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samsung galaxy s23

  1. The_Chief

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Update

    I don't think I've ever seen a beta test go to a 6th beta, but here we are with the S23 Ultra One UI 6/Android 14 beta test and it's buttery smooth. Bugs seem to have been resolved and I'm confident that a final, stable release is just a couple of weeks away. A few nice touches with the UX, and...
  2. Rob

    Samsung drops Galaxy S23 FE, Tab 29 FE, and Galaxy Buds FE

    Samsung must have an eye on the Tech Release Calendar: they've just dropped a trio of "Fan Edition" devices the day before Google is set to officially unveil the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Galaxy S23 FE: Features a new floating camera and an IP68 water and dust resistance rating...
  3. T

    Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Galaxy S23

    I’m considering buying a Samsung Galaxy S23. This may sound like a weird question but is it possible to set up the Factory Reset Protection so that the user is not able to change the settings and bypass FRP? It seems like FRP is mainly an anti theft feature not so much a parental control or...
  4. O

    Help Whatsapp recovery s23 ultra

    Hi all I backed up whatsapp in my old phone. When I try to recover from the new phone, I get amesage that there is internet connectivity issues. I don't have any problem with other apps on the internet. Only this problem. The old phone is a70 and the new phone is s23 ultra 512g. Thank you.
  5. J

    Why Can't I Connect my S23 to my PC?

    I decided to link my S23 to my PC via USB, and it looks like it's impossible. The web says to find a Settings area labeled "System" and change the USB setting. My phone has no "System" area. I looked through all the settings, and I can't find anything that relates to connecting via USB. I saw a...
  6. O

    S23-No notifications show up on the off screen

    On my new S23, I can't seem to get notifications to show up on my off screen. I'm not talking about the lock screen, just the off screen. Nothing shows up when the screen is completely off. I was able to show notifications on the off screen on my S21. Does anybody know if this is not...
  7. O

    S23-Font used in text messages

    I just started using the S23. I was able to change the font style and size used on my phone but those changes didn't affect the font style in my text messages. Texts still show up in the default Samsung font. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  8. J

    S22 & S23 Good Upgrades From S8?

    I am not a phone enthusiast. Just a guy who wants a decent phone. I have a Galaxy S8, and the battery life is not what it once was. It also seems a little slow these days. I am thinking of getting a Galaxy S22 or S23. Are there any glaring problems with these phones? I don't trust review...
  9. jack58

    Help How can I increase the Phone or video screen timeout beyond 10 minutes with my Galaxy S23 Ultra?

    How can I increase the 'Phone' or Video screen timeout beyond 10 minutes with my Galaxy S23 Ultra? I like to shoot birds with my video, especially hummingbirds using a tripod with a remote so I'm not close to the feeder. The hummer comes in every 20-30 minutes and the video shuts down after...
  10. jack58

    Very pleased with the zoom feature of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra!

    I'm very pleased with the zoom feature of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra! I was already happy with the landscape photos I took 3 weeks ago of sunrise But really haven't tried the zoom feature until today. Since it was a nice sunbreak, (5pm) I got all set up to take pics of birds, squirrels and the...
  11. jack58

    How hard is it to take pics with a wallet case for Samsung S23 Ultra?

    How hard is it to take pics with a wallet case for Samsung S23 Ultra or other cell phones for that matter? It seems like for landscapes etc when open the front cover would get in the way. What experiences do the wallet owners have when shooting pics with a wallet style case. I recall years ago...
  12. lebigmac

    Root The Ultimate DIY Custom ROM Maker v1.1 including Magiskless Systemfull ADB ROOT ( DOUBLE ROOT ) for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and other devices!!!

    It is finally here my friends :D The prophecy has been fulfilled yet again :D Allow me to present to you the Ultimate DIY Custom ROM Maker v1.1 powered by SystemRW / SuperRW v1.41 featuring MakeRW / ro2rw v1.2 by lebigmac NOW WITH MAGISKLESS SYSTEMFULL ADB ROOT FEATURE !!! ( AKA DOUBLE ROOT )...
  13. lebigmac

    Root The one and only official SYSTEM-RW for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (and other devices) by lebigmac

    Ladies and Gentlemen. The one and only official SYSTEM-RW for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (and other devices) by lebigmac has finally arrived. Always download the real SYSTEM-RW by lebigmac and never trust any dubious fake wannabe copycat imitations. Enjoy :D (Installation and usage instructions...
  14. lebigmac


    BRAND NEW DIY TUTORIAL BY LEBIGMAC ! How to ROOT your boot.img with Magisk (for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra & more) NOTE: For Android 13. Your bootloader needs to be unlocked for this procedure to work! 1) Download your device's firmware from the internet (check your firmware version in 'About...
  15. jack58

    Help How's the vibration motor/intensity on S23 Ultra? Is it stronger than the S21+?

    How's the vibration motor/intensity on S23 Ultra? Is it stronger than the S21+? I'm legally deaf now due to Tinnitus and depend things like this. The S21+ was kinda weak. Does it have some good "Alerts" features? I'm still waiting for my S23 Ultra... ordered it on Feb 16th and it's backordered.
  16. jack58

    Anybody get their Galaxy S23 Ultra yet?

    Anybody get their Galaxy S23 Ultra yet? Reason I'm asking is I pre-ordered mine on Feb 16th for the special deals they had, ($1000 off the $1,400 price) and the sales person said I'd get it in 2-5 business days. Well he lied... 5 business days later and it hasn't even been shipped yet. This is...
  17. Rob

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra screen problem is not actually a defect

    There are a bunch of Galaxy S23 Ultra users complaining about a screen problem in the bottom left or right corner. As it turns out, Samsung is aware of the "issue" and claims it's a feature not a bug- it's simply a known side effect of their screen technology and shouldn't cause any problems...
  18. T

    Help S23 ultra spen

    Has anyone ever pulled the pen out of the bottom of the phone and it wouldn’t connect? You have to put it back in and re-eject it? Please tell me it’s not a bum phone.
  19. jack58

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra deal... shady or not?

    I signed up for this deal: attached: Galaxy S23 Ultra | T-Mobile | 512GB | Lavender | Learn more SM-S918ULIFXAU Pricing with your T-Mobile offer after one time and recurring trade-in bill credits for Total: $1379.99/mo) with T-Mobile Financing. Also brought the price down with free storage...
  20. svim

    A commentary on Galaxy S23 bloat

  21. S

    Stylus for the S23 Ultra query

    I was trying to find information as to whether recent, S21 and S 22 Ultra stylus will fit the S23 Ultra. This is purely a vanity project as I have ordered the red S23 Ultra and I was going to link it up with the red (bodied) stylus (I think from the S21 Ultra period)? Can anyone confrim if I...
  22. Bearsyzf

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    This phone is coming out this month and I'm thinking about getting it, has anyone got any Idea about it. My Note 9 has stopped getting updates and they say the Camera is the big difference from the S22 Ultra.
  23. xmit6


    please, someone chime in ; if possible . ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i want to own the new samsung galaxy s23 ultra...