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samsung galaxy s4 active

  1. S

    Touch not working properly after a screen replacement

    I had my S4 active screen replaced a few months ago, by a local cell-phone-fix-it shop. The screen darkness had shifted, and all signs pointed to replacing the screen. This worked and made the screen bright and back to its normal greatness. But I noticed that the touch sensitivity on it...
  2. B

    Help ROOTING s4 active SGH-I537 running 5.0

    Hey guys, was trying to figure out a way to root my old s4 active to send to Europe to my grandpa, it is factory unlocked but the phone is in English and from what i've read from several google searches is that i need to root the phone in order to change the language. so i have been sitting here...
  3. A

    Help Unrooting 5.0.1 Galaxy S4 Active

    I have a Galaxy S4 Active that is updated to the newest version of 5.0.1 (coc7). It's rooted, and I desperately need it unrooted.
  4. Chris I

    Root Crop tool color

    Does anyone know how to change the color of the crop tool in the photo editor? For some reason Android decided they needed to change it from blue to white and now it blends in with just about everything I try to crop. I don't know who decided to make that change but I imagine the conversation...
  5. P

    Help Accessing serial number

    How can I view my serial number on my phone without physically pulling it apart?
  6. P

    Help Photos not viewable

    Hi all. Have serious problem of photos not viewable after taking. Intermittent problem. Saving photos to SD and I think I am using android 4.4. Haven't updated to lollipop as I have heard that no real advantage and potential to slow down phone as using more resources. If I were to update need...
  7. L

    Help Is it hard bricked??

    Hello!, I am new in this, but I think my S4 active At&t model (SGH-i537) is hard brick because for what i have read it has all the things a HB phone has. Although I didnt try downloding or change anything on it (I say this because everybody says that you get hardbricked when you try to install...
  8. D

    Help Unable to install mod, due to errors in recovery mode

    Hello, I managed to root my phone, but when I try to install a mod, and reboot in recovery mode, I have an error (see attached) e:missing bitmap ... (code -1) Any idea why?
  9. neoangel06

    Help error invalid number please send using a valid number

    My phone was working fine until all of a sudden after work my boyfriend text me and instead of his number popping up it had an extra 1 in front of the 1+area code+ phone number I deleted the contact and retext only his number it went through fine but once he text me it's back to the +11256-------
  10. C

    Help Problem answering calls with phone in pocket

    First of all I have the AT&T SGH-I537 version. I mostly use a wired headset adapter with headphones to listen to music while I work. The phone is in my pocket with the screen facing inward. I often have trouble answering calls with the headset button. The call log either says missed call or...
  11. T

    Help major issue

    Hello I am sawyer. I have a big problem that has been going on since July of 2014. When I was at my house I could not connect to google. So I factory reset my phone after all else failed. It did not work. Now I cannot sign in saying could not connect to google servers. I tried doing wi-fi. I...
  12. maesh

    Help Anyone know how to fix ghost touches?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 Active and have been experiencing serious issues of late. When using the phone, I get a lot of ghost touches. I enabled the dev option to see touches, and often, there will be a row of 5 "touches" indicated across the screen. It happens on one of two areas; in...
  13. D

    Help No sound when receiving new text s4 active

    Sos! When i receive a new text on my S4 active, there is no sound, only vibration. The only time it will alert is when the message app is open with screen on. Hubby & I have tried everything except rooting it. And suggestions for us?
  14. E

    Level 1 alerts

    It's there a way to set up alerts similar to Blackberry Level 1 alerts. I would like specific key words in an email or text to trigger a different alert notification. It's this possible on the android os?
  15. M

    Root First time rooter looking for help.

    I'm trying to root my Galaxy S4 active and I'm having a hard time. I followed the instructions of a few websites that were specifically for my S4 active without any luck. I think the problem has to do with my firmware but I'm not sure. Can someone please point me in the right direction...
  16. P

    Group MMS Fix For Samsung Galaxy S3 S4

    Recently I had issuse sending and receiving text messages in a group. The messages from my end would send to each individual instead of all together and I would receive messages individually aswell. Recently I found that apps like Textra and GoSMS Pro can fix this issue. On Textra go to the...
  17. J

    Help Running 4.2.2 Wont let me Update

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active from ATT and it is running 4.2.2 I have read that ATT has released updates to 4.3 and 4.4 however when i "check for software update" it says it is currently up to date. Kies also says the phone is up to date. Is there any way to update the phone? Im running...
  18. E

    Help SKYPE

    Mat I please know how I can LOG into SKYPE with a different USER ID After LOG OFF, when I retart SKYPE it loads the default USER ID
  19. S

    Help Phone overheats fast, purple haze and ghosting

    So a little less than a week ago after being on my phone for a bit, i'm always on and did nothing different with it, I unlock and all of a sudden the screen has a strange purple pattern across it and everything is ghosting like crazy. If I move anything at all the screen gets super fuzzy with...
  20. A

    Help s4 active touch screen problem please help

    Hello, I am having a problem with my s4 active. The screen/led was replaced and works fine. When I'm at the home screen everything works normally. I can push the phone/internet/address book buttons without issue. But if I use instagram I cannot push the bottom row of buttons (instagram tools)...
  21. M

    Root Rooting SGH-I537 on 4.4.2

    I have an Samsung SGH-I537 4.4.2 that was originally on AT&T, now using it on Straight Talk. It is not unlocked. I have read a lot of threads, and tried Towelroot to root this phone. It will not work it says phone not supported. Can anyone point me to a resource to root this phone. Thanks
  22. S

    Help picassa auto backup of photos how to stop

    How do I stop picassa from auto backup of pics in my gallery and delete them from my gallery. I already unsynced my picassa account.
  23. S

    Help galaxy s4 active menu/print option

    I was once able to use the menu/ print option on my phone now I can't has anybody else had this problem?
  24. E

    UNWANTED Facebook contacts

    Is there a way to remove unwanted Facebook contacts on Samsung Galaxy S4 Active?
  25. X

    Root Recently left AT&T. Recieved unlock code from them. How do I install non-carrier Android OS?

    I'd like to install Android 4.4.4 or Android 5, on my unlocked and rooted S4 Active... I'm not a tech genius. Although I think that there are retail operating system ROMS for Android. Meaning a Google-retail, non-carrier version. Is there? Where do I find or download it please?