galaxy pocket duos gts 5302)

    since i had my gakaxy pocket duos gts5302,i've not been able to use my external sd card for more than a week in my phone because i always get cirrupted media files after storing them on the external sd.i've tried different external sd cards but all the same.my pics,musics and applications...
  5. E

    Help odin mode

    hi.. i bougth this phon second hand, and it came rooted and with some apps sending lots of data to the internet.. so i wiped first the cache and then te internal memory (wich i'm undestrandig is not enough to really clean the apparatus, but thats question number two). now i tried to root it...
  6. M

    Help Problems

    I am the happy owner of a Samsung GT-S5300 pocket phone, but I have the following problems: 1. I am unable to receive emails. 2. I am unable to receive SMS messages. 3. I am unable to download apps. My applications manager tells me that: A. My system storage is 0.89GB/0.98GB. B. My SD card...
  7. S

    Help Media Files still showing even after I deleted them through the computer

    Every month, I perform a backup of all the data on my phone, including media files like music and photos. Files that I don't need are usually removed from my phone. However, recently, I had to do a hard factory reset on my device. After that, whenever I 'cut-paste' media files from the phone to...
  8. D

    Help Wifi connection help please...

    Hi all, I have a virtual wifi hotspot setup going and internet is running without problems on the laptop that is hosting the virtual wifi hotspot. Connectify Pro is the only app I've seen that works with Iburst. My Galaxy Note II connect just fine via wifi and has access to the internet, my...
  9. D

    Samsung galaxy Pocket Neo (GT-S5310)

    Hello: We don
  10. G

    Help battery drops directly after loading to 99%

    Hi After loading the battery drops directly to 99% Why
  11. H

    Root how can i root galaxy pocket neo s5310

    Hello, i want to root my phone samsung galaxy pocket neo s5310. I have tried a program called One Click Root but it doesnt work with my phone although the author says it works with many phones (even my model). Any one with some knowledge, please share it! Thank you.
  12. Y

    Help Software update

    I tried to update my software and I got the following message: Failed to update firmware. Try again using PC software (kles) or visit a Samsung service center. Please advise how can I solve the problem by myself.
  13. B

    how do i get this

    How do I get the values from this arraylist to string. I need to know about that now to use my program. ArrayList<hashmap<string,string>> arraylist=new ArrayList<hashmap<string,string>()
  14. V

    Help New SMS notification do not go away

    SMS app always notifies there is a new message. But no new message inside. How to overcome this problem? My phone is Samsung Galaxy Pocket. Ginger Bread is the OS.
  15. S

    Should I get a Samsung Galaxy Pocket?

    I live in Argentina. I can get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Pocket for less than $100usd. Then the unlimited data plans are ~$35usd/month. The reason why I thought to get it is because I'm starting a new job where I have to be available to answer the phone during a certain range of time 3-4...
  16. J

    Root backup stock ROM

    Hi, Im going to root my phone, but wondering on how to backup my stock rom before I root. Also, which rom can i use? does it depend on your phone or does it depend on the OS?
  17. J

    Help cant connect to pc using usb

    Hi, when i enable usb debug and connect my samsung galaxy pocket, my pc does not pick it up at all.. i have installed drivers and samsung kies but no luck.. my phone shows its charging with the usb cable and it says usb cable is conected when i try swiching off usb debug. So i know the phone...
  18. K

    Help notifications mute

    Help please! Somehow my notifications sound (only) has been switched off. How do i get it switched back on? Sound profile is "on" and notifications volume is max but the symbol is crossed out on the volume screen and i'm not getting any norifications. Ringtone, media etc is all fine?
  19. E

    Help Accidentally deleted some system apps... need help!

    Can somebody please upload the Camera.apk for Galaxy Pocket? Thank you. :)
  20. N

    Help Turning Off

    upon switching on my samsung galaxy pocket, the media scanner will run and upon successfully scanning, my phone suddenly shut down... i already did removing the SD Card and same things happen. i am thinking if this is cause of virus, so i am thinking of formatting it.. but i want to backup my...
  21. E

    Help Damaged Sd Card

    Please help me!!!! My Sd Card is Sandisk. My phone Is Samsung Galaxy Pocket..It says that my Sd card is damaged.Do I need to buy new one or is there another way?!
  22. S

    Help Reflashing to stock ROM

    can i flash another rom without reflashing to stock rom?? I have recently installed my first custom rom on GSP named"Jelly pocket v2" Now i have seen a better custom ROM then this one.. Named "Remix V2" But the installing instructions of this ROM are bit confusing... the instructions says...
  23. Z

    Help Switching on Problem

    Hi, my phone does not turn on. I am using it before and when i woke up it does not open. Any solutions or suggestions? tnx
  24. W

    Help Installed a custom ROM, now can't install a new one.

    I installed a custom ROM. I didn't look at what bugs it had. SD Card, Hotspot, Charging, WiFi, Bluetooth doesn't work. I have no clue what options are left for me to install a new ROM. It doesn't recognize my SD card. Odin doesn't recognize the phone. (drivers and everything for pc is fine...
  25. T

    Root Issues with Touchscreen

    Hi guys i have my samsung galaxy pocket rooted and updated to jelly blast v3 when I accidently update my touchwiz i cancel it by removing the battery then when i start up the phone my touchsreen not working anymore i try factory reset and wipe cache also rebooting several time nothing happen my...