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samsung galaxy prevail 2

  1. B

    Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Update Help

    I know this is a dead phone and all, but I was wondering if I can update mine from 4.1.2 to anything 4.4 and up. I've been looking for ages and nothing seems to come up. It is rooted, so all I need to do is flash a Custom ROM, right? I've found next to no Custom ROMs for it.
  2. S

    Root need help please. galaxy prevail 2 stuck in download

    so far my adventures in rooting has been full of techtardation. I have a prevail 2 operating on 4.4.4. I used kingroot to root the device, and supersume to get rid of all the left-over apps it leaves behind. after that i installed rom manager. As I was trying to flash cwm my phone went into...
  3. R

    Help SD card storage move apps

    How to move saved data and apps, music everything to a SD card on prevail 2?
  4. bfldworker

    Help Clockworod recovery will not factory reset

    I flashed cwm recovery for this phone. I can not seem to do a factory reset or wipe cache without cwm locking up and forcing me to remove the battery and reboot. Any thoughts, tips or suggestions?
  5. bfldworker

    Help Unrooted stock rom

    Anyone have a copy of the unrooted stock ROM for this phone? Long story short I pooched it with cwm recovery.
  6. T

    Insufficient Storage?

    Anyone else having this problem with the "Insufficient Storage" nag popping up, even with a lot of mbs left? Any idea how to fix this issue? Rooted Ring on 4.1.2 Kernel Version 3.4.0-1382747 I cannot update any apps at all. I'm about to turn this phone into a skipping rock across my local...
  7. bfldworker

    Root Upgrade

    Is there a upgrade to 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4 for this phone?
  8. bfldworker

    Root Google Now Launcher

    I am a fan of GNL, I have used it since it first went public. However I can't seem to use it on this phone. I have cleared defaults, looked for a setting where you can change the home launcher. Is there something I am missing? And I don't want to reset it to factory.
  9. bfldworker

    Root Xposed

    Being it doesn't seem any custom roms or updates will be available for this phone, I was wondering if Xposed will work on this phone.
  10. bfldworker

    Root Unable to Root Prevail 2 Using all available Methods

    I think I might have missed something. My Son has a Boost Mobile Branded Samgung Galaxy Prevail 2 (SPH-M840). It has Android 4.1.2 installed. I have tried rooting this phone with Framaroot 1.5.1 to 1.9.3 (I have tried both the Gandolf and Aradorn exploits, I get error #7-#13), Kangroot, SRSroot...
  11. bfldworker

    Root Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Kitkat ROM

    My blond must be showing, is there a official KitKat rom or a Custom Kitkat rom for this phone or the Galaxy Ring? I thought I found it yesterday, but for the live of me I can't retrace my steps. Any help please
  12. C

    who all needs a stock recovery

    I used to have this phone but I traded it in. Im thinking about buying it again just to help people out. Who all needs the stock recovery
  13. Jaay Dogg

    Need OPS file or PIT file

    I have searched high & low for either one of these so called files ? Can any shed some lite as to why their is every other samsung pit file out there except for SPH-M840.....Why ? This phone WILL NOT fix for some reason or another it's always the black screen, or blue screen of death or maybe...
  14. T

    Phone wants to update

    I'm getting an update nag on my Ring. Running Android 4.1.2, Kernel 3.4.0-1382747 Phone is rooted, and I'm thinking I'll lose root if I allow this update. Am I right? Anyone tried to update while rooted? TIA
  15. J

    Help lost root on galaxy ring after update

    I was wondering if i could root my galaxy ring after installing update ? I actually didn't mean to update my phone at all, I guess it just went ahead and did it its self while it was in my pocket either way i lost my root access and dont know exactly how to gain it back can anyone help me ?
  16. Psigraph

    Help How To Fix a Soft Brick (Prevail 2 SPH-M840) PC NEEDED!

    Hey! So let me guess... you Bricked your Prevail 2? Yeah, me too... I did it by using the CWM recovery in the play store after I gained Root... I created a backup and saved to my SD card, rebooted my phone, then got stuck in a boot loop of flashing blue screens, pretty trippy. What about you...
  17. T


    Not sure what this was about. Could a MOD please delete...Thanks
  18. M

    Help steps for rooting and everything after

    so, i just bought a prevail 2 and i want to root. it comes in the mail friday. i have been searching and searching about everything. i know i need to root, flash, get a custom rom, backup and whatever else. i just need an order in which everything goes.
  19. I

    Lost root after OTA update, cant get back, please help

    So i rooted my Samsung galaxy ring sphm840 with framaroot (the most recent version) and didnt know about the OTA survival option in superuser so when i updated i lost root or partially lost root (im not sure). i cant update the binary with superuser or supersu, i cant unistall superuser either...
  20. TheWise

    A great idea for a old phone Prevail 2

    Hello this is a message for developers that maybe be able to help I want to create one rom for prevail 2 that's like no other but there not much support out there for it so it would be a great help for people to maybe tag along for a ride. I want to turn the prevail 2 into the next Samsung...
  21. T

    need stock or deodexed rom

    I could use stock recovery if anyone has it
  22. S

    how to turn on safe mode

    my phone got infected with some FBI virus while I was reading up on the rerelease of DS2, and looking up the virus it said to turn on safe mode to get into my phone so I could get rid of what ever it is that is infecting my phone, could anyone tell me how to turn safe mode on please?
  23. 5fdprox

    Wiping SD Card

    Hey all,I have a few questions...so since our CWM recovery ,mixed with our phone, is all unique and stuff could someone tell me how to successfully wipe my old data and cache from my internal sd? Also when I install the deodexed rom when do I wipe,before or after? Lastly do I have to install the...
  24. nitestalkr

    Stock Recovery?

    Can anyone provide the stock recovery for this phone? Gotta update to the MH5 baseband after restoring to the Stock ODIN backup, and that ain't happening with CWM recovery.
  25. nitestalkr

    Does TowelRoot root this phone?

    Exactly as the title states. I want to know if Towelroot will root this phone or not. It does have the MH5 baseband update on it.