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samsung galaxy s6 active

  1. Android News

    AT&T is updating the Galaxy S6 Active with the May security update

    AT&T is rolling out a new update to the Galaxy S6 Active which adds the May Android Security update.
  2. Android News

    AT&T is starting to update the Samsung S6 Active with Android 7.0 Nougat

    Galaxy S6 Active owners on the AT&T network can look forward to an OTA update that will bring your device up to Android 7.0 Nougat.
  3. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy S6 active on AT&T starts getting December security update

    AT&T has begun issuing a new update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active on its network. The update is just 14MB and contains the Android security fixes for December.
  4. eek88dj

    Free MP3 Download

    Looking for a good one, I had one and Google Store took it off the market I had to reset my phone it was gone. Thanks
  5. R

    Can't Access Email unless on Wifi

    So I recently got married and changed my last name which also means I got a new email address. When I synced my new gmail email to my phone I suddenly am only able to receive and send emails from that account when I am on wifi. I never ran into this issue before with my old gmail email address...
  6. D

    Speaker issue

    My rear speaker on my s6 active sounds extremely distorted at times. I am running marshmallow. Inotice it mostly watching videos on YouTube, but it also happens with my ringtone and alarm. I don't listen to music on the phone speaker so I've never noticed it there. I have already tried a...
  7. W

    Phone shut down and won't turn back on.

    My phone was working fine yesterday morning and then all of a sudden it shut down and will not turn back on. I charged it overnight and tried it again with no luck. I tried the hard boot by holding down the volume button and the on/off button at the same time for 30 seconds with no success...
  8. L

    Help messages stopped working

    When texting I get a "Unfortunately, messages stopped working" and it kicks me out. What I type is not saved. This only happens when I text to new phone numbers. I have cleared the data and cache but I continue to have the problem. I'm resisting the hard reset. That seems like overkill. Is...
  9. W

    Alternative gallery?

    Native gallery options inadequate for intelligent uploading to, say ebay. And will say, ebay, be able to see the new gallery?
  10. Android News

    AT&T is offering BOGO deal for select Samsung and LG phones

    Samsung today announced another buy one, get one offer. This one includes select LG and Samsung phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6 32 GB, Samsung Galaxy S6 active 32 GB, LG G5 and the LG V10.
  11. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Active gets Marshmallow

    AT&T is now rolling out the upgrade to Marshmallow for their Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. The update will bring new features like like Doze, enhanced permission controls and more.
  12. Android News

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Marshmallow update now rolling out

    AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S6 Active owners are finally getting with Android Marshmallow update. The 1.4GB should include Google Now on Tap, Doze and all the other standard Marshmallow features which rolled out to the standard version of the Galaxy S6. If you have not received the update notification...
  13. Lana30

    Help Forgot Pattern Lock for Private Folder

    Hi Friends, My little brother has a Samsung S6 active. It has an option to set a pattern passcode to protect a separate category of files labeled ‘private’. This passcode doesn’t have the same recovery options as the main passcode – for example, the option for “forgot passcode?” never shows up...
  14. C


    Is there a way to shut this down the step counter is killing my battery
  15. Dhunter1738

    Help Default alarm sound

    Could anyone please tell me what the default alarm tone for the AT&T Samsung GS6 Active is called? (The tone that jingles and beeps) Attached is a sample of the tone I recorded from someone else's device. I would like that set as my alarm tone. Thanks
  16. B

    Help International SMS

    I just upgraded to the S6 Active and have family and friends all over the world. I have long had a plan that allows me free international texting and never had a problem sending or receiving messages until after switching to this phone. Now, here in the US it is an AT&T exclusive device which...
  17. B

    Help How to Fix mmi code on galaxy s6 active

    How to Fix mmi code on Samsung galaxy s6 active to default settings via email or phone when don't know vpn puk2 code and don't know how you redirected device from default settings in the first place
  18. F

    Help Lock screen calendar widget

    Hi, I have a Samsung S6 active and I'm wondering if there are any calendar lock screen widgets that work with this device. I'm looking for something that is similar to how the peel remote lock screen widget works but am unable to find anything like that. I downloaded Neat calendar because that...
  19. T

    Wifi turns itself on

    My Galaxy s6 active has started to turn the wifi on by itself. I have searched for every setting that could cause this, and turned them off. It has become less frequent, but still an issue. HELP!
  20. Nicholas Antony

    Slow, laggy, and TERRIBLE battery life

    When I initially got my Galaxy S6 Active, it was like a hot knife through butter. Everything worked perfectly and I had no issues. Now, a few months later, it has become like a nightmare. It will lag up every single second, even when trying to perform simple tasks like unlocking the phone...
  21. R

    S6 active vs S5 Active

    I'm thinking about upgrading from my S5 Active to the S6 Active. No microsd card slot was going to be a deal breaker, but perhaps OneDrive can replace a SD card. How have your experiences been with the S6 Active?
  22. Android News

    What happens if you boil a Samsung Galaxy S6 Active?

    The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active was designed to survive a beating. Dust, wind, rain: you name it and the S6 Active can handle it. One kid takes this several steps further, though, putting the device in a pot of boiling water... and it survives flawlessly!
  23. C

    Help Multiple Issues

    For the last week, my S6 active has been acting up. My text messages all come in out of order (if I send a message the reply shows up above the message I sent) My TouchWiz keeps crashing (not sure how to fix) and my speaker sounds like I am trying to listen to music under water? Help
  24. D

    Accessories Wired xbox 360 controller not working

    Does anyone know how to get an xbox 360 controller to work with an otg cable I plug it in and all it does is flash lights on the controller
  25. Android News

    Samsung's Galaxy S6 Active Gets Used as a Hockey Puck in This Durability Test

    Lewis from Unbox Therapy just took his Galaxy S6 Active into the hockey rink to see just how durable the device actually is. While the S6 Active doesn't survive all of the tests, it did handle 2 slapshots without any noticeable damage to it