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samsung galaxy s 4g

  1. N

    Root Help rooting My sch r970

    Hi there I'm trying to root my sch r970 so I can get unlimited on my game. I do not have a computer so I'm hoping there is a way to root this without a pc. Please and thank you
  2. L

    Help video deletion during file move. help!?

    This is my first post here. The last few days I've tried to move a couple important videos from the sd card in my Galaxy S4 to an interal file folder on the phone. The action seems to process through, but when I go to find the video I've moved it's not there! I can't find them. Can someone...
  3. T

    Help How do you delete Office Documents in Galaxy S4?

    I'm struggling to delete files in 'Office Documents'. The file does not appear in 'My Files' or in 'OfficeSuite'. I'm assuming that 'Office Documents' is a part of 'OfficeSuite', but is this right? Can anyone help?
  4. A

    Root Galaxy S4 stuck at Verizon start up screen

    Verizon galaxy s4 i545 stuck at Verizon start up screen. Requesting step by step help on installing kies drivers and flashing back to stock Rom. I just don't know what less drivers to install and what the stock Rom is because it won't power on past the Verizon start screen not clueless on tech...
  5. A

    Root Samsung S 4G failed to root "Firmware upgrade encountered." & USB Device Error Code 43

    Please help me, we're on day 3 and I don't know what to do. I messed up. I wanted to root it, tried to and now I have the beloved "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again." I had been using this tutorial. CPU: Windows 8.1 AMD A6 64 bit OS...
  6. C

    Help My music files were compressed.

    Seems like Samsung Tablets have a different media format then Mp3, so I was asked to convert my files before syncing, thinking that Samsung would make a copy and convert the copy, but Samsung converted the original media file. So, my music collection which was high def 320kbs and higher is now...
  7. D

    Freezing rebooting low storage and lost network

    My S 4g always shows no storage red triangle. Its always reboots and there is usually a long delay when a call is made. Very frequently it loses the network and I have take out the battery and leave it off for more than half hour. There is also a long delay when an application is selected, often...
  8. E

    Music xfer to uconnect rhb in durango

    I have a 2011 Dodge Durango that comes with the U Connect RHB model radio my old s2 was able to transfer any music on the phone to the radio itself my radio has a harddrive since I got my s4 I'm not able to transfer one song from my phone to my radio however I can stream it. Any ideas on what I...
  9. B

    Help Overheating

    My s4 overheated last night and now has a white caution sign with a black exclamation point telling me something about a device usb and won't charge. It won't let me click on it in my drop down menu to see what else it says. I need help.
  10. M

    how many people stick with T959V

    I am thinking of trading my Galaxy S 4G T959V. Not lasting for more than half day. Though I got a new battery from mpj half year ago and power increase is well, personally I would find a way to get the new phone. Wondering how many people stick with Galaxy S? What
  11. W

    Root Email

    I keep getting the same emails even after I delete them. They are my work emails (pop account). I'm using the email app that came with my s4 active. Can't figure out why I keep getting them over and over. Help!!!!!
  12. B


    I've started getting an add pop up at the bottom of my screen when I go on emails Google play store and things like that. I've put on a screen shot. I've got Avg anti virus and clean master installed it's not showing any thing on there like. I'm not very good with android I've just got my s4 i...
  13. B

    Root Can't install apps I bought on Android

    A few weeks ago, I had bought Minecraft on my Nexus 7. I also installed it on my GS4G, before I rooted and flashed a custom ROM it. Since I had to perform a factory reset, I lost everything I had on my phone, which didn't really bother me. I am now running Slimkat 4.4.2 beta 1.96. I can install...
  14. B

    Saving pictures to SD card

    Hey everyone, I had been saving all my pictures to my SD card that isn't even half full. Then somewhere along the line I must have changed something and now the camera wants to save everything to the camera itself. If I take a picture it tells me "Unable to save to SD card. Default storage has...
  15. R

    Help Microphone icon missing

    For SMS & e-mail I used to access the microphone icon by long pressing the settings button (bottom to the left of the space bar), but the microphone icon no longer appears. A separate but posasibly related issue is that the google widget no longer works (the mic icon appears but nothing...
  16. E

    Help Help, mac user trying to convert to Android

    Smart sync wont work, and android file transfer wont recognize my phone. Im on a mac, and trying to get my data from my old iphone 4 to my new s4
  17. L

    Help How to free room on s4?

    I have a 32 gb SD card. I have put all my apps on the SD card, but I still only have 200 Mb on my phone. Am I missing something. I should have much more room than that?
  18. J

    Help Can I go back to 4.2??

    Got the issue with my wifi saying its a slow connection, batt's not great and the phone hangs for a second or 2 every now and then so if its easy enough I would like to do it until its sorted. Im on EE 4G in the UK if that makes a difference?? Thanks
  19. R

    Help Camera picture pink/red/purple

    Recently (after a software upgrade) my camera picture is now pink/red/purple when trying to take pictures. However, if I change to the front camera (i.e. self portrait) all colours are normal. Wondering what I can do to remove the pink/red/purple from the back / regular picture taking. Any...
  20. S

    Help One-Click Rooting (4.3)

    So...I just noticed this was the wrong board. Ignore this, please. Can't figure out how to delete it.
  21. B

    Had phone rooted.Now want to OVERCLOCK and DELETE STUFF

    Little back story,had a Motorola Bravo (my 1st smart phone $40 on CL),last month decided to upgrade some and got a Sammy Gal S 4g $140 again off of CL (MY DUMB ASS THOUGHT IT WAS AN S4:mad:). I tried to root it and the guy that had it prior to me had done some things too, so the phone was acting...
  22. H

    Help Instagram won't load on this phone

    I have the T Mobile version of this phone. I downloaded Instagram and it's saying "installed" on the Google Play website but I don't see the logo for Instagram in my apps. Any advice? I did upgrade to the latest firmware Gingerbread. Thanks.
  23. danielunde

    Firmware Update

    I installed I9505XXUEMJ5 using Odin 3.7 and was wanting to know if i could install JB 4.3 I9505ZHUEMJ7 my device is unlocked and was shipped from Hong Kong
  24. R

    Help Pet Peeves!

    Ok, maybe I'm missing something major with these issues but I do miss my iPhone now (well, maybe not the new OS since I heard that has slowed the iPhone's responsiveness) but: For the life of me I couldn't figure out today how to reschedule my own meeting in my calendar (MS Exchange). I opened...
  25. M

    Phone's Automatic data clearing

    So just today I came across a problem that led me on a search on the internet that got me nowhere. Today my phone just randomly shut off and when I plugged it into the charger and turned it on all my contacts and Text messages were deleted. Is there any way to recover those files? I have some...