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samsung galaxy sl

  1. A

    Help I deleted twlauncher and hard-reseted my phone

    Hi, I'd like to know if there's anyway to fix my phone without flashing it. The problem is that I rooted my i9003l and deleted twlauncher (TouchWiz Launcher) cause I was using GO Launcher EX, my phone worked without problems for a long time but now I hard-reseted it. It asks me to follow...
  2. A

    Root Firmware update using odin

    MODEL : SAMSUNG GT-I9003 PROBLEM : ODIN IS STUCK WITH BELOW MESSAGES : <OSM> Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable.. <OSM> Please wait.. <OSM> I9003DXKP9_I9003OLBKP7_I9003DXKP7_HOME.tar.md5 is valid. <OSM> Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully.. <OSM> Leave CS.. <ID:0/005> Odin...
  3. M

    Help Imei unknown

    Hi, My IMEI number is lost. so i can't access any network. Model: Samsung Galaxy SL GT-i9003 I tried a factory reset I don't have any efs folder backup. Please help to solve this problem. If anyone has any other solution or option to repair or recover my imei number, plz help me.
  4. H

    Help Question about flashing stock rom

    I have a Samsung Galaxy GT-i9003.It is a movistar variant.Current it is running firmware 2.3.6 I9003XXKPR. I want to flash firmware I9003XXKPQ. Can I flash it using Odin?.I wanted to ask wheter or not it will flash successfully because it is a variant.Please tell me. thanks.
  5. K

    Root Need serious help pls

    Hello I wanted to install android 4.3 jellybean or so on my Samsung Galaxy SL i9003...it was working fine at start but then keyboard stopped responding so i wanted to reinstall with wiped cache and stuff and i accidentally wiped everythink even internal card and external card so i downloaded...
  6. A

    Help Samsung Galaxy S2 not picking up mobile network Vodafone India

    My phone Samsung Galaxy S2 Model Number GT-I9003, Firmware version 2.3.6, Baseband version Unknown, Kernel version, Build number GINGERBREAD.DDKP3 is not picking up any mobile network (Vodafone India) Can you please tell me what to do? Before this, it was going...
  7. G

    Touch problem

    Hey.... I am using galaxy sl n it was first time when I updated my phone manually otherwise I went to service center n that time whn I update it with 2.3.6 ddkp3 version my phone starts lagging , n in a week touch panel stop working n I ned to replace touch + display.... Now am using 2.2 n...
  8. V

    Help upgrade to jelly bean

    I am user of Samsung galaxy S ( gt i 9003). I wanted to update my system to jelly bean and safe!! Is it possible and if yes how?
  9. N

    Help No baseband + "not enough memory" errors

    Hi i have a problem with my galaxy SL. My base band suddenly disaapear and then my phone says not enough memory when i try to open my gallery and music? What should i do? Esp on the not enough memory rhing. Please help me. Thankyou..
  10. P

    Root Need help

    Hi Guys, by mistake i installed some wrong kernel in my Samsung s 19003 now it not even turning on but its getting heat whenever i connected for charging will usb jig work on this scenario i need help desperately
  11. M

    Root Custom Rom??

    Hi ppl.. Am new to this forum.. Build number : ddkp1 Please someone guide me to flash custom Rom on my newly purchased galaxy s i9003.. Thanks a lot..
  12. S

    Help Galaxy I9003- connecting to TV through USB

    I am using Samsung galaxy si9003. I am trying to connect it to my LED TV via USB through 'USB Mass storage' option. it gets connected i.e. i am to see the contents in the memory card on my tv screen, but after 4 to 5 seconds it gets disconnected. i think there is some problem in the phone which...
  13. M

    Help Need HELP asap - Samsung Galaxy S2 i9003 hard bricked?

    Hi, i think i got my S2 hard bricked, one day, i received a message, i opened the message, and there's a "force close" message (i forgot the exact message but i think its about the messaging system). It continously pops up, so, i turned off the device, After turning on, the messaging error...
  14. G

    Root Need help in upgrading to ehndroix

    Hello guys :) First of all i would like thank Android Forums and its moderators for such an awesome and helpful community. I am new to Android prior to which i was using Nokia (non smart phones). I got my hands on a Samsung Galaxy SL GT-I9003. I want to upgrade it to this custom...
  15. chamelo

    Help How can I install/return back my galaxy SL i9003 to froyo 2.2. official samsung release?

    Sorry for my bad english. It is not my native language. I just want to ask if how can I install/return back to the official samsung release of Froyo 2.2. I'm using Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 then i tried to switch it to Jellybean 4.1 custom rom but I experienced a lot of problems. So my question is...
  16. M

    Root help help help

    guys help needed...i have just installed jealy bean in my galaxy s i9003 and gapps...but its not working properly...wi fi not working , bluetooth not working , there is no file manager etc.... i just want to go back to gingerbread but dont know how to....help me to get back to gingerbread
  17. D-U-R-X

    Root ATR Sticky Update

    :We Need Your Help!: We've noticed that the root sticky for your phone has been a little neglected and needs some updating. Please contact us to let us know which are the current, up-to-date root related threads & guides for the Galaxy SL? You can contact us through...
  18. A

    Warning Do not buy samsung Galaxy phone GT-I9003 a common bug without SOLUTION

    Hay guys i have got GT-i9003 for about 9 months and no problems at all ... now recently i faced a bid problem with it which i was surprised that not only me have this problem, the mobile reboots itself and keeps frozen on the logo of samsung and not opening ... this problem is preceded by...
  19. G

    Root Won't turn on anymore (Galaxy S2 GT-i9003)

    Hello everybody! I am new here and if i posted this thread to the wrong place, i am really sorry. So, my problem is that i wanted to update my phone to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with this tutorial. I pressed Volum Down + Home Key + Power, then came up "Downloading" screen. I connected my phone and...
  20. S

    Help Samsung galaxy sl ics??

    Will the samsung galaxy sl be able to run ics?if so where can i find a rom for galaxy sl for ics?
  21. A

    Help how to listen songs in bluetooth mode

    Hello all I have samsung galaxy sl ie. i9003 i have bluetooth of samsung as well as nokia bh-108 i am unable to hear songs from my phone i tried out many apps like bluetooth mono etc... still i am unable to hear the sound. but both the bluetooth works fine with my i9001 device please help...
  22. M

    Help How to connect to Kies through Wi-fi ?

    Friends, I am using Galaxy I9003 and trying to connect to Kies through Wi-fi but not able to find any option. Can anybody help me connect to Kies through wi-fi?
  23. X

    Root pleas help me for root galaxy sl i9003 2.3.6 gingerbread JPKPH

    i can help me for root my phone for this version MODEL NUMBER: GT-I9003 FIRMWARE VERSION: 2.3.6 BASEBAND VERSION: I9003JXKP3 KERNEL VERSION: root@DELL132 #1 BUILD NUMBER: GINGERBREAD.JPKPH
  24. D

    Help plz help!!!

    hey all plz i want to transfer apps from internal card to external card?? mu internal card is full and i cant download anythin plz help
  25. T

    Root Problem with my WiFi After Rooting

    Hi guys I have recently rooted my mbile with Odin but after that I m unable to connect Wifi and later I tried to root again but still the same problem . When I turn on wifi it is showing error ,please someone give me a idea to make that again work........:(