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samsung galaxy tab 4

  1. S

    ByPass Samsung Account Lock Out

    Trying to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for my son...His mother recently passed away and I would like to give it to him to use...Already Factory Reset, but get to screen "This device is locked because of abnormal factory reset"...I do not have the email or Password for Samsung Account...
  2. KingOfTheNet

    [TUTORIAL] How to root the SM-T337A Lollipop with Kingroot

    In this tutorial, I will show you how to root your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 AT&T (SM-T337A) For this tutorial specifically, we will be rooting with the KingRoot apk instead of KingRoot PC because that tends to put devices that are still running off stock firmware into boot-loops (I speak from...
  3. KingOfTheNet

    [DOWNLOAD] SM-T337A Lollipop Firmware FINALLY Available For Download

    I managed to pull some files from the 5.1.1 OTA update file and pull the .pit file from my now working tablet and make a fully working 4 file firmware and combo (all in one) firmware that CAN be flashed with Odin. I have tested it on my device and it does work. Since I know people are searching...
  4. M

    Samsung Tab 4 storage issues

    I have one of my kids Tab 4 tablets and it is having storage issues. I have a 32 GB SD card that I recently formatted and I recently reset the tablet to factory settings (8 GB internal memory for the tablet). Afterwards, my kid downloaded a game (130 MB), but is unable to download anything...
  5. CKauf

    Miscellaneous Files

    I'm sure this has been asked already, but I've searched and can't find any answers. I have 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4's 16GB internal with 60GB SDs. One of them shows 9.37GB miscellaneous files storage and shows NOTHING when I choose it to delete files! The cache is empty (except for a few K...
  6. M

    Help Unlocking Device / Does Android have something similar to a registry I can edit?

    I work for a school district and our devices are managed by an MDM. I have multiple devices that have a pass-code that the students can't remember, the device has also been disconnected from Wi-Fi prior to this student forgetting their pass-code. I need to wipe the device. Since the MDM can't...
  7. Phoenix777

    A Moment of Praise...

    I just had to take a moment and rave about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook ... never in a million years did I think one little 7-inch device could do so many things and so powerfully. I use this for EVERYthing...games, videos, music, internet, reading, messaging - and much more. Plus, it's a Nook...
  8. gam01hr

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 reverse tethering over bluetooth

    Hello, I don't have wifi available at home and my intention is to connect the tablet to internet over bluetooth. My PC has internet available over cable connection. Devices: 1/ Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (SM-T230), OS KitKat 4.4.2 (rooted by ODIN) 2/ BT adapter v2.0...
  9. jay_uk_everlast

    samsung tab 4 sudden death

    Hi Guys ive got the samsung tab 4 10.1 the tablet hasnt been dropped theres no water damage, however the other day my tablet screen was flickering then it suddenly turned completely off so i tried to restart it and it wouldnt start up, ive tried charging it with several original charging cables...
  10. J

    Battery questions?

    Hi, I just bought a used tab 4 10.1". How long should a full charge take? From no charge it takes 8hrs to get to 70% on ac. Also how long should a charge last? I get about 3 days in standby, no use. I get about 4 hrs of internet (no video) Location, bluetooth disabled. Debating whether to...
  11. daffyducknj

    Help Tab 4 speaker is broken

    Happened a few days ago. Headphone jack still works. Running a tab 4 rooted, with the last build of the Prism rom from xda. Also running a kernel that overclocks CPU speed to 1586. I'm guessing it could be due to age (nearly 2 years old), and the few bouts of brief overheating, but not sure. Not...
  12. MeggleC

    Lock screen is stuck in portrait mode

    I was playing in the lock screen section of the settings. I've been back through it and there is no reason for it to be stuck like that. I've turned the auto rotate on and off. I've turned the device on and off. I've gone to make sure I didn't accidentally hit something else. I can rotate the...
  13. J

    Help Transferring videos and pictures to micro sd card

    PLEASE....how do I transfer videos and pictures from my device storage. ..samsung galaxy tab4 10.1 to the already installed micro sd card...have been trying for hours ! Thanks !
  14. K

    Settings keep scaling and blurring wallpaper

    I'm using a Galaxy Tab 4 10.1, and whenever I try to change the wallpaper in the settings, it comes out blurry. Even the preloaded wallpapers end up with a terrible resolution. They look perfect in the preview, but awful when actually applied. I have no idea why this would happen unless the...
  15. Schmuck281

    Replaced battery, bricked my tab 4

    My battery was not lasting a day, so I replaced it. But now it will not boot up. I tried to reinstall the op but that little green robot has been starring at me since yesterday afternoon and it still has not finished. Is there a way I can download and install the op through my computer?
  16. Alexander James Blake

    Weird bootloop?

    A few days ago, my tablet just froze and then the screen went black. Later, it said "Android is Starting (Starting Apps)" for about 15 hours, and then it ran out of battery. When I try to plug it in and charge it, it shows my a graphic of a power outlet, a plug, and a yellow warning sign with an...
  17. zuben el genub

    Update for Tab 4?

    Just acquired a refurb since Acer will no longer play MLB games. Notice just came down on the Samsung tablet that there is a system upgrade. I searched and it looks like Samsung is moving to MM. Does anyone have a way to check it out? If it is MM, I don't want it. I have it on the phone and...
  18. Andrew Kim

    Using Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 as a modem, Ethernet cable

    This is my first writing on Android Forum. I just got a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (4G At&T) and I planned to use this as a modem using wifi hotspot at home, cancelling my Cox cable internet service. I have unlimited data plan (even it slows down after 22GB data usage a month) and I am barely...
  19. V

    Tab4 won't turn on/charge/reset

    Here's the deal. I've got a Tab4 that I got a few months back (I'd say it's under 6 months old), and it's basically a brick at this point. I was watching a YouTube video while cooking dinner last night, while charging the tablet at the same time. When dinner was done I shut off the screen and...
  20. cmatosrivera

    Help Galaxy Tab 4 wont connect to Wifi

    My daughters Galaxy Tab 4 is having a problem since yesterday. The Wi Fi comes and goes from the tablet, I can even be next to the router and if the tablet start scanning it wont appear. I checked and it doesn't have an IP Address but it has a MAC Address. How can I solved this, my daughter is...
  21. Derbarbarian

    Transferring Files

    Hey guys, I have a Tab 4 with a 64gb MicroSD card in it, for some reason I'm unable to transfer files to it the normal way via USB. Within about 30 seconds of starting a transfer I get a message stating that the Device has stopped responding and or has disconnected, I've tried numerous USB...
  22. RhianloreofImladris

    Updates to Lollipop / Marshmallow

    Hi guys! I know we're still waiting for Galaxy Tab A sm-t230nu 7.0 to receive an update (and it's been a while!) Do you think it's possible for the Tab to still receive a Lollipop update? Or is it going to skip it and update straight to Marshmallow? Is there a chance AT ALL for an update to...
  23. MichaelC_

    Root Android 6.0 ROM for Galaxy Tab 4 8.0?

    Hello, I have the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 (SM-T330NU) and I was wondering if a 6.0 ROM was available for it, I am sick of Samsungs built in apps ruining my experience.
  24. W

    Help Tab 4 8.0 Lollipop install help

    Hi everyone. Just wondering what the best way to update to 5.1.1 is whether it be with odin or kies. Long story short I've never done any rooting or ROM installing but given that I'm guided correctly I should be fine. I do however want to make sure I don't brick the device, because it's actually...
  25. J

    Help Email program inbox

    I seem to have lost my inbox. ..when I click refresh it starts to load but then says flick up to load more emails ..and it starts but will not load..help ?