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samsung galaxy victory

  1. H

    Help Samsung Galaxy Victory dead after using LED flashlight app

    Hello, I was using my Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE phone with an LED flashlight app while fixing the brakes on my bicycle while I was at work. I only used the flashlight for a few seconds at a time. After a few minutes of working with the bike, while the phone was sitting on the floor, the...
  2. lorenzo3988

    Help Cant get pics to upload

    In these past cupla days,I can't seem to get my pics to upload to FB.Everytime I try to change my profile pic,i get upload picture,then choose from where,I pick gallery,then choose the picture,and it sends me to Google search.I tried doing camera,Took a selfie and the same thing.Did I...
  3. T

    Root Sprint 4.0.4 Stock ROM

    Does anyone have the stock rom for a Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (Sprint)? I tried installing the only rom I could find from a link in the instructions on this site and it failed. I'm pretty sure it failed because it was the tmobile version, not the Sprint version, but I cannot, for the life...
  4. tarvoke

    Root suggestions post-Victory, new VM rootable handset please?

    in the somewhat-near future, I can see my goghvmu/670 nearing the similar point in the past, where I simply had to give up my beloved LG Optimus V (and along with that, my $25/mo grandfather-plan lololol) I've more or less kept the stock VM OS (since it's surprisingly decent, modulo-bloat)...
  5. R

    Root My phone is bricked, right?

    I just want to confirm before I get a new one. Last night my Victory froze up and eventually turned off. It's not the first time there have been issues. My phone would occasionally freeze up and reboot itself. Sometimes, upon rebooting, it would stay stuck on the Samsung logo, requiring me...
  6. S

    Root Is Trev E hot spot still the best after latest VM OTA?

    Finally, I got rid of the annoying update notification after unrooting and re-installing the stock Rom. All I really rooted for in the first place, was for the Trev E Mod. Is this still the best hot spot solution?
  7. B

    Help Lack of Memory and Pictures Storage Problem

    I tried to download an app the other day and I got the error message not enough memory. I'm no stranger to this error message, I know this phone doesn't have alot of memory. However, this is where I'm confused. When I click on phone storage under the general settings, it says that there is...
  8. A

    Help virgin mobile victory l300 baseband need urgent please

    need baseband (radio) file backup or full rom for virgin mobile l300 samsung victory but it should be not be na8 or mg5 i need lower version.any help would be appreciated.Thanks
  9. R

    Root [Virgin Mobile] Insufficient storage

    I'd like to first thank everyone that's contributed to this forum. There are undoubtedly many lurkers like myself that stumble across it and are helped tremendously. You guys are a godsend. My phone is rooted and I've followed the steps in TeachMe's swap and Link2SD guide. I recently...
  10. E

    Help FreedomPop Locked

    Hey there, So heres the story. I got slightly intoxicated, Im told I put a password on my phone, I have no recollection of it. I have solid proof its my phone, I have ID, the freedompop account that is connected to it with my name, etc. Its my phone. I called FreedomPop, they say the only...
  11. E

    Root FreedomPop stock Rom

    Hey there, Does anybody have a stock ROM for the FreedomPop Samsung Victory? I've been trying to fix a problem where it seems what was flashed by FreedomPop is faulty (Google apps all crash, Play services fails, cannot install any apps, etc.) Either a TWRP recovery or a .tar for use with Odin...
  12. M

    Root Need help unrooting Victory LTE

    I have no idea how I rooted this phone. I followed some step by step instructions on the internet. I had no idea at any step of the way what I was doing. I just followed instructions. I lot of things have not worked right since rooting, and I get zero benefits from it so I would like to just...
  13. B

    Help How to make sure apps store to sd card

    On Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, how can I get apps to store on the SD Card, and also, how can I move already stored apps to the SD Card? Currently installed apps are trying to download updates and say they can't, because my phone says there's no memory. I thought I already had the apps...
  14. N

    Root [Virgin Mobile] [KERNEL] King Kernel [GOGHVMU]

    Thanks to Insanelycool, Google, and XDA for teaching me how to build kernels, I have developed my very own kernel from source: I call it King Kernel. The goal of this project is to maximize battery life and minimize lag, with minimal overclocking. I went through many trial and error to get this...
  15. N

    Root [Virgin Mobile] [ROM][PORT]Conquistador [BETA][GOGHVMU]

    ____________________________________________________________________________________ This is a port of the legendary rom Conquest by moonknightus. It is based off of 11.3/Cataclysm and is made to work on ND4 baseband, along with some of my added tweaks. /* * Your warranty is now void. * I am...
  16. B

    Message Access Profile

    I bought a new car that has the capability to do texting through the phone/stereo system. Uconnect is the system in a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Apparantly for me to be able to use the voice texing part, my phone needs to have Message Access Profile (MAP). Just to confirm, my phone is a Samsung...
  17. M

    Root [Virgin Mobile] Where can I get a copy of the stock ROM for the Victory (Virgin)?

    Hi, I am about to sell my samsung galaxy victory and I will unroot it. When I first rooted it, I deleted some of the bloatware and accidentally deleted the back up for them so I need help getting them back on since once I unroot it, Samsung update will start pestering and I learned the phone...
  18. badbrainseddie

    Root [Virgin Mobile] HOME_L300VPAMG5_L300SPTAMG5_1308964_REV00_user_low_ship.tar

    Hey Ya'll, Here's a link to the Official PAMG5.tar for the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE Virgin Mobile. I just flashed it through Odin 3.04 on 1 of my Victory's and it's legit. I hope this helps ya'll out. Yeah you right! MediaFire Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?nj1ixa6nwljydf6...
  19. S

    Root [Virgin Mobile] Cannot Flash ROM from .zip in Recovery

    I have tried multiple recoveries, TWRP, TWRP, and CWMR I have tried multiple ROM's, Conquest 11.2 and Victory 3.0. Every time I try to flash it fails saying the .zip could not be opened.
  20. H

    Help Trouble With Emoji and Fonts

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Victory version 4.1.2. I know I have emojis but I use the font Choco cooky. With that font, I can't see emojis . I see boxes. With Helvica and the Normal Font (Defualt) I can see emojis but with choco and any other fonts, I can't it shows up as boxes. Any help? I want...
  21. O

    Help Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE (Virgin) - Frozen Boot

    Phone just shut itself off and then froze up on Samsung logo. Recovery Mode will not load: shows blue message for a couple seconds, then reboots and locks on Samsung logo. Download Mode will open, but I have searched through multiple forums and can't seem to find a Stock Rom to download to the...
  22. B

    How do I clear the Phone Log

    Can someone explain to me how to clear the phone log?
  23. Teddor58

    Root [Virgin Mobile] Need a back cover for the Samsung Galaxy Victory

    Will someone please tell me where I can get a back cover for a Samsung Galaxy Victory?
  24. Teddor58

    Root [Virgin Mobile] Need a back cover for the Samsung Galaxy Victory

    Will someone please tell me where I can get a back cover for a Samsung Galaxy Victory?
  25. Teddor58

    Root [Virgin Mobile] Need a back cover for the Samsung Galaxy Victory

    Will someone please tell me where I can get a back cover for a Samsung Galaxy Victory?