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samsung galaxy s lightray 4g

  1. M

    2 phone icons showing when placing a call

    when placing a call there are 2 green phone icons at the top of the screen. one at the left & one the right top of the screen. does that mean that I'm making 2 calls at the same time. confused: please help.
  2. xFznX

    Root Return To Stock (Files)

    Is there anyone who can help me to return my Galaxy Lightray to stock. I deleted a bunch of needed bloatware and now im stuck in a bootloop.
  3. Gman9831

    MetroPCS PSA: Look to see if your phone's affected

    Look and see if your phone will be affected by this
  4. U

    Any increased interest now that the price dropped?

    I just picked one of these up due to the price drop to $99. With my Connect being such a POS, I wanted something to tide me over until the new breed of Metro phones come out in my area. Now with this I can hold off enough to probably reach the 2nd generation of GSM phones. Not that I expect...
  5. G

    Root My Samsung Lightray is now ROOTED!

    So I have been consistently checking the web for the last 7 months or so, struggling to find a way to root my metro POS lightray that someone (not me) spent a ridiculous amount of money to buy, only to be disappointed time after time. FINALLY I now have a rooted SCH-R940. Now, since I never had...
  6. Killah1994

    Root Possible root method

    Follow the link and try, who knows it might work, it worked for the Coolpad Quattro 4G http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2130276
  7. P

    Root No root?

    So I am guessing this phone will never have root? The droid charge way does not work at all yes everything is recognized but it just will not work it is a different build that we have is my guess to why it does not work
  8. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Lightray 4G? You can contact us through...
  9. P

    Root Help! Root help with a Motorola Cliq 2 running Android 2.2.2 with a Mac

    How do I get my Android 2.2.2 device (Motola Cliq 2) rooted? I am a Mac User. I have been searching and searching, but I am not finding anything for my phone, my os, my Mac. Please help. I want all these stupid apps I didn't download off my phone. I am running out of room and still have a least...
  10. Killah1994

    Root [HOW TO ROOT] - Lightray 4G (Droid Charge Technique) **WINDOWS & MAC**

    DroidXcon Post #1 = Index Post #2 = FAQ Post #3 = GingerSnap One click root (Retired Semi Auto root) Post #4 = ADB rooting (Beginner-Intermediate) Post #5 = How to root using a Mac (Beginner-Intermediate) [NOT AVAILABLE - LINK BROKEN] [RESERVED AGAIN] Post #6 = Removing apps once rooted...
  11. Killah1994

    Root Anyone willing to try?

    Ok I have been searching around and I found this.... They are the same phone ... Droid charge and lightray... Just different carriers http://forums.androidcentral.com/droid-charge-rooting-roms-hacks/82087-how-root-droid-charge-5-19-11-windows-mac-now-gingersnap.html
  12. K

    Did the PRL Update Work?

    Crap - I get to be the one posting on a board with no info on it! My hubby just got a Lightray and the prl updates are supposedly done already. But since the metro pcs salesman didn't know what a prl update was, I won't believe that he actually updated it until I see it. Is there an area in...
  13. S

    Root Need Root

    is there going to be a root for this phone soon and at least overclocked it would be nice thanks:rolleyes:
  14. OptiC-ShotS

    Galaxy S lightray review

    Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G Review - YouTube
  15. gbiggie

    Root Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G ATR Guide

    *** Important Note *** Since this is a new root guide for your all-things-root sub-forum, we need your help to populate it and keep it organized with the best and most relevant information. Please contact (by PM) your favorite Guide, or drop us a note in the private chat section if...
  16. gbiggie

    Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G FAQ's

    Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G FAQ's This is a work in progress and, as such, if you feel that there is anything that needs adding, please PM a guide or start a thread in Private Chat With Staff with your suggestions. Many thanks :) 1. General Android phone FAQ's? 2. How can I improve my...