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samsung galaxy s5 active

  1. Android News

    The February Android patch comes to the AT&T Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, and S5 Active

    AT&T has rolling the February Android security patch to owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, and S5 Active.
  2. SuaveGato

    HELP: S5 got wet, now microphone won't work?

    Hello, I have a Galaxy S5, allegedly water resistant... It accidentally took a quick dip in a hot tub, now no one can hear me talking on it but I can hear them. On speaker mode they can hear me but it's garbled. Works fine with plug in head set and bluetooth, so I'm assuming it's the built in...
  3. B

    Can't set MP3 as ringtones

    I have been using a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for years. Recently, I dropped it. Screen shattered. Now I got a new one. Resetup my phone, and I'm trying to assign the default ringtone with an MP3. When I find the MP3 I want, I select it, and it says "This file format is not supported." The file...
  4. W

    Only One Text Message Conversation Listed Out of Order

    My list of text conversations with people are all in order by date but there's one text conversation with someone that is in my list that isn't dated (or listed chronologically with the others). It falls to the very end of my text messages with people even though it was the last person I texted...
  5. slimbobaggins

    Anyone upgrading to Marshmallow?

    Unsure if I should update the family S5A phones or leave them be. Marshmallow isn't bad on my S60 but it has its quirks.
  6. Android News

    AT&T is also rolling out Marshmallow to the S5 Active

    A couple of hours ago we learned that the AT&T variant of the S5 was receiving Marshmallow, and now the carrier has announced the S5 Active is receiving the update as well.
  7. M

    Root Can't root, please help

    I have made countless attempts at trying to root my phone but so far have been unable to. I tried multiple Apps both without and with a PC, but none have been successful. Can someone point me in the right direction for my phone? Model: SAMSUNG-SM-G870A (Samsung Galaxy S5 Active) Baseband...
  8. T

    Root Rooting s5 active

    I was curious if there has been a solution for rooting an s5 active running 5.1.1 on at&t. It has not been looking promising but a lot of posts are months old. Thanks.
  9. S

    Text message had download link and disappeared when clicked

    So I got a group text message from one of my friends. The same friend that sent the group text also appeared to have sent me a download link of 1 KB in size. I clicked the download link, and then it just disappeared. Gone. Like it was never there. I asked my friend what it was about, and she...
  10. Jfalls63

    How to update g870a without AT&T

    Recently picked up a second S5 Active that was already on 5.0 OF2 when I fixed it so it is impossible to root. Looked around on XDA and found a link to all of the OTA updates by Muniz_ri. I downloaded the two that I needed to PC (OF3 and OJ3). Started with the OF3 update first. 1- Rename zip to...
  11. K

    S5 Active, Update to 5.1.1 (AT&T)

    Hi guis, I have a SM-G870A. It has android 5.0 and I want to upgrate i 5.1.1, If I try OTA it said " Up to date", I'am out from the AT&T network. Can I download the update and install it from SD? Thank you!
  12. Connor C

    S5 active to Boost mobile activation: will it work?

    Here is my situation. I had a prepaid monthly phone (moto G 1st Gen) with Boost mobile. Now that I lost it I am looking to get a samsung galaxy S5 active, but I want to keep my original phone number! Is there a way I can buy an S5 active online (say ebay or amazon) and go into my boost mobile...
  13. Connor C

    Galaxy S5 active - Boost mobile activation

    Here is my situation. I had a prepaid monthly phone (moto G 1st Gen) with Boost mobile. Now that I lost it I am looking to get a samsung galaxy S5 active, but I want to keep my original phone number! Is there a way I can buy an S5 active online (say ebay or amazon) and go into my boost mobile...
  14. B

    Help Priority Ring

    Is there a setting for specific contacts that will let them ring through even if my phone is on silent?
  15. Z

    Root Installed wrong firmware, now getting Could not do normal boot

    Title says it all. I'm using Odin v3.07, installed this PDA: CF-Auto-Root-kltecan-kltevl-smg900w8.tar.md5 I got a G870W. Now nothing answers, it only boots into the black screen with Samsung logo and stops there or I can get in Odin mode and it stays stuck there too.
  16. E

    Root Need help rooting a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

    Model Number: samsung-sm-g870a Android Version: 5.0 Build Number: lrx21t.g870aucu2bof3 I have been having trouble rooting this phone. My problem is that I don't know how to do it. I have tried some of the easy methods like kingroot and one tap root, but my device isn't supported. Then I...
  17. J

    Help Photos failing to save. Memory not full.

    Hello! I noticed earlier this week that 2 photos I took didn't show up in my gallery. This morning, I tried to take photos and after snapping them, a message saying "files not found" appeared. They didn't even make it to the gallery. I tried clearing everything in my gallery, thinking that...
  18. U

    Dont buy it if you believe it

    The commercials and advertisments are VERY misleading. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active for my son who pampered it like a newborn child. He even refused to leave the house with it in fear of something happening to it. While preparing to use the bathroom, he dropped it between his legs and...
  19. A

    Help messages freezing

    So I have been reading posts on here about people having 2-3,000 messages in a conversation and it crashing.... I have a conversation that has transferred over a few phones long totaling almost five years that has over seventeen thousand messages. Last I checked it was at 17124 and I cannot even...
  20. Hieu Do

    Help How to switch 3G and 4G

    Hi folks, I'm now using a S5 active version AT&T Though in my country Vietnam 4G yet to available but it still show up 4G signal, anyone know how to switch to 3G cause I think 4G might be not good for battery, thanks in advance :)
  21. D

    Root Galaxy S5 active root help!

    I have a Samsung galaxy s5 active running the 5.0 update on At&t and I've been wondering how to root it. Thanks!;)
  22. Jfalls63

    Root Debloating

    Has anyone compiled a list of preinstalled apps that are safe to remove? Itching to trim some bloat on my new S5 active.
  23. J

    Help SM-G870a - Soft Bricked, Download & Recovery Still Work, Can't Flash

    My phone was rooted on lollipop. Removed the root and did a format. (Was about to sell). While trying to flash my stock firmware, It gave me an Auth error in Odin. Stuck at the Galaxy screen, showing the logo and unlocked symbol. Odin won't let me flash anything except for the stock kernels...
  24. T

    Root White

    [emoji7] [emoji7]
  25. Mark 42

    Are there 32gb &/or 64gb Variants of GS5A?

    Still trying to decide if I want to return my Active and get an S5 to get more memory and availability of a LifeProof waterproof case (and more variety of other cases) Are there any S5 active models with 32gb or 64gb internal memory? I saw an eBay listing for a 64gb S5 Active - but have to ask...