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samsung gravity smart

  1. F

    Help 3G Doesn't works - only 2G

    Hi, Well, I know that this is na old phone, but let's try to fix... I have a Samsung SGH-T589 (Gravity Smart), originally from T-Mobile, but now unlocked. Since I'm in Brazil, tha 3G connection doesn't work. After some (and for some I mean months) time of research, I figured out that...
  2. J

    Help Voice & Text OK, but no data connection

    I just acquired an unlocked T-Mobile Gravity Smart and installed the Mobilicity SIM. The phone works fine for voice calls and text messages but will not get a data connection, even after I enabled it. Here's what I tried so far, per the user manual: Cleared the Use Packet Data checkbox...
  3. E

    Root Internal Storage Full!?

    I can't figure out why my Android's internal storage is full. I don't think I have anything on there except for the 18 stock apps I have (including apps like titanium backup, and Link2SD that came with my ROM). I've gotten rid of all the bloatware on the phone, deleted most of my cache, and...
  4. K

    Root samsung bloatware

    idk about anyone else but I've been on a mad hunt for info like this!!!http://samsunggalaxysforums.com/showthread.php/4811-Safe-to-remove-applications-list I don't have a galaxy but its more specific to samsungs in hole
  5. napster94

    Root How to install a custom recovery on SGH-I857??

    Hi; i have a sammsung SGH-I857 with 2.2.2 android version & 2.6.332.9-perf karnel version which is rooted I want to release the maximum possible space of internal phone memoir because it small (177MO ONLY) 89.30 MB of space it used. I would move them to the SD card (8GB) or remove them if...
  6. S

    Help samsung galaxy Q SgH T589R

    good, my problem is not how to install CWM because I have the 3.e want to have more options. I'm very lost if I can help please regards
  7. M

    Root SGH-T589W Partition table

    Hello android developers! I'm trying to extract the partition table from this rooted phone using adb: SGH-T589W. More specifically, I want to identify the boot.img and recovery.img. I pulled some files using adb, here are the results. Here are the contents of /proc/partitions Here are...
  8. S

    Help Pico tts or text to speech troubles

    Hello i have the gravity smart and i am having troubles with either pico tts or text to speech. When i go into voice input and output and then text-to-speech settings , where it says "listen to an example" no example comes out. In default engine i have Pico tts. I still have the option to...
  9. K

    Help 3g unuseable

    ive had this phone for 2yrs and ive had 3 replacements sent from tmobile 2 new sim cards ive had one rooted. and the main reason for all this is bcuz when i have my 3g on i cannot send txts i rarely receive calls and if i place a call the person on the other end cannot hear me! if anyone can...
  10. B

    Help Any way to update past 2.2.2?

    i know there are newer versions of android OS but i cant update to them, im not rooted but im willing to root if it means i can update.
  11. L

    Help Power button doesn't work

    The power button on my phone doesn't do anything. It was fine, then a minute later, it just stopped working. The button is fully intact, and presses in and everything. It just doesn't lock/unlock the screen, and I can't use it to turn the phone on or off. It simply doesn't register the button...
  12. sn0man

    Root How do I root my gravity smart?

    Ok, so ive been trying to root my phone, but it wont work, ive tried the super one click guide, and it freezes at one point, and it seems its a common problem, anyone have an updated guide that works as of this year?
  13. C

    Gravity Smart not recognized by adb devices command

    I'm new to this, so please forgive me if it's a dumb newbie error. I rooted my year-old Samsung Gravity Smart so I could finally get rid of all that bloatware. Now it's time to play around a little. However, when I try to use the adb devices command, it says there aren't any. I did...
  14. G

    Help Can't send emails to myself from phone?

    So I wanted to send myself some photos through email so I could put them on my computer, but they keep getting stuck in the outbox. Everytime I try to send an email, it either says my password or username is incorrect, or gets stuck on "sending outgoing messages" for a while before it finally...
  15. C

    Help Screen turns off too fast

    I have noticed an odd thing on my phone (Samsung Gravity Smart T589) where the screen turns off extremely fast, which can be a problem at times. I am wondering if anybody knows how to fix this. Symptoms: When I push the button on the right side of the phone to turn the screen on, if I don't...
  16. I

    Is it possible to flash a T589R with T589 firmware?

    I want to turn a Fido/Rogers T589R Galaxy Q (Canadian version of the Samsung T589 Gravity Smart) into a AWS device so I could switch to either Wind Mobility or Mobilicity. To be exact, I just want to flash the radio file (I think the PHONE field in Odin). I found a link to T589W's firmware at...
  17. T

    Root (Guide) How to fix a failed recovery flash

    Hi, I'm going to tell you how to fix a failed recovery flash on the Samsung Gravity smart/Galaxy Q (Interrupted, etc) First of all, this only works and is intended if your SGH-T589/SGH-T589R displays a phone, a computer, and a yellow triangle when it boots. *EDIT* a link to the picture...
  18. T

    Root I tried the build-your-own cwm recovery thing by the creator. What do I do?

    Hi, I've just tried that build your own cwm recovery (I only uploaded the recovery.img from samfirmware) and it gave me these files: A zip, 2.img files (recovery, inputrecovery). The zip contained: AndroidBoard.mk AndroidProducts.mk BoardConfig.mk cm.mk device_SGHT589R.mk kernel...
  19. T

    Root What if I do this?

    So, just recently I've installed dpwguenther's CWM recovery which obviously doesn't work. Any ways, in ROM manager if I go to the install CWM recovery and go to unsupported device, and click "yes" and "V3+" (It installs v6.0.1.1), what will happen? Will I get a brick? Will recovery not work...
  20. T

    Help [Q]Cache clear in recovery mode won't work?

    Hi When I to wipe my cache in recovery mode (in the Samsung Galaxy-Q (same as the Samsung Gravity Smart)) And it took like half a second, so I figure that there that there's something wrong with it. There's a link below that goes to XDA-Developers forum which has a picture. If you couldn't...
  21. L

    Viewing Live TV Streams on myiplayer.com

    I would like to view live TV streams from the website myiplayer.com on my device runing Android 2.2.2 FroYo, but don't know how. Is there a way or an app I can use to do so? A step by step process would be nice, but any answers or infomation will do. Thanks in advance! :)
  22. clickit

    Help Dropbox pics But I don't have dropbox!!

    Hello... I purchased a new Gravity recently. When I copied my downloaded pictures and camera pictures to it, (from another android card) and then I went to the gallery, and it had different groups: Download, Camera, a couple of pictures from an audio book folder, My_images, and get this: a...
  23. A

    Help Can't format SD card

    Now, first off, I don't have an external SD reader, so that may be the problem. But no matter how many times I set up a second partition with minitool partition wizard, it doesn't actually make one. Link2sd still only sees one partition. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just because I don't...
  24. S

    Help Can't download "Plague Inc." (Error 498)

    Is this game not compatible with the Gravity SMART or am I just having some type of problem? I've tried clearing my market and download manager cache/data, but that didn't change anything. I can still download other games and apps. I just seem to be having this problem with Plague Inc. Any...
  25. X

    Help It won't send pictures

    I have the same problem as this guy: http://androidforums.com/huawei-mercury/555889-wont-send-picture-messages.html but with a different phone. According to that thread you should disable your WiFi and end all current apps. I do that and the pictures still saying "Sending" forever and never...