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samsung stratosphere 2

  1. L

    Help Samsung Stratosphere 2 - people cant hear me when not using bluetooth!

    Hey all - I have an older Stratosphere 2 phone - I use a bluetooth most of the time. When the battery dies or I need to go to regular phone - no one can hear me! I have to go to SPEAKER phone in order for them to hear me... This is super annoying, and I can't seem to find the right settings to...
  2. 7

    Root Safe to root a demo phone?

    Friend got the demo version of this phone for free, and while it appears fully functional, it does have this annoying demo vid that pops up every while advertising it's own features, and was wondering if it could be rooted and have a new rom flashed or if the demo vid could be disabled.
  3. N

    Help Cannot move apps to extsdcard

    I'm trying to move my apps to an sd card (extsdcard) on my Samsung Stratosphere II however, in using ApMgrIII, I get the following message: The device does not have a real primary external storage, or the primary external storage is emulated. Moving app to SD function cannot be supported...
  4. DrDoctor

    Root Stock system image

    Is there an Odin-flashable stock image? Rooting took a turn for the worse and the phone keeps crashing.
  5. J

    Help Upgrade to newest VZ update and lose tethering

    I was not thinking and pressed install now on the newest update. unfortunately, FoxFi is now broken. I also see nothing gained from the update
  6. T

    Need help unlocking BT on company phone

    I have a work phone (Stratosphere II) that my company pays for and controls. They have it locked down so that the BT will not turn on. They also have text messages shut down as well, however this is not a big issue for me as I have a personal phone for that. Not having BT is maddening when it...
  7. P

    Old flip phone screen

    Is there a sensor on this phone that will allow a call alert screen when the case is closed like the S3 and note 2?
  8. B

    Help stratosphere 2 calendar showing wrong date for "Today"

    I used a Stratosphere 2 for about a week last month, and noticed that the calendar application would usually show the wrong date for "Today". That is, the phone's internal clock was set to the correct day, but if you opened the calendar app it would highlight the *next* day as "Today" and list...
  9. S

    Service Mode, Hidden Stuff ... NO dialing!!!

    I'm not a developer, and honestly don't know what most of this stuff is used for. I couldn't find this stuff ANYWHERE googling for it, at least for this phone, so I'm posting it here. My phone's not rooted or any of that jazz, and all I used was my thumb and a couple apps. I've tried the secret...
  10. J

    Help Stratosphere II Verizon update -- any good?

    My Strat2 wants me to upgrade to the newest Verizon firmware. Has anyone done this yet? What are your experiences? I just keep putting it off by scheduling the update to happen in the middle of the night when I wake up every morning.
  11. B

    Help could not take screen capture with Stratosphere 2

    Lots of pages say that you can take a screen shot on a Stratophere (I) by pressing the Home and Power keys together: Samsung Stratosphere: How to Take a Screenshot That works on my Stratosphere I. However I had a Stratosphere II for about a week and the home-and-power key combination did not...
  12. W

    Help Cracked screen. ... how much? ?

    Anyone know how much a cracked screen costs approx. The rest of the phone works fine
  13. V

    Root Samsung Stratosphere 2 SCH-i415 (4.1.2/Jelly Bean/MA3) rooting guide

    With some pointers and instructions from some people in xda-developers forum, I've been able to create a rooted system image for the Samsung Stratosphere 2 phone. The link to the rooted system image to apply to a Samsung Stratosphere 2 phone running 4.1.2 (jelly bean / MA3) is here...
  14. R

    Help Problem... need my voicemail back

    Greetings, I have a Samsung Stratosphere II, it's an ok phone, but I need to know how to retrieve deleted voicemails. I was listening to a voicemail and somehow I bumped my ear against the pad and hit 7 to delete it. Is there any way to retrieve it? This is kind a side note, since I'm here...
  15. S

    Issue with Charging after Jelly Bean Update

    I'm not sure if this is specific to the Stratosphere II, or Android 4.1.2, or some weird interaction with one of the installed apps. Ever since my phone was upgraded from Android 4.0 to 4.1 this last weekend, it has started complaining about many of the USB chargers I've historically used...
  16. G

    Help Backup+ Media and Keyboard issue

    Hello My name is Glenn and I have been an Android user for a couple of years now. I am having an issue with my Strat 2 where the keyboard will stop working and I get this Backup+ Media message that states that the service has stopped unexpectantly please try again. I have to restart the...
  17. treb1797

    Jelly Bean

    Verizon Approves Jelly Bean Update for Samsung Stratosphere 2 – Droid Life Looks like you folks will be getting Jelly Bean soon :thumbup:
  18. E


    Hey this for the Strat 2 owners. I know the phone has both CDMA and GSM technology...but is the GSM technology exclusive to that 4G LTE sim card? I keep reading that it can be used "globally" but I can't find anyone who has tried this out first hand. I travel to Mexico a lot and I use the...
  19. J

    Stratosphere 2 rocks

    Just upgraded from a Stratosphere 1 (previously OG Droid), and I'm loving the hardware/performance of the Strat 2. It adds the notification light from the Droid and is basically everything I ever wanted my phone to be. I even like Samsung's additions to the notification dropdown, though I'd...
  20. mahers

    Help Keyboard not responding

    Ok, so my wife insisted on a phone with a physical keyboard so I got her the Strat 2. She likes it and it's pretty smooth, but lately, the keyboard doesn't respond. The default keyboard is set to SwiftKey, which I love on my Razr Maxx. Even if she switches from the virtual one to the physical...
  21. L

    Samsung stratosphere 2

    Can Samsung stratosphere 2 be unlocked? I've did a lot research but since phone just come out no true results. Yes I know the simcard is different size. Are these unlock sites safe to use?
  22. K

    Help Help with deleting Accuweather

    Hi everybody, Okay so this is probably going to end up being a really stupid question but I simply cannot figure this out. For xmas, I brought my mom into the world of android ownership with the Samsung Stratosphere 2. We got it at Costco and are going through Verizon. The phone is great...
  23. D

    Anybody finding Strat 2 "buggy"

    Lots of little problems with new Stratosphere 2, coming over from having used Motorola Droid 2,3 and 4... cap key inserts two letters capitalized before reverting to lower case, turn-off/reboot spointaneoulsy, and still the speakerphone stuck on. Anybody else who actually has this phone also...
  24. D

    Help: default answer w/speakerphone?

    My wife just got Stratosphere 2 (from Droid 2) from Verizon. Mostly works fine, but weirdly any incoming phone call that she answers goes directly to speakerphone when answered. Has to actively turn off speakerphone for every call. We can't seem to find anything in menus to change default answer...
  25. maineultraclas

    Just picked up the new phone

    I stopped by my local RS today on my way home from work to check and see if they had any info on the Stratosphere 2. To my surprise it was on display, free with upgrade. I asked if they had one available, she came out with the only one they received today. Activated it on my account, and off I...