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samsung galaxy tab 7.7

  1. Y

    Help cannot turn on tab 7.7 (wifi only)

    hi, experts, last night, I am not at home, I had used tablet P6810 until it run out of battery and it shuts down itself. today morning, I have charged the tablet for 1 hour and press power button many times and more than 15 seconds for some tries. the screen has no response and keeps dark. I...
  2. M

    Help samsung galaxy Tab p6800 power off at stand by

    My samsung galaxy tab p6800 has been dieing out at stand by mode some times and I must push power button to start. please help me.
  3. M

    Root Samsung galaxy tab 7.7 stock recovery problem?

    Hello, to all of you. I have Samsung GT-P6800, that is 7.7 tab, actually, some days ago, it has developed the bootloop problem, I decided to load custom recovery and take the backup of the data, because I can't able to lose the data as the data is very much important that is stored on the tab...
  4. B

    Tablet only charges with OEM charger

    my galaxy tab 7.7 i815 only charges with the OEM charger. It will not charge when plugged into the computer or any power banks. Is there any way? This is a pretty bad limitation.
  5. L

    Help High background data usage

    Did a factory reset ~3 weeks ago after noticing the tablet was using 3-5gb idle. Now it's somehow got worse after that, and I've got "Backups" off, but account sync (just a google account) is still running. So it could be that. But what could be using 7gb backround data assigned to the...
  6. B

    Help Tablet curse?

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is on-ing by itself and it just keeps displaying "Galaxy TAB 7.7 on the screen.It doesnt wanna stop.:confused:
  7. B

    Help Please help!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and when I click the apps there are a lot of application pages (blank) idk who placed them there but how do I take them out?:confused: I tried pinching,menu button I don't have 1,and other things but couldn't get rid of application pages.PLS. HELP ME.
  8. W


    Hi, I have just got a samsung Tab 2 7 inch and want to be able to send messages like you can on whats app. However you can't use this app on this tablet. Cany anyone come up with any ideas?
  9. S

    Chinese firmware, no Google.

    I have a Tab 7.7 with Chinese firmware. This is a replacement. I tried putting cyanogenmod on it last year and bricked it. So now I have my replacement and I'm struggling to understand what I can do with it. There are no google apps installed at all. I downloaded the APK for the play store and...
  10. U

    Can you use the 7.7 with T-Mobile?

    I have a smartphone with Tmobile on a value plan with 2gb "unlimited" data. Im looking for a tablet that I can just take my sim card out of my phone and insert into the tablet and have it access my data directly. Does anyone know if this tablet would work for that?
  11. F

    Can I get Internet on tablet when connected to PC via cable?

    Hi All I'm wondering if there is anyway to be able to connected my Samsung 7.7 tablet to my laptop via a USB cable and let the tablet have access to the internet via the laptop? I can't always connect to wifi networks and I wondered it this is possible at all. Thanks
  12. P

    Help Disk showing full when it should have plenty of room

    Hi all, I have a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 3G - bought back in July and love it! However, recently, the disk has been showing as full, and although I've now deleted all music and pictures (or rather moved them to the SD card), and none of the folders on the disk show large files, there's still only 1.2...
  13. X

    Help GT-P6800 copy hang or nothing when paste

    Hi all, I've read inside samsung-galaxy-s3 then thread 565061-galaxy-s3-crashing-when-copying-text-clipboard [ i can't paste url due - As a new user you cannot yet post links or images. When you reach the required number of posts this filter will be lifted. This is an anti-spam measure...
  14. J

    Help My SCH-i800 won't turn on after firmware failure

    before i start because its not allowed for me to post links please copy paste links to browser to see images (secured) hello guys , :( everyone should help me :mad: i need help about my galaxy tab Verizon will not power on after i tried to recover it back to original ROM , i will tell you the...
  15. W

    Help Unable to see any new subfolder emails

    Hi everyone after trying to resolve this issue and failing I decided that I would join up on this forum (first forum I have ever joined) in the hope that someone might be able help me solve this issue I have I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 16gig 3G I set it up for hotmail and outlook...
  16. S

    Connecting 7.7 to computer monitor via multimedia dock

    I would appreciate some advice before I go ahead and spend money on something I don't understand. I would like to be able to play videos from my Samsung Galaxy 7.7 tablet on a computer monitor. Samsung makes a multimedia dock for the 7.7, which apparently has HDMI out. This dock is not available...
  17. D

    Help Want to use Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 as phone

    I am in the market for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. It would be the 4G Verizon version. But before I buy it, I want to make sure I can use it as a phone, as in receive and send text messages, and make/receive calls. Does anyone know if this is possible? Also, if I take it to Europe, would I...
  18. T

    Help Getting Rid of "Instant Upload"

    Well, here is a real good one for you all: My 7.7 ended up with a folder in "Gallery" called "Instant Upload" and in it are some pictures I don't want. My daughters were playing around with my Nexus phone yesterday and took some silly pictures. They ended up in this Instant Upload folder in...
  19. miyako

    P6800 Tab 7.7 ICS Update now in Philippines!

    Hi I don't know since when but it's been so long since the last time I connected my device thru KIES. Now an ICS update just popped out after I opened my Kies on computer and connected my tab. I'm happy at last update arrived here in Philippines for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 P6800. So just updated...
  20. R

    Help Video/Audio Hardware Accleration

    Anybody knows how to enable & disable audio/video hardware accleration on GT 7.7? I could not find it in any of the settings. BTW I am using ICS
  21. B

    Help Android Cannot Open HTML File! Need Help

    Hi Sir/Mdm, My Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 cannot open some html files. Some of them can open but not all. The message shown is Web Page Not Available content://com.android.htmlfileprovider/mnt/sdcard/FileLocation might be temporary down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address...
  22. C

    Help widgets stop updating

    Hi all. I have a small issue with widgets.. I'm currently on APEX launcher and cm9. When i put any widgets on the home screen that auto update, they do work ok for a short while, but then stop. for instance, a clock widget will work for a 10 minutes maybe, but then stick. I don't use any a...
  23. M

    Amazon Prime on SGT 7.7

    I read in an article that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Plus/Amazon does not allow access to the Amazon Prime features. Does the same thing goes for the 7.7 also? For the N7 a lot of people are saying that the app can be downloaded, but the prime features are a no-go. I know for sure that...
  24. A

    Help USB Plugin Access from a PC, SCH-I800

    I need some advice on accessing my tab via simple plugin USB cable to PC. Plugging a USB cable from my PC to my Motorola Xoom gives me an instant pop up folder dialog, then all is there. But the Samsung Tab isn't quite so straightforward I see... What is the first step? Visiting the...
  25. S

    Help Unable to access encrypted Tab 7.7

    I have a an encrypted Tab 7.7 and after resetting the intitial password to access the encrypted system it does not recognise the new password. Anybody know how to acess the system to get around this, or have I got to do a hard boot factory reset?:(