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samsung galaxy s4

  1. Milo Williamson

    Help Battery life..

    I just relized it has been a few years since I did bought my tablet, how long will the battery last? It is still in top condition though, is a tablet different then a cell though?
  2. Android News

    T-Mobile rolls out February security patch for the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Tab 3

    T-Mobile has rolled out the February security patches for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Tab 3. Both of these devices are still on Android 4.4 KitKat.
  3. A

    Help System UI has stopped

    Whenever I tried to hold down the home button to clear the background apps, it would say the System UI has stopped. Whenever I hit okay, it would return me to the home screen with a default background. I looked around on the internet and saw something about shutting down the device, holding the...
  4. Android News

    Samsung getting sued over Galaxy S4 performance claims

    Samsung attempted to force arbitration in a case regarding the Galaxy S4. The company claimed that the in-box warranty absolves Samsung from being sued, but the court ruled that's not a possibility. The case is over a the advertised performance of the now-defunct Galaxy S4.
  5. sonicbluemustang

    Samsung Keyboard Be Gone!

    I use the Swiftkey keyboard and even after defaulting the setting to Swiftkey when I activate a bluetooth device it continually will return to the Samsung board. That is just annoying as all get out. Solution: Using Titanium Backup to backup the stock Samsung Keyboard then uninstall the keyboard...
  6. Clare2904

    Music App not pausing during notification

    Hi everyone Ever since I updated the App a few weeks back when I am listening to my music in the car via the Music App it no longer pauses the playback. Can someone please direct me to where I need to go to bring this feature back? Thanks
  7. sonicbluemustang

    Boot Animations for Galaxy S4

    This may be my only contribution to the Sprint S4 forum I have created a couple of boot animations ".qmg" files for the Galaxy S4 from a couple of flashable bootanimation.zip files. These files will have to be copied into the System/Media folder of the Samsung Galaxy S4. In order to do this the...
  8. W

    S4 Mini: How to turn screen off?

    Hello all, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4mini. I've owned since new. It's not rooted, I don't have many apps. I mainly use it as a phone and to see/read/reply to emails. Over the last couple of months it has developed an odd fault. When I press the screen sleep (power?) button the screen goes dark...
  9. R

    Voice controls in another language?

    My mothers T-mobile galaxy s4 voice controls aren't in english for some reason. It was bought here but wants here to speak spanish to it? All the settings are in english but the words it wants you to use are spanish. check picture. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  10. T

    i9505 Parts for i545 Build

    Hey guys I don't know if anything like this has been posted yet but the search bar turned me no results. Does anyone know if parts (particularly the LCD/Digitizer frame and bezel) are cross compatible across all models? I found a part for the i9505 but it says nothing about fitment for my i545...
  11. schwim

    Root Can I unroot a phone?

    Hi there everyone! Samsung S4 on Verizon Ever since I rooted my daughters phone with KingoRoot, the phone has been misbehaving, with getting hung up on boots, krass advertising on lockscreen and other little issues. I tried a factory reset but the issues are persisting. I'd really love to...
  12. EpicSurvivor

    How to Downgrade from Lollipop to Kitkat on Galaxy s4 Battery Draining too Fast!

    I am new to Smartphones. I only owned very few of them and I have never understood how to Mod them or install Roms or any of that stuff. However since I updated my Galaxy s4 from Kitkat to Lollipop the Battery is draining super fast and there is heat issues with the phone. Basically the batter...
  13. C

    Verizon S4 on Tmobile. Radios?

    I'm curious if I have any reasonable options with this phone. The Verizon 545 is a sim phone but I am unable to get reasonable reception with this phone on Tmobile and I believe it is due to the radios as Tmobile uses different frequencies. I am curious if rooting is the only option to gain...
  14. S

    Root Best ROOT for GS4 (L720T) 5.0.1 NO KINGO!!

    I have a Sprint Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720T) on Version 5.0.1, now I say no Kingo because at one point I used the Kingo Root APK w/o PC to Root my Galaxy on 5.0 I believe, well I unrooted it with Superuser I think and my system update still kept failing so I used Smart Switch on PC and updated to 5.0.1...
  15. S

    Galaxy S4 5.0.1 RAM usage Minimization

    I need help minimizing the RAM being used on my Sprint Galaxy S4 (SPH-L720T) I'm running the most recent 5.0.1 I have developer settings enabled with Close Apps As Soon As You Leave It option enabled along with background processes limited to 2 but my RAM is still around 1.09 GB being used even...
  16. A

    Help MyBackup Pro can't install to SD card message

    Trying to install MyBackup Pro and I get the message Install failed, cannot install on SD card. I can read and write to the SD card with Total Commander (copy and move files). Other apps cannot be moved to the SD card either. I had to grant Admin authority for Total Commander since the...
  17. S

    Help Unable to get sound for phone calls!

    For a couple of weeks now i have been having an issue with trying to get my sound to work during incoming and outcoming calls. I've looked around for possible solutions and have found none. My sound works for all other forms of media as well as my mic but when it comes to making or receiving a...
  18. B

    Words With Friends

    Hello Apologies if someone has asked about this before, but I'm hoping someone can help? I play Words with Friends on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I also play it on my computer. All of my games are on my S4, but only some of them are on my computer. How do synch (I think is the term) so that I...
  19. engelstine

    Backup Camera

    Quick question. I have been googling around and am not really finding what I am looking for. I have several old phones and tablets around. I have a Travel trailer that I would like to incorporate a back up camera into. My thoughts were to either use an old phone as a monitor for Video-In...
  20. P

    SDCard Damaged...Any Way To Repair?

    While taking a photo, my Samsung S4 froze. I powered off the phone, but unfortunately it looks like it was trying to write data to the SDCard, and powering off corrupted the SDCard file system. Now when I reboot I get a message from the phone that the SDCard is damaged. The only option I...
  21. X

    Help Stop storing Google search history??

    I just recently purchased a Galaxy S4 (SCH-I545, on Verizon) to upgrade from my S3. The S4 is running Android 5.0.1. On the S3, I was able to find the settings to stop the Google browser from saving every search entry. I can't seem to find those settings on the S4?? I've logged into my Google...
  22. raceq

    help with widget not working

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 5.x. I ran into some problems with using the dual clock widget. I have 2 launches on the phone the standard TouchWiz and the action3 launcher. I was testing using the action3 launcher and I tried to add the dual clock widget on desktop and it screwed things...
  23. W

    Signal strength issue

    My wife and I each have a Galaxy S4 with Verizon. Recently, when side-by-side, mine has regularly shown weaker signal strength for both network and wifi. The Verizon tech I spoke with is sending me a new SIM card, though I'm skeptical this is the issue given the wifi problem. Any thoughts...
  24. bubbared64

    Sprint SPH-720T Domestic SIM unlock

    I have a Sprint Samsung S4 SPH-720T that I want to use on Walmart Family Wireless (T-Mobile). I've rooted it, flashed the modem to work with GSM, but I'm still getting an Invalid SIM error. Sprint has given me the MSL for it. What else do I need to do in order to get this thing to work? It's...
  25. G

    Samsung galaxy S4 blank SD card problem?

    Hey people! I have had an SD card in my S4 for around 2 years and it was working fine but now it says Blank SD card and SD card cannot be mounted? I tried to transfer the data into my computer but the SD card did not show up on my computer :( Does anybody know how to fix this? Is it even...