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    Help Microsoft-Android Wifi Issue - can not connect to SkyPe, Outlook

    Hi. A while back my Skype suddenly stopped connecting to the internet on my Android (8.1) phone using the wifi. I know it´s a Microsoft-Android issue as at the same time I could not (and still can´t) connect to my email using Outlook (hotmail). Other apps and webpages connect to the internet...
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    Zoom, Skype, Bluetooth

    I can't get my Bluetooth speaker to work with Zoom or skype with my phone or Samsung Galaxy tablet. I understand it's an android issue. Anybody know anything about this?
  3. Android News

    Skype is now 'optimized' for devices running at least 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

    On the official Skype blog, Microsoft announced that it is releasing "a new optimized version of Skype for our customers on Android devices 4.0.3 to 5."
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    Skype is adding an option for encrypted conversations

    Skype will soon add the option to have encrypted conversations available on the platform.
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    Skype for Android reaches 1 billion downloads

    Skype for Android has reached 1 billion downloads. Previously, the app hit 100 million downloads in July 2013, then grew to 500 million downloads back in February 2015.
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    Skype gets Microsoft Cortana integration

    Much like Allo, Skype for Android will soon integrate a digital assistant for your conversations. That digital assistant will be none other than Cortana, who can assist with quick searches and other fun queries.
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    Microsoft begins integrating Cortana into the Skype Android app

    Microsoft has brought a little bit of Cortana magic to the Skype Preview app on Android.
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    Skype gains Send Money functionality for PayPal transfers

    PayPal just made it easier for IM and video chat addicts to exchange money on mobile devices with direct Skype Android and iOS app integration.
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    The Skype Android app has been updated with new themes and brings back status icons

    The latest update to the Skype mobile app brings back status icons, while also adding new themes.
  10. Android News

    You can save battery life by using lightweight versions of popular Android apps

    Social network applications are generally really tough on your battery life because they want to keep you notified about what your friends are doing. These can get out of hand though and Phandroid has a guide up on how to install lightweight versions of applications such as Twitter, Facebook...
  11. Android News

    Redesigned Skype now available for Android

    Microsoft has completely redesigned Skype to resemble other video applications like Snapchat. The redesigned app is now available on Android.
  12. Android News

    Skype is getting a major upgrade

    Microsoft has announced a major revamp of Skype to make it more of a social platform. Features include a "stories" platform for sharing clips with your friends, new emotes and more lively group chats. The experience is available first for Android.
  13. Android News

    Study shows which popular messaging applications use more data

    Some people have gone in and tested some of the most popular messaging applications to see which ones use more of your mobile data. Telegram, WhatsApp and Hangouts perform the best, while applications like Skype and Facebook Messenger use a lot of data.
  14. Android News

    Data-sipping Skype Lite makes its debut in India

    Microsoft has launched the Skype Lite Android app in India. The application is much lighter than the original Android app, allowing it to work better on low-end devices. The main draw of the new app is allowing users to save data by compressing images before they are uploaded and constantly...
  15. Android News

    Microsoft shows off the changes coming in the new Skype Preview for Android update

    Microsoft recently announced the Skype Insider program that allowed willing participants to try out features before they went public. In a new blog post, we get to see the redesigned look of the app as well as some new features like web searching, YouTube integration and more.
  16. Android News

    Volvo plans on integrating Skype and Cortana in its cars

    Volvo has announced plans to integrate Skype for Business into its 90 series cars. Volvo also admitted that it's looking into bringing Cortana to its vehicles with seamless voice recognition and contextual insights.
  17. Android News

    Skype Mingo is a new application from Microsoft with native calling, SMS, and contacts management

    Microsoft have just published a new beta application (in an unreleased form) called Skype Mingo. This application seems to be what Android fans were wanting from Allo as it has native calling, SMS (similar to how Facebook Messenger does it) , and contacts management into one single application.
  18. Android News

    The latest preview version of Skype adds on the fly voice translation

    If you're running Windows 10, and are part of the Insider program, you can try out the newest feature for Skype. This feature will listen to what you're saying, and then translate it into one of 9 other languages before the person on the other end of the phone hears it.
  19. Android News

    Microsoft has just announced the Skype Insiders Program

    If you're a fan of Skype, and would like to try some new features before they make it into the live build, then Microsoft has a new program for you. It's called the Skype Insiders Program, and will work like the Windows Insiders Program where you get access to early beta builds and can provide...
  20. Android News

    Skype users can view and send SMS messages from the PC with the Windows 10 creators update

    Today, Microsoft announced a new update that will be heading to Windows 10 PCs. They talked about the ability to view and send SMS messages from an Android device directly on the PC if you have Skype setup as the default SMS app.
  21. Android News

    Microsoft talks about some recent changes to Skype with its latest update

    Microsoft has just announced a new update to their Skype platform. The changes from this update include things like keeping the call going even if the person who initiated it leaves, a cleaned up UI for the Android app, and a new way to listen to voicemail.
  22. Android News

    Microsoft is working on a new cross-platform Skype client

    200 Microsoft employees in London have lost their jobs as the company begins working on a new cross-platform Skype client, codenamed "Skype for Life".
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    Microsoft is rumored to be working on Skype Teams, a direct competitor to Slack

    Microsoft attempted to acquire Slack for $8 billion, but the deal never went through. Today, a rumor claims that Microsoft is working on a product that competes directly with Slack, dubbed Skype Teams.
  24. Android News

    Microsoft announces new Skype chatbots from 3rd-party companies

    Chatbots seem to be a huge focus for some companies with messaging clients (like Facebook and Microsoft). Skype has just announced a number of new chatbots from companies like IFTTT, Hipmunk, Star Trek, StubHub and more.
  25. Android News

    Skype drops support for older versions of Android

    Microsoft has announced that they are dropping support for older versions of Android. To be specific, the company says they will continue supporting Android 4.0.3 or higher, but nothing older. This is because they are actively working to change their infrastructure from peer-to-peer to...