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samsung galaxy y

  1. Q

    Where can I get new earpiece for Galaxy Y?

    Hi! I bought a used Galaxy Y without this grey earpiece like shown on that picture: http://www.boeboer.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Samsung-Galaxy-Y-GTS5360-ManualUserGuide-KeysPartsLayout-Resume.jpg Is it possible to buy it alone? Thanks!
  2. PandaFoo

    Samsung galaxy y link2sd could not gain root access

    First thing my english is not good at all .But I really need help now ,why I cant improve my internal storage ?? Who can tell me what should I do??
  3. C

    Help Loading...

    On page 2 of my Galaxy "Y" GT-S5360's opening standby screen I've got a notice across the middle saying "Loading..." It has been there for months and I don't know, being a simple sort, what it means nor do I know how to stop it. I'm sure that it seems trivial but I'd still very much appreciate...
  4. Z

    Help Contacts Storage Issues

    Hello, I'm having a few problems with the way my phone is handling new contacts. I have a samsung galaxy young, the device is rooted and using an SD card memory partition for extra internal storage. When I first import the contacts I did it from the sim card, I've never used cloud storage...
  5. E

    Can't download apps on phone

    when i try to install an app on google play it says Error while retriving information from server RPC:S-7:AEC-7 I am using creed 4 custom rom and I need help.
  6. A

    Help Broke phone with build.prop!

    Help! On my samsung galaxy y gts5363, I edited the build prop to make my phone think its a Samsung galaxy s3. But now it does not open any apos and displays the message "application stopped unexpectedly". All my apps are useless apart from texting and calling. I edited the build.prop with an...
  7. Patrick413

    Help Apps stuck in System Storage

    Introduction Hi! This is my first thread on thi site so sorry if I sound like a noob, that's because I am... Anyway I really need help with something i did to my phone with it's apps. I have a samsung galaxy young gt s6310n which i find is a pretty bad phone for storage, as there is no ****ing...
  8. K

    Root unable to flash stock rom in samsung Galaxy y

    my sgy s5360 enters into recovery mode but not into download mode.when i try (vol-)+home+power it shows a white screen and reboots. and also it doesnt shows boot animation anymore.instead it shows white screen until the lock screen appears. Though it s running on a custom rom (Jellyblastv3..)...
  9. J

    Help data usage

    Not change anything on phone that I know about but have used nearly all data allowance in 3 weeks, normally use less than half. It is using it when I am in bed and at work when I don't usually even get a signal. Read somewhere the face book auto play could be a problem but can't find how to turn...
  10. djahvfdj

    Help My phone has locked itself

    I accidently entered my lock pattern 20 times and now its asking me for my Gmail account I entered it and it said it was wrong so I reset my Gmail password but it still doesn't work and it says ive got 2 messages but I cant access them please help
  11. Rindran

    Help Files not saving

    My phone's gallery is not saving music files, image files, etc.... Pls anyone help me.....
  12. S

    Help Samsung Galaxy Y Contacts Icon has disappeared

    On my wife's Galaxy Y the 'Contacts' icon has disappeared on the home page. If you select 'Phone' it is still there in the top RH corner, but if you select it the following message appears: "Sorry! The application Phone (process com.sec.android.app.dialertab) has stopped unexpectedly. Please...
  13. M

    Help Can't send a messages in Galaxy Y (but can receive call/texts)

    Anybody can help me here ? I can't send a messages in my Galaxy Y (TM Prepaid Card). Hours ago, I can send messages but after I restart my phone, that annoying trouble happened. Major help here please :( "Message Center is +63917000130" for TM Prepaid users right ? :( Help please.
  14. V

    Help android camera problem

    CAn someone please help me??? i have a Samsung Galxy Y...whenever i use a application that involves a camera it is tilted on the right side example. i use my QR scaner it's tilted.:mad: i use my LINE it's tilted:mad: and any other app thats involve using a camera..:mad: but if i...
  15. K

    Root Help urgently please

    Hi, Im new here. Now i'm writing this to get a urgent help to fix my samsung galaxy y. Today i'd rooted this device successfully. and installed a ROM MANAGER on it [i don't tried anything with this]. then i tried to install a ROM [CREED4]. i did this by native recovery mode [ i cant see an...
  16. S

    Help restore contact list

    I have lost all my phone contacts, any ideas how I restore them?
  17. K

    SD Card not working / Can't download files.

    Hi! I own a Samsung Galaxy Y GT-5360. So here's my problem. My sd card is working fine for about 3 years now and, yesterday I send some files to my classmate via bluetooth. And when I got home, I decided to play some music. but my Sd card currupted. I tried to format my phone to its...
  18. P

    Help Playstore & gtalk not wrking

    Hi everyone:( Hlp me frnz..recently my playstore not wrking.whn I opning that its not automaticaly suggest apps nd games as well.it asks redeem code.but I dono whats that code and also whn I opn my talk it closing juz in 2sec. Wat I did recently is,my phones memory got full.so I went...
  19. B

    Totally Deleting Phone Contacts

    Galaxy Y. I have found multiple versions of contacts on my phone. I have basically deleted them but get a message telling me to delete them to create memory space. How do I do that as I can't find any trace of the deleted contacts?
  20. Z

    Root Firmware update by Kies - phone rooted and changed

    Hello. Kies found a firmware update for my phone lately. My device is rooted (which is no big deal) but it's content has been changed - many stock bloatware apps has been removed. I removed "Samsung Apps" even, because it stopped working correctly - it demands some update (samsung push service)...
  21. N

    Help sim problem

    I have got an samsung galaxy y GT-S5360 It accepts all sim cards except the aircel sim ...i tried my many aircel sim cards but none of them is working....bt before its working fine ....bt now i having this problem... When i insert a aircel sim it does not show any network at all......bt...
  22. J

    Help low phone storage memory

    i did factory reset and still having this problem "low phone storage memory" I only have whatsApp installed in my phone memory. And facebook in SD card. no other application is installed. then why im getting this message. :( please help me how can i get rid of this. its so irritating :( and...
  23. J

    Galaxy y android system crushes.

    What happen to my galaxy y? Android system crushes and phone turns off even the battery is not low.. this incident is random. i don't know what happen. please help.
  24. M

    Help Samsung Galaxy Y problem

    My Samsung Galaxy Y is not connecting for phone calls. People call me and it works but i cannot call out. Have tried two different numbers, it sounds like itis connecting and then drops it. From trouble shooter it may be a call barring problem but I cannot find anything about call barring in...
  25. M

    Help Problem with Download Manager 2.3.6

    Since very long time I've been experiencing the problem with Download Manager (Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360, Gingerbread). After 1-2 months of using the DM starts to automatically launch every day and download empty data (empty as no files are actually downloaded). One download session takes about...